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The 25 Best Horror Films Of The 21st Century So Far

The 25 Best Horror Films Of The 21st Century So Far

Check out IndieWire’s newest list of best horror films of the 21st century!

By the pricking of my thumbs, a holiday-themed list feature this way comes. Yep, All Hallow’s Eve is almost upon us, and while the temptation to do some kind of “Before I Go To Sleep“-themed feature was a great one, we thought we should put together something appropriately spooky to get you in the mood for tomorrow night’s festivities.

So, during a break from making our costumes for the annual Playlist Halloween party (popular choices this year: the Babadook, Kevin Feige, Alexander from “Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” box-office receipts for “Sin City 2,” a GamerGater), we’ve been considering the state of recent horror.

We’re now fifteen years into the new millennium, and while the horror genre is as ever responsible for more dross than most, it’s also been an exciting time for scary movie fans, with a new wave of filmmakers emerging from all around the world with smart new takes on how to make you scream. So after much deliberation/arguing, we’ve picked out the 25 best horror films since the turn of the century. Take a look at our picks below, and let us know your picks in the comments.

25. “Orphan” (2009)
Dark Castle Entertainment, the genre production arm formed by “Tales from the Crypt” principals Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Gilbert Adler, started off by making above-average remakes of films originally produced by the king of gimmicky thrillers William Castle. Eventually, the studio started to produce different types of films, and “Orphan,” an original chiller co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, might be the company’s very best film. Helmed by Spanish stylist Jaume Collet-Serra, the film is an endlessly fascinating take on the “evil child” horror sub-genre, this time centered around a young couple (played by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard) who, following the stillborn birth of their third child, decide to adopt an odd Russian girl named Esther (a haunting Isabelle Fuhrman). At 123 minutes, the movie is a decidedly slow burn, but it ramps up to a rare (and essentially unguessable) twist that doesn’t totally discredit the rest of the movie. Instead, it makes the climax, set in Connecticut but turned, thanks to Jeff Cutter‘s chilly cinematography, into a snowy world more reminiscent of the ice planet Hoth, even more powerful and perverse. Even if you’re not a fan of this particular genre sub-set, it’s hard to argue with the effective and stylistic verve of “Orphan.” And even before the twist blows your mind, chances are you’ll already be shaken up.

24. “The Ring” (2002)
In the early 00s, J-horror was big news and Hollywood was quick to catch on, with studios greenlighting remakes of everything that had been even mildly successful in Asia with CW-friendly casts. For the most part, the results of movies like “Pulse,” “The Grudge,” “The Eye” and “One Missed Call” were disastrous, but the first of the batch, “The Ring,” was against the odds excellent. Directed by a pre-”Pirates of the CaribbeanGore Verbinski, the film follows roughly the same plot as the original, with a journalist and single mother (Naomi Watts, who’d just broken out in “Mulholland Drive”) discovering that her niece has died a mysterious death, her body frozen in a position of horror. Digging into the case, she finds that the death may have been linked to the urban legend of a mysterious video tape that causes the death of anyone who watches it after seven days. It’s probably not superior to the 1998 original as such, but Verbinski retains much of what worked about Hideo Nakata’s film, and beautifully amps up the atmosphere, with an almost painterly feel to the photography by Bojan Bazelli, and a halting, jolting score by Hans Zimmer. And though the shock of the film’s ending was probably lessened for those who’d seen the original, those coming to the remake fresh almost certainly never forgot it.

23. “You’re Next” (2011)
If the names Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett aren’t familiar, then you should bookmark their IMDB pages. On the strength of this clever, funny, subversive home invasion movie and their latest “The Guest,” which sadly all but disappeared from theaters due to stiff competition in a very crowded market, they’re two upstart genre filmmakers whose careers you’ll want to follow. Without question what they do next is an exciting prospect (a remake of the excellent “I Saw the Devil,” the Korean revenge film to end all Korean revenge films, was recently announced), but for now we have “You’re Next,” currently available to stream on Netflix.. It’s a thrill ride, a reminder of when horror films were fun, and almost never disappoints. It stars a rogue’s gallery of former mumblecore elites and current/past indie mainstays —Joe Swanberg, Amy Seimetz, Ti West, AJ Bowan, Kate Lyn Sheil, Larry Fessenden— all upstaged by the film’s MVP, Sharni Vinson, who takes what must have already been a great character on the page and infuses it with humor, bloodlust and urgency. We’ll leave it for you to discover what we’re getting at, because “You’re Next” works best when characters turn the tables and expectations are upended.

22. “It Follows” (2014)
When you think of movies premiering at the Cannes, chances are you don’t think about supernatural teens-in-jeopardy chillers, but this year “It Follows” debuted in the Critics’ Week sidebar and by all accounts managed to be one of the highlights. As directed by David Robert Mitchell (“Myth of the American Sleepover“), “It Follows” is many things —it’s a fairly on-the-nose metaphor for the dangers of promiscuity, a superb modern campfire tale, and a loose imagining of what would happen if the cast of “The Breakfast Club” banded together to fight a horrifying otherworldly evil. It is also scary as hell. Mitchell captures the action in a series of queasy long takes, a welcome reprieve from the quick-cutting assault that helped define the “torture porn” slate of films, so the viewer is waiting for something terrible to happen instead of being bludgeoned with it; it’s artful and eerie at the same time. The mythology that Mitchell sets up makes a whimsical kind of sense (hopefully it will be left mercifully unexplored, should sequels be in the cards) and Maika Monroe (who starred in another killer genre film from this year, “The Guest“) is one of the most compelling female horror icons since Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween.” She is a girl whose fumbling one night stand ends up haunting her —literally.

21. “Berberian Sound Studio” (2012)
British director Peter Strickland made a hell of a debut with his first film, the Hungarian-language drama “Katalin Varga,” but it went severely underseen, despite winning awards at the Berlin Film Festival. The result was that “Berberian Sound Studio,” his horror-tinged follow-up, was very much under-the-radar when it arrived, but the film successfully broke open the skulls of pretty much everyone that saw it. Influenced by both David Lynch and classic giallo horror, the film starred the great Toby Jones as Gilderoy, a sound engineer who travels to Italy to work on a horror picture called “The Equestrian Vortex” (the film’s director takes exception at calling it a horror film: one imagines Strickland might say the same). Gilderoy begins his meticulous work but finds himself rapidly unraveling. It’s in part a horror film about the effect of horror films, and that we barely see anything of the film-within-the-film only lets your imagination play havoc with the unpleasant squelches and screams that are being created by the sonic wizard (and Jones is absolutely terrific in the part). Pure genre fans might come away disappointed with the lack of jump-scares or actual gore, but this is a truer kind of horror, one that reaches in and shakes your skeleton through your ears.

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Solid list. I certainly agree with many picks (Kairo!) but it pains me to see you guys forgot about ‘The Loved Ones’, a surprisingly good horror film that certainly earned its place here even if it were just a honorable mention.


    “A Field In England” should have been number 1! The remake of “Let The Right One In” was rubbish – I would have put the original as No.2, with “Mullholland Drive” at No.3


So glad to see The Ring recognized. A fantastic remake that actually does change up the originals mythology in interesting ways.

Ryan Michael Painter

It should be noted that Matt Reeves’ screenplay for "Let Me In" was written before "Let the Right One In" was released. Both films are fantastic, but, like you, I do prefer "Let the Right One In" to its English-language counterpart.


Terrific list, but Eden Lake, a 2008 British horror film by James Watkins featuring Kelly Reilly and a then not-yet-established Michael Fassbender, should’ve been on the list. It’s a very disturbing and political work as well, and unnerving as everything on this list.

