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It’s Official: David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ Returns In 2016, Official Teaser Unveiled

It's Official: David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Returns In 2016, Official Teaser Unveiled

Wowsers. After years of teases, hints, rumors and more, David Lynch‘s “Twin Peaks” is officially returning. Yes, this is real and not a joke, and Showtime even dropped the first teaser trailer today.

Running one-minute long, there’s not much here, but it tells you everything you need to know: Lynch and producer Mark Frost are back, with new episodes coming in 2016. Goddamn. While it’s not a new film from Lynch, we’ll gladly take this. The director has long been evasive about his plans to return to the series, and even this summer he remained vague on the subject, saying, “In another life, yes. Like I say, you never say never.” However, the timing couldn’t be better, with a brand new “Twin Peak” box set in stores, featuring the prequel, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,” and an extensive 90-minutes of deleted and extended scenes. Now there’s no better time to catch up.

Deadline reports that the new season will be nine-episodes long, co-written by Lynch and Frost. And one other thing — Lynch will direct all nine episodes. No word yet on casting, though Kyle MacLachlan is expected to return, with the series set in the present day.

“It is not a remake. The story continues. The seeds of where we go were planted where we’ve been,” Frost told TVLine about what’s coming next: “I’ve always said that Twin Peaks to me was like a novel we filmed every page of. So this is more like we found another volume of the saga, and now we want to bring that to life too.”

Production begins in 2015. Watch the teaser below.

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His last venture was an experiment with ‘non-film’ and a attempt to voice his opinion on the poor state of Hollywood films. I believe he fell out of love with making films due partly due to changes in technology and viewers tastes. I do believe that he was looking to ‘fall in love with’ a project again just like he did early on with Eraserhead. I don’t believe for a minute that he and Frost were ever done with the world of Twin Peaks. This may be his best work yet; it’s been simmering for years….

paula b

i cannot wait for this! there was nothing like this (at the time) and lynch was so ahead of his time. lynch is a brilliant film maker. his creative, insane and genius mind was, is and always will be uncomparable.


What high school r u flunking out of, yer?




Incredible! This is the best news Ive heard om 25 years!


Twin Peaks was created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.


Inland Empire is hilarious, demented, and as enjoyable as it’s possible for a cheap shot on DV movie to be. Lynch PLUS Frost are going to deliver with this.


This is very exciting. I’m very glad. Greetings from Poland


Yes, Inland Empire is one of his greatest achievements.


shouldn’t your headline read: "David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks" ? They created the show together and Frost arguably did the heavy lifting when it came to story and show running. kind of a shame the last twenty years people tend to talk about the show as if he wasn’t involved.


Love Twin Peaks. Sadly, it can’t be redone. The original hit at just the right time in television history. The new one will just be a caricature of the first show. Plus Jack Nance and Frank Silva are long dead. I hope to be wrong but I highly doubt this can be pulled off a second time.

Nathan Duke

So, if it’s a fact, then prove it to us using absolute, irrefutable evidence.


If Lynch’s name wasn’t attached to Inland Empire you would realize it’s a piece of shit as well. Fact.


Inland Empire was actually pretty great. And the movie he made directly previous to Inland was Mulholland Drive, which is his best work ever (and one of the best movies ever made). So I have endless confidence in him.

Also, excited that he’s doing this with Showtime. Cable has provided writers/directors with an amazing amount of creative freedom, and he’ll be able to make the unfiltered work he was never able to create with ABC.


Yer, if you’re calling Inland Empire garbage, you have no taste at all.



Nathan Duke

Yay! I can hardly wait for this. And Yer, I’ve got to disagree with you. Lynch is hardly "past it." "Inland Empire" was a pretty great movie, in my opinion.


I don’t have any confidence in this. Lynch hasn’t shown any interest in working in a long time and his last film was a steaming pile of garbage. Hopefully he has less creative control on this project so it maintains some semblance of quality. The guy has some brilliant films, but he’s long past it.

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