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Project of the Day: ‘The Space Between’

Project of the Day: 'The Space Between'

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The Space Between

Tweetable Logline: Amy Jo Johnson’s debut feature film about a proud new daddy who finds out his child is not his own.

Elevator Pitch: “The Space Between” is a quirky, heartfelt comedy about a proud new daddy who sets out on a hilarious yet earnest journey to find his child’s biological father after discovering his wife took his infertility into her own hands.

Production Team:
Amy Jo Johnson – Writer / Director
Jessica Adams – Producer
James Poremba – Director of Photography 
Monica Remba – Editor

About the film: “The Space Between” is a heartfelt comedy that dives deep into tough issues such as intimate betrayal, maternal grief and the art of self-acceptance. I am inspired to bring this film to life in the hope that is just might help a few of us find the humour that lies between all the pain.

Current Status: Fundraising

For more information and to support this project: Indiegogo Page

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Erick (E92BC)

My vote for The Space Between!


The space between

Heather Ayers

Sounds like a wonderful movie.

Alex karbo

I vote for this

Jasen Bernahl

First she’s kickin ass on camera, now she’s kickin ass behind camera. Is there anything this woman can’t do. My pink ranger is blowin up hollywood.

Dale Stokley

I cannot wait to see The Space Between!


I had a big crush on you when I was a little kid

rhonda rowe

I want to see this movie love amy jo Johnson very talented copy that

Hawk McKinnon

Can’t wait for the release


The Space Between *-* love Amy Jo Johnson


I can wait to see the space between. amy is so talente and I belive that she canmake this movie awesome and great

kevin willand

sounds fun


this should be a good movie


Would absolutely watch this! Love Amy Jo Johnson

Steven Griffiths

Voting! My instagram is stevengriffiths92

Chandler reed

Big fan of flashpoint and everything else UR in Amy. Love to see this. :)

jesus martinez

amy jo hope my vote helps, good luck and if you can send me a copy of the film :D


I vote yes for Amy Jo Johnson!

Chris Zaragosa

This movie rules!!!


I wait yo see this project

Alex Wouters



muy bueno

jason phillips

Will watch

Michael Charles Slate

I always tell people to take your time don’t be in a rush. So for you take your time too. As always God gives us days months years to do thang. So don’t worry��. Hope to see the movie your fan Mike.


i’d watch it! We can all use a little inspiration for self discovery. Good luck to you, Amy Jo!

Kirsis Ortiz

wishing you the best

Christine Marchi

I am really interested in seeing this movie.

Edwin Torres

you do great shows so this is no different i no it will be uno of the great film of the year

Dawn pritchard

I really want to see this film

jeff sander

i hope it gets this it is good

Juan Francisco

I can’t wait to see The Space Between!

Esther Paguio

Amy Jo is a talented actress…can’t wait to see this film!


Can’t wait untill it comes out

Alyx Waite

I LOVE Amy Jo Johnson !!! Anything with her I HAVE to see it!! I am so excited for this!

Brandi maka

This movie rocks and it is amazing . And I miss Amy Jo Johnson as the original pink Power ranger

Crystal Wisniewski

Can’t wait to see "The Space Between". Amy Jo is an awesome actress

Michael Drum

I’m a big Amy Jo Johnson fan. She is an incredible actress. I would love to see it and I will. I’ve never been unsatisfied with any of her films. Can’t wait!


Can’t wait teamatothedoublej on Instagram support her


y hope this movie comes to holland i love amy jo johnson.

Tara G

Can’t wait to see the film!!!

Rod Woolard

This sounds great! Glad to see Amy Jo doing this!

Karon Smart

The Space Between, can’t wait hope it is a green light!

Lisa Gullett

Congratulations on your films success


Can’t wait to see The Space Between love all the actors in it love Amy Jo Johnson great actress so I know it will be a good film again can’t wait !!!

Leah C

Please make this movie happen. I would love to see it!


can´t wait!!! Amy is armazing!!!

Kylie Love

I love Amy , and I cant wait to see this!!!

David Snook

so pleased Amy Jo is doing so well. Looking forward to seeing this great film. Always remember Amy in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the original & best pink ranger. Best wishes to her with all her future projects xx

Brian Porter

I am so excited to watch this, Amy Jo worked so hard on it and I think I will love to see her film.


Can’t wait to see :)


Amy Jo Johnson is very awesome

suzanne Rypkema

I support this film as I know the talent and hard work behind it.


Can’t wait to see this

David Valencia

Saw your video with JDF. Let’s reach that goal.

Susan McGrath

looks true to life funny, looking forward to seeing The Space Between!


yes would love to see this movie! GO AMY JOE!! :) GOD BLESS XO

Charles Parker

Looking forward to this amazing film

Mary Beth

Totally am excited about this movie love Amy jo Johnson

Alan m wagoner

love Amy Jo ever since power rangers she deserves this


i hope this movie gets the votes it needs, cause you atleast have mine :)

Linda Jorgenson

Looking forward to seeing this!

Joyeux Hendrickson

Amy Jo Johnson always interested me as an actress. I want to see more of it.

Gabriela Souza

I can’t wait to see "The Space Between"

Suzanne rypkema

I am really excited to see the Space Between


Jason David Frank Brought Me Here

Juan Raposo

I think that this would we a great movie to see!

Kirk Fernwood

Already appreciate Amy Jo Johnson as an actress, so to expect a directorial debut will be anything less than great is selling her short. Very much want to continue to see indie film be able to thrive and bring us the real, human characters, stories, acting, and emotions that TRULY make a solid film!

rob partridge

looks neat and seems like a great idea for her to try just getting out there.

Richard Van Gramberg

Amy Jo Johnson has shown so much passion, determination and enthusiasm for her debut feature film, The Space Between! I can’t wait to see it!

Kate Johnston

Really looking forward to seeing this film!

Kelly Chamberlain

Can’t wait to see this wonderful movie

Alan Davis

I can’t wait to see The Space Between!

John Bueno

Amy Jo Johnson along with Michael, Sonnya, Jessica, Laura Lynn, are an excellent cast I would love to see this film. The story is heartfelt and comedic and I support this project very much and I appreciate all the hard work and effort put into it =)


I´m really willing to watch this film, Amy Jo is a very talented artist.

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