Bosewick Chadman

No Martyrs or Inside even as honorable mentions = no sale.

Bosewick Chadman

Erm, I see Martyrs there in honorable mentions now. Still, no sale.


I just can’t understand why there is no love for ‘Cabin fever’… funny and awesome gore, It’s grear genre film.


Great list! Especially glad to see Kairo, The Devil’s Backbone and Under the Skin on the list, although I would argue strongly for both Pontypool and Martyrs (and maybe even Ginger Snaps) to be elevated from Honourable Mentions.

I would add

Resolution, Sinister, Triangle, Inland Empire, Cigarette Burns, Jeepers Creepers, American Psycho.


Superb list!! Very well thought out, and offers something for everyone. Sure, there’s some missing movies here ("Martyrs," Rec," possibly "Shaun Of The Dead", etc.) but most of the best in 21st century cinematic horror are well represented.


A recent indie, Zombex, should be on there! How can you not love a movie with Malcolm McDowell, Tom Araya (from Slayer), John Doe, Kinky Friedman, Sid Haig, and Lew Temple that is a wonderful satire about antidepressant drugs turning post-Katrina New Orleans into a city of zombies?


It looks like you’ve wisely avoided all the remakes but I will throw two out that are my fav: The Crazies and Dawn of the Dead.


    The ‘Dawn of the Dead’ remake? If there hadn’t been the original, I might be able to understand its nomination by a reader. But I saw the original when it first came out, and later when some grisly scenes had been deleted. What’s missing in the remake is Americana, the good ‘ol boys having a zombie shoot and bbq was a favorite. The remake was just grim and grimmer, with no sense of the world at large as its sense of security falls away. No talking heads on tv taking shots from flasks as they address the public.

Erik McClanahan

Benjamin re: Loved Ones, give our latest podcast a listen for that :)


I saw "Trouble Every Day" with an audience that had no clue what was coming. The film really got under people’s skin and the result was the biggest number of walkouts I’ve ever seen in a movie theater.


Great list overall, but I have to take issue with any 21st century list that doesn’t include Inside or Martyrs, or at least The Devil’s Rejects if not another Rob Zombie film. Not including these is like making a list of the best horror films of the past 15 years in 1985 and not including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That may seem like lunacy at this juncture, but it is true.


Martyrs is by far the best horror we’ve seen this century. I’m guessing the violence against woman in the film repulsed the ladies that work for Playlist.


Cool, Erik McClanahan, thanks for the heads-up regarding your podcast and ‘The Loved Ones’. I’m deaf and unfortunately can’t hear it but I’ll take your word for it ;)

Christopher Beaubien

I’m happy to see "The House of the Devil" (2009) made the cut, however, that one has a much higher place in my heart. One movie I miss, especially in the Honorable Mentions, is the Australian import "The Loved Ones" (2009) by director Sean Byrne. It’s a prom night from hell thanks to sadistic touches courtesy of Robin McLeavy’s boy-hungry Lola and a script that nabs every hidden opportunity. Skip the trailer and watch it cold – ther’s some boiling water in it for you!


    you should have live there


I can’t believe nobody flew a flag for Inside! It’s fantastic and it’s another Beatrice Dalle covered in blood movie!


Damn, movies must suck for you.

Nathan Duke

Some very good choices, but I’d have put "28 Days Later" a lot higher and would certainly have included "Inside" and "Frailty." All in all, a good list.


One Hour Photo was breathlessly creepy and subtle enough to give me a pretty good nightmare.

Emperor Zerg Rush

Mulholland Drive and Under the Skin – horror films?


Absolutely stoked to see Mulholland Drive at the top of this list, though I too wonder if it’s truly a horror film, but there’s no doubt that it’s pretty much flawless.


The only problem I have with this fabulous list is the idea that the ending of The Mist is better than the book. I couldn’t disagree more. I grew up with Stephen King’s novella and must have read it twenty times, that’s how much I loved it, and the ending in the book is perfect the way that it is. It brings the original tale of supernatural horror to a proper end, while allowing the reader the freedom to wander down the road toward whatever possible outcome may have befallen the survivors. Anything could have happened.


How often do we as filmgoers long for a movie that gives us that freedom? Instead, Darabont (who I truly appreciate as a filmmaker, especially with what he’s done with the Walking Dead television series, while doing a wonderful job with the rest of this movie, as well) basically gives us a double middle fingers up, tongue sticking out, "eff you", with that alternate ending. It’s one of the few times when I watched a film and truly thought that the people who made it hated the audience. That’s not an easy thing to do but they succeeded with that disastrous ending to The Mist.


BTW, what’s up with your Spammy filter that won’t allow me to us the F word in the comments section?


I think you missed the Aussie viral film "The Tunnel"! Also, any list without The Conjuring in it is automatically invalid :-)

Mike K

I honestly can’t believe "Lake Mungo" didn’t make even the honorable mentions. It’s a slow burn for sure, not for everyone, but boy did its creepiness stick with me for days. Great movie, check it out if you haven’t already.


@Leonardo – maybe not everything, but yes, it deserved a spot much more then others on a list, with [REC], A tale of two sisters and Drag me to hell. It’s a good list, but I wish that "Perfect Blue" remake called "Black Swan" could make a place for some of the titles I mentioned.


This is the worst list of horror movies I have ever seen. "Your Next", "The Host"??? You obviously don’t know a good a horror movie when you see one.


I never understood the ending of THE MIST. It didn’t feel like it was playing out the story’s theme, it just felt like nihilism for nihilism’s sake. Like, how nasty can we be for no apparent reason other than just to sock the audience in the gut. It angered me actually. It really wrecked the film in my opinion – I’m not surprised it failed at the box office. It would’ve stood a much better chance had it had an ending more true to the story’s theme, uplifting or not.

gerard kennelly

ones i saw /want to see… Pans Labyrinth Antichrist Paranormal Activity Drag Me To Hell Ginger Snaps Teeth Session 9 Trick R Treat Splice Dog Soldiers Cloverfield The Innkeepers The Woman In Black


I found We Are What We Are pretty weak and not that scary and not nearly gory enough.


    Maybe ‘We Are Who We Are’ could go on a list where horror has a sense of humor? That list would include ‘Shaun of the Dead’ as well as the original ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’. I’m sure there are others but I’m drawing a blank right now. I think a little bit of levity, a space where humans relax and start to decompress makes the inevitable return to horror that much more affecting. The relentlessly grim and faced-paced movies are more like running a gauntlet; there’s desensitizing well before the end.

Diarmaid Fallon

This list, clearly written by someone who doesn’t understand genres, no REC or The Conjuring, Under the Skin and Black Swan are not horrors, I expect better from this site

Sins of omission

I don’t watch horror movies. I watched The Shining and I thought it sucked, nothing scary about it, I watched the Hilary Swank movie – The Reaping – even more boring. But then, I watched The Grudge and after that I haven’t seen horror films. You know why? Because I already watched the perfect one. Honest to god, The Grudge is the scariest movie ever and it’s a joke, a pity and a shame that you don’t feature this groundbreaking piece of horror cinema in your list. I am truly disappointed.


Good list. I would add honorable mentions: Monsters, Inside, The Woman, Valhalla Rising, Open Water, S@man, 30 days of night, and The Burrowers.


One word: Them (Ils – 2006)

Sanker from India

Love the loose definition of hor for. Wonderful list. Mulholland Dr. could easily be the No. 1 movie of the new millennium, yeah?

Sanker from India



I believe Insidious belongs on the list somewhere. The suspense is built up to perfection in the first half of the movie, and the sound is both jolting and effective. I prefer this film to its higher budget "cousin", The Conjuring, as the pacing was more unpredictable in its approach.


