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Keep Hope Alive: Disney Loses ‘John Carter’ Rights, Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Plans To Make More Movies

Keep Hope Alive: Disney Loses 'John Carter' Rights, Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Plans To Make More Movies

With Disney moving on to bigger, and much, much more profitable things (hello, “Star Wars“), their pre-Lucasfilm acquisition failure of “John Carter” is something the company is eager to move on from. The notorious 2012 sci-fi flop saw the studio take a $200 million loss in the midst of audience disinterest (it earned $284 million worldwide, on a budget of $250 million, oops) and critical lambasting, and yet, there were a core of fans who tried mightily to rally for more. In fact, one particularly driven group hit the floor of Comic-Con in 2012 to try and collect signatures to urge Disney to keep the flame burning for the Edgar Rice Burroughs property. It didn’t work out, but fans of the source material can keep hope alive.

Disney has dropped the rights to “John Carter,” with the property now reverting back to Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. And that company’s plan is to try and make the character work on the big screen again. “We will be seeking a new partner to help develop new adventures on film as chronicled in the eleven Mars novels Burroughs wrote. This adventure never stops,” said company president James Sullos in a statement. “Along with a new ‘Tarzan‘ film in development by Warner Bros., we hope to have ‘John Carter Of Mars’ become another major franchise to entertain world-wide audiences of all ages.”

So, reboot? Or maybe they’ll just recast the lead and continue with new adventures in the same continuum? We’re sure fans will be very vocal about they want, especially now that there’s another kick at the can in the offing. But this is all in very early stages, and a studio needs to come on board before wheels can really start moving. And a few years after Disney tried and failed make “John Carter” work is not the best time for that process to start. That said, it can only get better. What do you think needs to happen to make “John Carter Of Mars” a big screen success?

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john bayliss

Make the books a little more available. I didnt see a single book available at books stores when the movie came out. Also an anime series might be the best way to go as I believe it lends itself to anime.


I hope that another studio gives it a try. How about Netflix?!!

Tim Whitcomb

i need to direct it. The books are 1000 times better than this abomination and im surprised some people enjoyed it. Anyone who read the books was outraged how they took an incredible story and made up a bunch of cliche crap. Im going to seriously try to get the rights and promise it will be a franchise. At one point it was translated into 28 languages and sold 1B copies worldwide. From the opening scene which was head scratching bad to the holy therns actually are beautiful and blond in the books – an entire planet and many races was created with intelligent politics. Funny this author mocks chessman – it’s by far the best book in the series. I can fix this, I’ve been obsessed with these books for 36 years – they got some stuff right but botched the story completely . I can reboot this and will or die trying


The cast for JC was great, especially the alumni from Rome, only the lead was the weak link, but Taylor Kitsch was still pretty decent in the role. What sagged the film was that the scope became far too broad when it needed to be more intimate, a common failing for Disney films these days.


I was blown away when I finally saw "John Carter." It was perfect in almost every way. The bad press kept me from seeing it on the big screen, but at least I know it’s destined for culthood. There won’t be a sequel with the same (awesome) cast and director, but "Blade Runner" and "Fight Club" were both critical and commercial failures that are considered classics today.


I agree with Michael. The first film is very underrated. Better than Avatar, Guardians or The Hobbit. It was terribly marketed though.


No reboot, no recast. Bring the whole cast and make John Carter 2.

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