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Léa Seydoux Joins ‘Bond 24’ As Femme Fatale

Léa Seydoux Joins 'Bond 24' As Femme Fatale

When rumors first surfaced at the end of the summer that Léa Seydoux was sought for a role  in “Bond 24,” we took a wait and see approach. Would the actress want to return to franchise territory after mixing it up in “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol,” or was she content doing indie and arthouse fare? Well, it looks like we have our answer.

Baz Bamigboye reports that Seydoux has joined “Bond 24” as the femme fatale. So does this mean Seydoux is the “bond girl” for this film? We’ll see, but the stiletto heel fits, and certainly .007 hasn’t had the best of luck with the women he beds in the Daniel Craig era. For a super spy, the guy really can’t see trouble when it’s right in front of him, but we digress. 

Seydoux will join Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris for a read through of the script at the end of November before cameras roll in December. “Bond 24: Titled To Be Determined, But Hopefully Better Named Than Skyfall” will open on November 6, 2015.

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Abazalom Zim

I love artichokes. Oh, and Skyfall was a good title.


"Skyfall" was full of holes, or perhaps re-written by studio execs. My biggest peave with the film was to set up the idea of pseudonym spy names and then NOT apply it to Bond! Wow, can we say a missed opportunity to explain how an agent from (movie time) the 60’s isn’t a decrepit old man in the 21st Century? Easy, this man is the 7th agent to carry the name Bond.


Most of the Bond girls in Craig’s films have been poorly and predictably written. The Bond movies need to enter the 21st century and do something more interesting with them.


French women make the best Bond Girls, even when the films not that great. They have that mysterious, cool, dangerous
allure that is essential. Claudine Auger, Carole Bouquet, Olga Kurylenko, Sophie Marceau, Eva Green and Berenice Marlohe are also the most beautiful of all the Bond Girls.


Great choice! Tremendously talented actress and a stunning woman as well.


The thing James Bond likes about Bond Girls: He gets older, they stay the same age. (C’mon, Seydoux is talented but these roles are so trite for the femmes and lock them up in that package for a decade)


i cant explain exactly why, but this is a very shitty article…


SKYFALL was a good name, but the movie itself was the d*mbest piece of non-sensical sh*t I’ve seen in a long time.


better called than Skyfall? it just shows how you didn’t get what is Skyfall! Skyfall was a Perfect name for the movie!


i love her inglorious basterds robin hood mission impossible 4 blue is the warmest colour


Seydoux should be 007.


The title, the script, everything was wrong with Skyfall. Huge success but weakest Bond of small. Makes me anxious about the next one


Eva Green, Olga Kurylenko, Bérénice Marlohe and now Léa Seydoux, there’s a french girl in every Craig’s Bond film…

Emperor Zerg Rush

I still want to see more of the Quantum organization. It’ll never happen and I’ll always have the old rumors that the head of the organization might’ve been a female to act as a means of hollow comfort while they keep trotting out 007 in one-off stories with each film.


I can understand having a problem with the name "Quantum of Solace," but not "Skyfall."


i hope bond 24 is named drew, shut up


You’re joking about "Bond 24: Titled To Be Determined, But Hopefully Better Named Than Skyfall," right? I think I can safely say that "Skyfall" was VERY well-received by critics and film goers. Maybe even better than well received.

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