I’d add Them, Behind The Mask, Chained, Triangle, Absentia and Oculus.


Kudos on focusing on 21st century horror films instead of listing classics of yesteryear that are tame by today’s standards. While some movies listed may raise eyebrows, you have shown good taste by including Kairo, truly a masterpiece. I would have listed the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror, which was the best of the lot. And I love the tag line: Katch ’em, Kill ’em. Dope, G, dope!


There are some good ones in there. But Under the Skin, The Host and Mulholland Drive in the top 5? Pretty pretentious choices, were you afraid of someone sneering? You missed out my three favourites, too: The New Daughter, The Burrowers, and, best of all, Grace, which showed well the darker side of motherhood…


Good list but #’s 1 and 2 aren’t truly horrific – calling them (and even Black Swan) horror movies waters down the genre. In truth, they are merely thrillers (Mullholland Drive barely even that as its more of a dramatic deconstruction of a woman’s self doubt).


The superbly disturbing EDEN LAKE must be in any list of best horror films!

    Christian Toto

    Yes re: “Eden Lake” being sorely overlooked. That said, I think the notion that the final third of ‘The Descent’ falters just isn’t true. Yes, it becomes a monster movie, but it’s a very good one. And those subsequent scares are better thanks to the terrific setup.


I would like to add the 2009 film "The Triangle" by Christopher Smith. It’s simply one of the best horror films involving a time-travel element (if that’s how you want to interpret it).


Good list i agree with most of these, the Ring remake is terrible though, really shoddily directed like every gore verbinski movie. Wolf Creek and Rec would definitely be near the top for me, and you also missed Resolution, which i think might be the finest horror film of the last 10 years


Black Swan should be in "the 25 most ridiculous films of the 21st century so rar"’s list.


Absolutely ridiculous list. And by the way more than half of those films are not horror movies!! You’re welcome.


28 Days Later is NOT a zombie film. It isn’t just because it doesn’t fit either of the zombie definitions (they are alive, they don’t eat humans, they aren’t being controlled by an outside force, and when they are "killed" they stay down from ANY type of wound), but also because Boyle himself has said that it isn’t. It is a pandemic film. The people are infected with a rage virus. Saying this is a zombie film would mean The Crazies is a zombie flick as well. Hell, Pontypool is more of a zombie flick, and it is centered around a "virus" that infects anyone who hears English turning them into a rage–they actually scratch and bite people (their throats, to kill, not eat).




Eden Lake is fantastic! I agree with Mulholland Drive, easily the scariest movie wver


I think the author of this article is on crack! "Greatest Horror films" yet #1 is far from it! when people seach for top lists of Horror flicks on the net they want #1 to be a pure bred Horror film! Besides, the list is all wrong!

Samuel Glass Jr.

Your list certainly gives me some more possibilities to explore, besides the things I’ve already seen. If I were going to add at least one entry into the mix, one that would be more than worthy of mentioning is Lucky McKee’s THE WOMAN, from 2011. A bracing, gory and truly unnerving collaboration with celebrated horror novelist Jack Ketchum, THE WOMAN takes all of our prejudices about feminism, religion, and what it means to be ‘civilized’, and gives them a good hard shake. In a bag. Filled with rattlesnakes. Two of its amazing cast members, Lauren Ashley Carter and the incredible Sean Bridgers, would have a reunion of sorts in another ‘horror’ film that came out in the past year, JUG FACE, also recommended.


The conjuring , sinister The possession. Etc


Mullholland drive. Wtf? Horror

Nail in the Coffin

This list just proves how dead the horror genre is. The only two notable films are Mulholland Drive and Black Swan, and they’re hybrid horror at most. The Host,The Babadook, Bug, & You’re Next have to be some of the worst offenders of bad movies given a free pass due to such slim pickings. On a positive note, it’s at least nice to see that there were no found footage flicks on the list.


I completely agree with this list. You did a good job of recognizing a lot of films that went under the radar ie "You’re Next". I wish you had added "Thirst" to the list though. Any reason this was excluded?


You left out Paranormal Activity, Wolf Creek, Rec and The Conjuring. I’m kind of speechless.


Thanks alot for listing "It Follows" under 25 best horror movies of the 21’st century. The movie isn’t even out yet, and I got super excited to watch it after looking at the trailer. Much appreciated


Great list! I’m really happy to see the list being this diverse. Let The Right One In is really a great movie, the English remake as well. One movie I find missing is the 2012 movie Sinister. It might not be the greatest, but I like the atmosphere and mythological aspect in the movie.


very good


The most unsettling film I watched in the last 15 years is Michael Haneke’s Cache.


The only thing I was surprised to not see on here was "High Tension" 2003 lionsgate. Fantastic and intense ride


Sorry English little




First off I agree wholeheartedly with Benjamin disappointment in not seeing "The Loved One’s" included in the list as it was a truly unsettling film.I also second Leonard’s vote for the deeply disturbing "Eden Lake". As for myself one of the most unforgettable horror films I can recall ever seeing is "Snowtown" based on a series of horrific murders in Australia that I found so shocking I’ve never been able to bring myself to watch it again( not exactly a ringing endorsement I admit)due to the deeply distressing and oppresive atmosphere the film conjures up.MY favorite horror films on the list are the incomparable "Let The Right One In" and the beautifully atmospheric "The Others".
All in all an excellent list.

Ricardo Avilés

Also missing the Hills Have Eyes (2006) remake, and A L’interieur, the 2013 remake of the Evil Dead and the I spit on your grave remake also.



Matt Gomez

Bravo for including Trouble Every Day, and so high. I screened it in a repertory series of overlooked arthouse films at the film school I was attending and we got some very polarizing reactions. Screened in consecutive weeks with Sombre.


The Loved Ones is the most glaring omission, as well as Carriers (2009)

kigozi Denis

Oh Gosh the movies which i have bn looking for,atleast i must download 5 of em’


Insidious and Dead Snow!!! The Evil Dead remake was good too..


truy an amazing list even in honorable mentions like Haute Tension,Martyrs or Pan’s Labyrinth.

I would add Eden Lake, very surprising. So totally agree with the user Leonardo.


Amazing selection here. But I would have to add Victor Salva’s fun and freaky 2001 flick "Jeepers Creepers" to this list. Original, scary, and super fun!


Great list. Love Mulholland Drive at number one! I would have ranked The Ring, The Descent and The Mist higher on the list. They’re the only films here that truly scared the sh*t out of me. I adore Let The Right One In – probably one of my favorite movies of all time – but I wasn’t very frightened by it.


Great list. But I don’t think Mulholland Drive is a horror film–it is great & mind-blowing, but I don’t know what the hell it is. Ditto Inland Empire (which seems no less a horror movie than Mulholland Drive). I think that Lars von Trier’s Antichrist *must* be classified as a great horror movie: it seems of a piece with films like Kill List and Berberian Sound Studio.

Buried in the mixed-bag of V/H/S 2 is a short as scary as anything on this list: Timo Tjahjanto & Gareth Evans’ "Safe Haven"!


I’m sorry but Mullholand Drive is NOT a horror movie, actually many of the flicks listed here are not horror…thriller/drama maybe but not horror.


There is at least one bona fide genuinely certifiably bad movie (Orphan) on this list, at least it’s ranked last though. But I think most people would agree that you can replace it with Inside, High Tension, Martyrs, Triangle,Pontypool, etc.


Sinister needed to be on the list. The eerie atmosphere is established very early on and relents throughout.


The Loved Ones – Possibly the best of a very good bunch of Australian horror flicks to come out in the last 15 years. (Yes, it’s better than The Babadook)


Lol i think you should rethink your choices. Mulholland Dr. and Under The Skin are not horror movies. Some of your honorable mentions aren’t too.


A lot of these aren’t horror films. Black Swan is not a horror film. Mulholland Drive is not a horror film. Sorry, but they’re not and they shouldn’t be in this list. You’re getting your genres wrong.


to not include Martyrs on this list is just madness. i’m guessing Jessica hated it because of the violence against women was too much for her.


Amazing list. I certainly agree with most of your picks, though I had hoped to see "Oculus" (2013) on the list. I think Mike Flanagan did a great job with that movie, and it really creeped me out for days after I saw it. Well worth a watch for a horror lover.


How could you not have Sinister! I watched that movie opening night having no idea what it was about and holy hell did me and my sister almost pee ourselves. And this is coming from someone who rarely gets freaked out from horror movies.


"Shutter Island"


why not scream 4 released in 2011 it doesn’t have any ghosts but it is a horror movie..

Quentin Tarantado

No love for "A Serbian Film"? A truly disgusting, morally repulsive film, if you are talking about horror, this one will never let you forget it.

Quentin Tarantado

Since you have The Ring and Let Me in on the list, no love for Evil Dead? It seems to match the original in many things except the low budget.


ok I’m gonna make it my mission to stay in this weekend and try to watch as many of these as I can…I’ll watch the ones I haven’t seen first then rewatch the ones I have…….


Nice list, some crackers on there for sure – but FTLOG where’s LAKE MUNGO? Geex that is my all time fav horror film – the scene where the review the mobile phone pre-death footage is possibly the best ever freak out committed to screen!


most movies of this list are not even horror, and many more are terrible, it is very sad when people gets confused between horror and thriller.

Martin Huggybear

Several films on the list are much closer to slow arthouse psychological dramas, than horror.
Plus, leaving the exagerated seques aside, the 1st "Saw" movie deserves to be on the list.
Other horrors that at least deserved a mention:
Inside (french movie about a pregnant woman in distress)
Hard Candy
The Grudge remake
The Road (if Time of The Wolf qualifies, this should too)
+ as exceptional mentions the Masters of Horror episodes: The Fair Haired Child (William Malone) and Imprint (Takashi Miike).

Deep Nightwalker

Heh heh, I think the writers of this article were too afraid to mention ‘The Grudge’. And since you are talking ‘foreign language’ horror, where’s ‘Them’? Where’s ‘.REC’?


I love horror


This is a list – so put it on one page! Why the need to click through so many goddam pages!!! So annoying!!!


I love most of the picks, but come on " The Host" and " Under The Skin " ?


Those top three man. Just no. Martyrs and Inside are the greatest horrors made since 2000, and the order of some of the others makes no sense. Wheres Dark Water (2002)? Or the Gurdge? And why the American remakes, despite, admittedly, The Ring US was great. Not having EVEN ONE Alexandre Aja directed film seems incredibly offensive too.

jessy kendall

the taking of deborah logan, deliver us from evil..

    Wendy Host


      Wendy Host

      Deliver us from evil best movie ever seen very scary and not stupid like most it kept you on the edge of your seat almost entire movie…..


I’d have thrown The Host and/or Black Swan completely out the window to include Wolf Creek. I’d rank it alongside The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for pure, visceral, despairing horror, the only difference being John Jarrat’s villain is no superhuman monster; he feels all too real. As for French horror, the examples you’ve mentioned are all quite good but Sheitan deserves to be on the list for the same reason as Orphan and Frontière(s) for its timeliness and terrific work of its lead actress.


Exorcism series, grudge, anabelle etc. couldn’t even make the honourable mentions…..what a shame…i thought these would be the top 5 and stuff..

Cam Sully

This list has some well-delivered quips but anyone who finds Under the Skin or Black Swan to be freaky, horrifying or scary in any way, shape or form seriously hasn’t seen all that many horror films.


Actually ‘Let Me In’ was a crap remake. Totally unesessary destruction of a brand new film. It deserves to be lost in the plethora of all the other remakes that swamp cinemas every year. It sucked.


what about Martyrs- amazing horror film.

Sounds of Cinema

Overall a thoughtful list although I’m surprised A SERBIAN FILM wasn’t mentioned anywhere if only for its audacity. And 28 DAYS LATER did not invent fast zombies. I believe that credit goes to 1985’s RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.

David Broderson

No Country For Old Men, You’re Next


i agree with you and your list is pretty well done, i would submit also the movie of Rob Zombie, house of 1000 corpses, a must. and of course some new french horror movie like Calvaire. great. i ve seen a good review about that on horrorgalore website


where is "Saw"?


No "Inside" ? You mention Martyrs but not that?

John Brocato

I very much appreciate this list as it’s handily given me a lot to catch up on. Two suggestions: (1) Despite its cliched shortcomings, I think Insidious should definitely be included here because its genuine scares outweigh the silly stuff (it’s almost comically formulaic); (2) Absentia (2011) would be a good inclusion because it’s one of those films that uses the unseen to truly terrifying effect.


Kairo/Pulse (love it!!), The Host, The Mist, Cabin in the Woods – excellent choices, and among my favorites as well. One film I’d add, a personal favorite from Korea, the vampire film Thirst.


Another hidden horror gem is John Carpenters apocalypse trilogy: In the Mouth of Madness, The Thing and Prince of Darkness. All of these films contain excellent story lines and actors, most of leaving you thinking, what just happened? All movies leave you on the edge of your seats and minds.


What about "Darkness Falls?"


Dead Birds


About seven months too late to this conversation, I’m just impassioned enough to do a war cry for 2007’s À l’intérieur (Inside), the absolute apex of the French Extremist Horror wave of the late 2000s. What it does in its tight 80-minute running time is totally own the ‘limited-location’ and ‘home invasion’ subgenres in telling a straightforward tale with absolutely relentless tension–and jaw-dropping blood-letting. Directed masterfully and shot gorgeously, it’s almost singular in the context of achieving precisely what it set out to do. And while many have yet to discover it (*and if you’re going to do so, it’s only worth seeing the unrated version), those who have sing its praises, Regular Joes to Nathan Lee (once of the Village Voice), who called it one of the top ten films of 2008.


Did everybody else see a different version of It Follows than me? Because it was probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen in awhile, and yet everyone keeps going on about it. The characters were about as bland and underdeveloped as you can get, the premise plays itself out within the first half hour, and by no means was it even that scary. It was very well done stylistically, I’ll give it that, but it’s hardly the "new horror classic" everyone is trying to make it out to be.


horror movi


Were is IT


LOl at the choices in this list – Mulholland Drive a Horror – wtf? Yeah its a nightmare to watch as its sooo dull with NO plot

any list whih does not include A Serbian Film, Hana Dama, Insidious, Sinister for recent great horrors is a fail imho


this list sucks, top 3 — mirrors, 28 weeks later, the amity ville horror


The Babadook is derivative garbage and felt like a 1000 movies I’d already seen (weird child, single mother, monster in the closet sigh) but oh wait, it’s directed by a woman and they don’t usually make horror movies so that must mean it’s amazing.

Also I agree with my fellow turtle Eden Lake should’ve been on this list. That is was a truly horrific movie which made me hate chavs even more.

Richard Connaughton

This is the worst list I’ve ever seen. You lot clearly don’t know what films are scary and which ones are thrillers/suspense. Disappointed.


Excellent list. I’m happy to see ‘Under the Skin’ mentioned. It’s a remarkable film that’s taken some unfair bad press. Great list.

Ragna Jons

I agree with Leonardo about Eden Lake’s brilliance. I’d like to add a few other suggestions. Dawn of the Dead (2004) was very well-executed and redeveloped from the original; The Signal (2007) also deserves recognition for its tripartite structure. I also think the original Saw (2001) by Wan deserved a nod, but that’s just me.


You must have forgotten about hostel. What makes it a great horror is the realism of the film thought 1 and 2 were excellent 3 was dodgy.


Horrible list. Some of these are not even horror. Terrible.




The Den, Lords of Salem, Devil’s Rejects, May – here are my favorite horror movies of the 21st century so far.


I’m surprised that there are this many comments on such a list, I’ll just add some movies that I also really liked:
1408 (06/2007) Horror, Mystery.
Apollo 18 (04/2011) Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller.
Carrie (10/2013) Horror, Drama.
Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (08/2011) Horror, Thriller (Guillermo del Toro).
Mr. Jones (05/2014) Horror, Fantasy.
Re-cycle (07/2006) Horror, Fantasy, Drama.
Silent Hill (04/2006) Horror, Adventure.
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (01/2011) Horror, Comedy

stephen dsilva

alot of new movies to me. must check them out. what about the bell witch project. ..and pandorum?

jamshed khan



Wat a full range of nothing…….

Darren Bailey

The Ruins, Eden Lake, Lake Mungo, and The Others deserve to be on this list.


    I loved ‘The Ruins’

Darren Bailey

30 Days of Night & Triangle, as well.

Darren Bailey

and Pan’s Labyrinth

William Miller

You can now also add "Only Lovers Left Alive" to this list. Also, "We Are the Night" was also very enjoyable, and "Troll Hunter" was fun as well.


You’re Next was a laughable movie that was predictable and poorly done. How this made anyone’s horror list escapes me. Likewise, The Host was hyped to be something that it just wasn’t. There was not much in the way of good horror there. It was mediocre CGI mixed with a mediocre plot. And while Bug was interesting, it does not deserve to be on a top list of horror films. If these made a list, then perhaps that list should be smaller.


I can’t get past number 21 lol


This has to be one of the best lists I’ve ever seen. Almost saw them all, real hard to find some good ones out there, but you still found some :D great that you included foreign and indie movies, or movies that turn out to have horror elements twists ( The final 20 min of Kill List, I will never forget those )


interesting, if wrong-headed top 10. Number 10, 5 and 4 should definitely be in there (Let the Right One in is a sublime horror), but the rest of the top 10 are art-house beard-stroking films which barely constitute "horror", Mulholland Drive??? Lost Highway is more horror than this. The french films you discuss below: Haute Tension and Martyrs should be in any top 10 list about horror in the 21st century.


Most of the comments deny that Mulholland Dr. is a horror film. The problem with genres is, that there’s never a clear line. You should read Rick Altman’s article "A Semantic/Syntactic Approach to Film Genre". You’ll see genre-theory is more complex than you’ll think.. I would say that Mulholland Dr. could be classified as a horrorfilm because of its horrifying imagery (the dead body in the apartment), the tone and atmosphere and its themes. It may not have all the "semantic" elements any conventional horror does have, but the syntax in certainly there…

Danny California

Why have you made a list of the best horror films which comprises everything but the best horror films? It isn’t that these films are bad, they’re just varying degrees of arty takes on the horror genre. There’s hardly a straight-up horror among them. You should have titled the list ’25 horror movies for people who don’t like horror’, it would have been more honest. I’ve seen most of these films and many are really good, but the title is really misleading


all these movies are so damn bad!! especially Under the skin, who knew Scarlett Johansson did such a bad movie?


I would have ranked The Babadook much higher, that movie was the scariest I’ve seen in a long time.


Session 9 would top my list and it’s not even on this one. Ditto Lake Mungo.

Cinema Viscera

Interesting list, with an admirably expansive take on what a "horror film" is. Personally, I would have promoted 28 DAYS LATER to #1 — in many ways, it’s arguably the definitive horror film of the 2000s for both thematic and technical reasons — subbed in shock exclusions WOLF CREEK and [REC], as well as the breathlessly terrifying EDEN LAKE, the brilliantly confronting ANTICHRIST and the slowly, quietly unsettling LAKE MUNGO. (I won’t go into what I would’ve kicked out, as each to their own.)


Wonderful list! Way to go!


Solid list but I feel drag me to hell as well as the conjuring should have made the listing.I’m also stunned that Insidious, insidious chapter 2 and dead silence didn’t make the list or honorable mention.


Worst list ever. Your number one choice is embarrassing.

Michael M. Hughes

Antichrist is in my top 10 and is often overlooked in these best-of lists.


I think hostel part 1 or 2 should have been on this list more than that piece of shit "The Others"


The Babadook is the best horror film since The Exorcist. Your list is flawed.


I Can’t Believe HIGH TENSION did not make the cut!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!


ce blog est à chier tu parles de film d’horreur … au niveau de la réalisation ou des sénario peut etre ….


Where’s Insidious and/or the Conjuring?


I thought this list is so far the best ive seen.but i think mama and the wicked should be also in it. asian movies are also great i think they should check it out. i strongly recommend phillipine movies.


What about scott derrickson???
His movies are quite Scary!!!!


The Loved Ones was awesome!


Insidious not in top 5… but the host is…


Quite possibly one of the best Horror Movie lists I’ve ever seen.

Kyle MacDonald

Superb list, I appreciate the thought that went into it, however, one should never omit Inland Empire or Coherence when iterating modern horror cinema. I truly enjoyed the inclusion of Kairo, as often times it remains overlooked by most.


Nice list but why in the world The Insidious wasn’t listed


I loved Under The Skin the first time I watched it, but I must say the second time, it didn’t hold up for me. I wanted most of the scenes to be longer and tenser. Still an amazing film, though.
I personally think The Babadook should be way higher and agree with Leonardo: Where is Eden Lake?

Danny P

dont agree with that list but that´s me,my opinion,but i do agree with leonardo who mentioned Eden Lake,now there´s a film that deserves top list spots :)

Rafael Plaza

Great list. Even if you don’t consider Shutter Island a horror film I think it could be mentioned. Also is awesome to see Mulholland Dr. at number one.


My favourite horror movie is INSIDIOUS (1,2,3). U miis them


just i wonder how and why they made it follows as best hollow movie


totally agree about Eden Lake. Went to see it in the cinema, had no idea what it was about, my wife and I felt like we’d be mugged when we got out of the cinema


REC needs to be on that list definitely.


"Mulholland Drive" #1???? Not horror. The remake of "Let the Right One In" was horrible. The original was way better. "The Host"? No.


Stunned not to see the remake of Ammityville Horror on this list anywhere, or even the original for that matter.

Drake Robinson

"The Conjuring" and don’t forget about "The Possession". The 2 best movies ever made!!

Kitt Gautreaux

Yes "The Possession" and "The Conjuring" are #1 on my list too!!

The Truth

A lot of overrated movies in that list.


I must be one of the few people terrified by "Sinister." The home movie killings freaked me out. I thought it was cool that "Session 9" was mentioned at the end. Another one that no one has heard of.

Stevey McCrary

I was a bit disappointed A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT was not mentioned.


Thank you for not including the tripe that is Martyrs. Solid list and look forward to watching the two or three I haven’t seen yet.


Requiem for a Dream (2000) should have easily made it into the top 10. Good to see my favourite David Lynch movie occupying the top spot.

Frederic Kahler

I still have nightmares about the 2008 thriller, SHUTTLE. Several young travelers at an airport hop a nighttime shuttle bus that takes them over the edge, with twists galore and a dread-filled ending. Sorry not to see this one on this fine list.


A great and very mature list. Under the Skin was truly an amazing film and glad that it made the list. I agree with some others on here that Eden Lake was simply terrifying in a realistic way and needed to be in the top 20 at least, Also, "Inside" Was one of the best modern slasher films ever.

Jackson Eastwood

There is not a single movie before the year 2000. Forget Alien, The Exorcist, Halloween, or any other movie from that era. And I’m not even out of my teens!


Tons of love for Naomi Watts but no mention of FUNNY GAMES U.S.? Glaring omission…




¿Y "Saw" (2004)? ¿Hard candy? ¿ Mientras duetmes?


Solid stuff even if it pains me to see none of Rob Zombie’s title nor Drag Me to Hell.

peter egner



It’s always seemed liked a universally hated film, but I loved "Cloverfield" when it came out. I thought it was a great monster movie.


the loved ones and dread i miss on the list.


Have to disagree with It Follows. Standard horror flick but with far too much effort to make it appeal to the hipster crowd. Average at best.


Admittedly, hadn’t heard of several names in the list (thanks for filling up my bucket-list)…. but two names I found conspicuously missing are ‘The Machinist’ (2004) and ‘Memento’ (2000)


That’s a list compiled by folk who clearly don’t watch a lot of horror movies.
Judging by some of the comments, many of your readership don’t either.

Nothing is safe from hipster bullshit.


Great list, but I’d have included the 2007 Spanish horror flick, REC, a masterful "found footage" flick that feels incredibly real. Then there’s 2002’s The Mothman Prophecies (a well-crafted, sleeper film about people haunted by the past and possibly by present unseen entities who never appear in the film, adding another layer of fear. Finally, 2010’s under-appreciated horror, The Last Exorcism. If any film makes you question your faith and who and what is really evil, it’s that one.


p.s. Honorable mention: The Argentinian film, The Disappeared, based on real life, tragic events in Argentinian history.


The theatrical cut of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.

About a girl, after surviving a life-changing trauma, reliving it through displacement (dissociative identity disorder) while finding out her real identity and coming to some kind of insane peace and realization within herself.


Yeah, I think you lost track of what you were doing towards the end there. The top three films in the list aren’t even horror movies. You’ve got a bleak, apocalyptic drama; a slow-burn sci-fi picture; and a typically oddball, scrambled Lynchian dream-logic puzzle. Black Swan is also pretty far from a horror film, unless you consider pretentiously aping the work of others to be a sort of meta-horror for the viewer.

Quality aside – there is, after all, no accounting for taste – these films just don’t fit in the list at all. At most they have one or two scenes that are a little creepy. That doesn’t make them horror films, much less the best horror films of the century.

Anthony E.

Attack the Block should make the list as well as Drag Me To Hell, but excellent films. Super sad that the best J-Horror remake did not make the list, THE GRUDGE. Another best of that is missing is GRINDHOUSE, it states the best and not the scariest. Mulholland Drive is not a horror film, and to start off your point with Henke with a description of "well technically" then its not a horror film. SESSION 9 is another omitted indy horror treasure.

James M.

Good list, but laughable that you left of THE CONJURIN.


The Crazies should have at least got an honorable mention (especially if V/H/S 2 did)


People, you missed the one, which is the most hilarious, disturbing and even wasn’t showe on television as TV Movie, it’s the IMPRINT. Really very dark and horrific movie. Highly recommend for real horror lovers.


This is a very poor list, it’s missing so many classic horror titles and the top 10 are even arguably a part of the genre at all. Just terrible…


This list kind of mostly sucked. Really shows us where the horror genre has fallen, and specifically the type of fan calling the shots. The Ring at 24 is laughable, and House of The Devil making the list really makes me wonder at your qualifcation to even write the damn thing.


Session 9 is an honorable mention? Possibly the worst horror movie ever made, and it’s an honorable mention? It’s the furthest extent of unwatchable a non Swedish dishbench realistic drama could be!!!


And what about "Pontypool" by Bruce McDonald?


Scream 3, SAW, and the #1 even though I don’t like it . . . HOSTEL. The fact that you don’t have any of these ruins the whole list and shows you up as amateurs. Biznatches.

Emperor Zerg Rush

Article’s so old and comments section so bloated that I had to run back through and see if I’d previously commented (sure enough, I had). Not much else to say that already hasn’t been said – too much playing fast & loose with the definition of horror for this list to be anything but a weird anomaly.


generally a great list, but The Ring over Ringu?? Especially given the former’s overwrought dénouement…And have to say I never really considered Black Swan a horror film (unless you count the nasty toenails bit), tho it certainly has Suspiria pretensions.

rodney j ball

This list sucks there’s so many great horror films that beat these listed. Like sinister , the conjuring, the evil dead remake. Deliver us from evil, dawn of the dead remake, 1408, world war z and that’s just off the top of my head!!!

i mean what the hell is this shit ? you are totally wasting time with your up side down list



Fortunately, there are still 85 years left….


Good list! Here’s another more detailed list of the ten scariest films of all time.

h ttp://

Scott francis

One movie left off the list that belongs at the top is Requiem for a Dream with horror legend Ellen Burstyn. The movie is intense as a group of characters spiral into the horror of drug addiction. It has an atmosphere that creeps under your skin.


Where’s DONNIE DARKO? Also missing: INSIDE (aka l’Interieur), while the other French horror films listed are great, this was far superior.

But honestly: Where’s DONNIE?


Good I love it


great list! oh, I’m sorry. did I say great? cause I what I really meant was god awful! were you being serious when you came up with this list? or are you just mentally retarded. and that wasn’t meant to be an insult. it was a genuine question. are you mentally handicapped? or are you just really young? be honest.the only movies on your list that weren’t complete garbage was let the right one in. and 28 days later. I’m surprised jeepers creepers didn’t make it to your number spot. seeing how it sucks. just like every other movie on your list. you didn’t even have 2004’s dawn of the dead. I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter. cause there hasn’t been even one movie in the 21st century that has come close to being as good as any horror movie of the 20th century


I dig the list! I feel like trollhunter and tucker and dale vs evil should be on this list as well. both very entertaining, witty, and fun yet absolutely thrilling and terrifying. good to see REC getting a mention however I felt like it should’ve been in the top 10 at least. I didn’t realize mulholland drive was a horror movie though. I always thought it was a thriller.

Rahul Dhatwalia

list is good and some of the recommendations are really worthy at their place but what "Black Swan" "The Host" "The Devils Backbone" and "The Others" are doing here? These are good movies but doesn’t give you chill not even at night.


"Haute Tension" was mentioned at the bottom, I definitely would have included it on the list as it is oh so unsettling, and is one of those movies with gore that uses just enough of it in the most freaky way possible; my other vote, like Leonardo’s above, would be for "Eden Lake". Very underseen, unpredictable, terrifying and surely deserves a spot on this list. Well done :)


This is a horrible list. Majority of the movies listed here shouldn’t even make it to top 50. But top 25, come on, surely you could do better …

Sonny Smithers

Some just are very very far from horror movies you must be a complete retarded moronic idiot


No love for Martyrs?


    No cause Martyrs is a piece of shit movie and doesn’t even have a rightfull spot in a top 50.


Great list comparable to your very tasteful Science Fiction selections.One omission I find puzzling however is no mention of REC.


Good list.. But like everything in life everyone has a different opinion. To me.. There are so many missing and so on the list I would not have put on there. The Shining, The Fog, Scanners, The Omen (original),The Thing would have made my list!!


I think some of you are forgetting that this is a list of movies made AFTER the year 2000. Let’s get it together my fellow disappointed Horror fans.


Are movies such as’The Hills Have Eyes'(Remakes 1 & 2) The’Wrong Turn’ Franchise,The’Saw’movies, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ remake and ‘The Beginning’… and last but not least,Rob Zombie’s take on The Halloween franchise—are these movies considered Slasher-Gory/Gruesome-Blood-n-Guts Genre??? Because not a damn one of them was mentioned and I thought those movies spelled out what "Horror" really was!!!! Not that your movies aren’t good movies….I’m just confused.


Pretty good list. Berberian Sound Studio was a pleasant surprise.


Let Me In is a dull piece of shit. Let The Right One In is a Masterpiece.


I truly love most of your list and figured, on your recommendation, I would watch one of the few on it I hadn’t seen yet. I kind of resent you now for causing me to lose 2 hours of my life to Orphan. Yawn.

Bjarte Øye

Answer to Ryan Michael Painter:
Wrong, Matt Reeves wrote the "Let Me In" screenplay AFTER they acquired the rights at the Tribeca Festival April 2008, where "Let the Right One In" won the Award for "Best Narrative Feature".


I’ve seen tones of horrors, my favorite genre. Nice list, glad to see "Orphan" here. But I can’t believe that "Insidious" didn’t make the list! That’s the scariest horror I’ve ever seen with fantastic story. Don’t miss it!!!


I thought Take Shelter with Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain was haunting and scary.


why is it follows so low on the list?


This list is stupid, Conjuring and insidious 1 and 2 should be the top 3


SurprIsed conjouring, insidious, purge or
Grudge didn’t make the list?


To say Pan’s Labyrinth is not horror and then put Mullholland Dr and Under the Skin as top 2 choice horror films is odd logic, indeed. Still, some great choices within the list. Martyrs should be in there, tho


The babadook is one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever seen. It has no value what so ever. Putting it on a list proves what a horrible judge of horror movies you actually are.

Scott Routhier

I am extremely disappointed that there was NOT a single Sam Raimi movie on your list. Evil Dead 2, in my opinion, is the best horror movie ever made and Sam Raimi is a genius. I believe there should be at least ONE of his movies on your list. And what about The Unborn and I Spit on Your Grave? Two Great movies that should have been on your list as well


The Skeleton Key was certainly creepy…


This is New Horror film in 2015, don’t miss this


you ve forgotten Sinister which is way better than let the right one in


I honestly felt that The Ring was superior to it’s Japaneses predecessor.




Excellent list. However, on future horror movie lists you should include the silent film adaptation of The Call of Cthulhu (2005).


Shutter 2003
Alone missed the list


It’s worth noting that "The Black Swan" is a ripoff of Japanese animation legend Satoshi Kon’s "Perfect Blue". Aronofsky bought the rights from Kon and some shots were directly lifted from the animation.

emilio brito

add on my e-mail thank you

Mustapha saeed

Add your voice to the conversation…I wonder why wrong turn is not added to the list, anyway I like it since the decent is there, also glad to see that the orphanage recognised.


<_< at whatever loud anti-Devil’s Rejects chorus there was. Preposterous. This is one of the premiere examples of its type of horror so far this century and to deny it because, what, it’s cool not to give Zombie credit for anything is rather annoying.

Alex Jagi

Why is it that authors of these articles NEVER warn on spoilers – especially when they give out major parts of a plot like we have here…

What part of you brain cells were removed before writing this?


Yep, Eden Lake, Vacancy; The Girl Next Door; À l’intérieur and so on…


The Mist is one of my favorite comedies. That ending was hysterical.


The Conjuring By James Wan was a best scary Movie And How Can You Forget Insidious ? :/






Another great way for the list – Creep


The Orphan is as scary as the punchline for a bad joke

elsie daniels

mmm remarkable featuring…guess to see the turn up part of the solid list…


I think "It Follows" should have been in the top 5. It was a far better, and deeper, film than most of the films ranked higher.


painfully ignorant of foreign cinema


just wanted to say thanks. looking forward to watching 4 movies i haven’t seen yet from this very well written blog :)


Glad it follows is on the list. I think "The Possession of Michael King" should’ve got a mention though.


The ending’s of Kill List and The Mist are two of the most FUCKED UP endings I’ve ever seen.


Berberian Sound Studio wasn’t great. I don’t like most horror movies with the jump-scares and gore, but this wasn’t even a horror movie. It was basically an artistic film that was about making a horror movie. I kept expecting some real killing to happen, or something, but nothing did… : (

Bradley Hadcroft

The overlooking of An American Werewolf in London , Martyrs and À l’intérieur negates the
integrity of this list entirely.


How is Shaun of the Dead not on this list? And 28 Days Later should be much higher up. Also why the series has obviously grown stale with typical sequels, I would think the first Paranormal Activity should get a nod on that list as well.


This list is pretty awful. Went to see number one on your list.. It’s so terrible, can’t even describe how terrible mullholland dr. was. There wasn’t even a plot, and so many questions left unanswered. Also the sound effects are the worst sound effect I’ve ever heard. I watched the entire movie with a friend, but we we’re pretty much laughing at how terrible this entire movie was. So if you want to see one of the worst movies ever and laugh a little: Mullholland Dr. is the movie for you. Have not been scared or frightened for a millisecond.


I tried to find a scary movie list based off of movies I already deemed in the top 10 list. Sadly, I just wasted 2+ hours of my time watching your number 1 pick. Not only was this movie terrible, it wasnt scary at all. Sure it had "scares" in it and could rightly be listed among horror, it still doesnt explain why this would get NUMBER 1 on a list clearly made for those seeking the BEST/scariest horror films. I smell bias and agenda in any human being claiming this is the scariest horror film…even more if one is claiming this is the best horror film of the 2000s. Thanks though…I will surely be the talk of the town everytime I tell the story of how stupid this movie is and why I dont trust critics much anymore especially when it comes to horror. I love white people but cmon white white people. smh


My Fvrt movies are Hostel,wrong turn,Wolf Creek 2 ,Joyride,Saw 2 nd special mention to a movie ‘hellraiser inferno’ directed by Scott derrickson. Must See .

Agree with bug ,it was really a scary flick .

Yclept Nemo

@lenardo: your comment reminded me about "Eden Log", though whether it belongs to sci-fi or horror is debatable. Very good film.


You all havnt watched a food horror ,cujo ,pet cemetary.
No stephan king .


What about anabelle or imcidious 1 or 2 they sre also very scary and the boy you could have added them. Just saying but I dont really care because this is your opinion.


I meant incidious
Incidious 3 is also scary

Patrick D

No mention of Inside? If anyone hasn’t seen "Inside"… it’s pretty great.


    yes inside is a great movie … really good


How is Black Swan considered horror? Seriously? Oh, hipsters. A dead body in a movie does not make that movie a horror, imo. Enjoy the list, though. Great conversation starter!

suraj mane

Thank you


Ahahahahahaha black swan and mulholland drive as horror movies? Are you high? Never coming back to this website. There’s a difference between thriller, suspense drama, and horror. If you’re not going to include a movie like Martyrs but include this other crap you’re beyond hope.


Add your voice to the conversation…


best horror films, im baffled since soem of these are romantic dramas, among other categories that have never seen the smallest bit of horror


I think that this is overall a good list. Although Insidious is not very scary, it is a great horror film, I think that should be incorporated into this list.


Although some logical holes within, Frailty (Bill Paxton, Powers Booth) was a compelling view.




#1 Ju-on, Ringu, the Japanese versions were the scary ones, placing the "ring" made other great very sary japanese movies subtext, like The Eye which should be on this list, . Also in only acknowledging the American version also made you forget other great movies, Also AUDITION should be on here it only missed by one year and more that makes up for it.


Moronic list. Any HORROR movie list which includes Black Swan and Mulholland Drive is immediately a bogus list. Seriously, do you even know what “horror” means???

Jacob Irwin

I bet if this shit list was made today they would have Crimson Peak in the top 5


Not the most important thing to add to this post, but the cult TV show created by Joss Whedon is called FIREFLY, not Serenity. Serenity is the name of the ship (and the movie that came out years later).
Sorry, big fan.

Anthony Furlong

Mistake on last post. Good list, but some inclusions not merited imo. The Girl Next Door is horrific. Under the skin was mind numbingly boring, Black Swan was psychological, but not horrific. The Strangers was scary enough to be on the list. The Conjuring deserved a place, but not Sinister which used too many fake scares. Dog Soldiers was ace, considering how hard it is to do a werewolf film.


Although I disagree with quite a few of your selections I’m pleased to have found a list of horror movies that doesn’t include Frankenstein and Rosemary’s Baby. I think the horror genre gets increasingly sophisticated as time goes on, so a list comprising films exclusively from this century is on point. Very glad to see House of the Devil and The Babadook; mystified by the omission of Sinister, whose soundtrack haunts my dreams to this day, disappointed that Session 9, which I consider a freaking masterpiece, only got honorable mention, and utterly baffled that you give a nod to V/H/S 2 but not the original. Hell, I don’t remember a single thing about the sequel but those continuity scenes from the original still make my skin crawl when I think of them.


Oh, and check out The Last Shift, a great little indie film in the isolation/paranormal subgenre about a haunted police station.


Best ever: The Exorcist(1973).. Best since 2000.. (1) Deliver Us From Evil, (2) Drag Me To Hell..

Jimmy Jim

What film is the yellow picture in the photo collage from please?


Under the skin is not a horror film. It is not scary there is no suspense and it is not gorey


Mama is a fantastic horror movie to watch. It is one of the best scary movie I’ve watched so far and would recommend it. I let my 11 year old watch it and he asked to watch it for a second time.That’s how good it is. The story behind it is very good and you want to watch it until the very end.


Wait, No “The Grudge?”


where is room 237

Ariana S.

Oculus was a really good horror movie as well. It’s definitely my favorite!


Heyy guys! heres my take on good scary movies :)


Even though some of the films on this list are good, I have seen every “horror” film since 2000 and will have to tell you that of all of them, “The Conjuring” surely provides the best horror experience.


    Yeah, the Conjuring was a genuinely horrific viewing experience, where the Babadook and It Follows are just bad movies. This list sucks honestly.


I haven’t watched all the movies, and I don’t plan to. I would have ranked The Babadook much higher.

That movie was the scariest I’ve seen in a long time because it actually caused me to have a very bad dream.

Singam Van

It is a great list. Thanks. I would like to add “The Ghost Knows” from my side.

Elias Dottemar

You’ll probably laugh, but the scariest I’ve seen is actually “Coraline”, “1408” being not far behind.

David Navarro

Don’t know when the list was published, but it seems to me weird that The VVitch didn’t make it. I should say that it’s my favorite of the genre in this decade, so far.

Scary Horror Movies

I’m happy that you added The Ring but would’ve been more satisfied if you included Ringu (The Original Japanese Version). Very good list except that!


Honestly, at least half of this list isn’t horror. I also don’t understand why the Conjuring didn’t make it onto the list when it’s far more horrific than anything on the list. Also, It Follows is just bad. It’s almost a comedy.


Frailty, the Conjuring, and Sinister are all far better than 90% of this horrible list. You guys have a handful of movies that are just plain bad, a couple of good horror films, and what’s left isn’t even horror. This list is just stupid.


How can you forget Boogyman the Unborn best horror flicks

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Macky j

I think horror films progress well through the age and it is easy to forget horrors of the past that were visionary at the time. From a classic slasher flick such as nightmare on elm street which to me is one of the best ever to Blair Witch and the first paranormal activity which created the hand held genre. There is so many good horrors out there that people do not appreciate because society today has led to an acceptance of the abnormal and the ability of man do do harm to man. I genuinely think there are some fantastic horrors since the millennium and while I love the oldies. I want to give my top 20 since 2000. So here it goes and in no particular order.

1. Insidious
2. Marters
3. Sinister
4. Paranormal activity
5. VHS
6. Jeepers Creepers
7. The conjuring
8. Hostel
9. Green Inferno
10. Devils Rejects
11. House of 1000 Corpses
12. The Mist
13. The Purge
14. I saw the devil
15. Dog soldiers
16. Rec
17. 28 days later
18. The decent
19. Saw
20. Final destination

Stefan K

Here is the real list :)
1.Eden Lake
2.Dead End
4.The Ring
5.Shadow of the vampire
6.Session 9
7.Rec 2
10.The Orphanage
11.The Others
12.Dead Birds
13.The Dead
15.The Woman in black
16.The Power of fear
18.The Last house on the left


Really i admire


Hey what about afflicted. It was scary enough.


Also this :D whit caption :


I would like to start my review of this list by stating that I am an avid horror enthusiast and have been since I was 12 years old. Though I have not seen many on the list above, it pains me to say that the one I chose to watch first was absolutely boring, had no scare factor whatsoever and generally speaking, was a complete letdown on all levels. I did my research on this movie ahead of time, browsing several ‘top modern horror films’ lists to find nothing but good reviews of the movie, including Rotten Tomatoes which gave this movie a 98% good review. Maybe the movie was simply wrongly classified, but Let the Right One In was the absolute worst ‘horror’ film I have seen in a long time. I suppose if you’re into long gothic vampire love stories with no excitement or scare factor whatsoever, this is the horror movie for you. Shame on whoever made this list. I would have picked almost any of the honorable mentions over this movie – a movie that was placed at number 5 out of 25 movies on a horror review list. As a horror enthusiast, I would rather have a horror flick with a poor storyline that had a great scare factor than a movie with an okay storyline but no scare factor whatsoever. This now gives me no reason to allow for any credibility with this review and frankly ticks me off that movies like this could even be considered horror. I think I got more of a scare out of Twilight.

    Vincenzo Beretta

    “Let the Right One In” *isn’t* a vampire love story. Once you understand that, you also understand why it can be considered one of the most disquieting and unnerving movies ever made.

    Sadly, the American remake managed to sum up everything wrong with American remakes: if you aren’t determined to go the whole ten yards (even if filtered through your own vision) then let it go – and try distributing the original for once.

Jamie Irwin

I’m thinking some on this list are borderline horrors. Some absolutely fantastic ones though. Loving it.


Okay, no Insidious? Are you serious?? Also Conjuring and Sinister are missing from the list. I expected all these films to be in the top 5 at least! Yes, I know Sinister doesn’t scare the crap out of you, but after the amount of crappy horror movies I’ve watched (it really is difficult to find good horror movies), I genuinely believe that Sinister is a well made movie. It’s the eeriness of the entire movie that begins from the very first scene that sets it above a lot of the movies from this genre.
PS: I’m glad Cabin In the Woods was on the list; not the best movie ever made, but that one is gold for a horror movie buff!


any best horror movie list that features ‘cabin in the woods’ doesn’t deserve any credit

Robert Jones

The Wtyches
It Follows
The Babadook
Bone Tomahawk

Eden Lake
Let The Right One In

All of these films merit watching. Most horror films
today rely on too cliches. This butch doesn’t.


Great list! One of the best and most thoughtful I’ve ever seen…But….MARTYRS should have at least Made the list if not outright won!!!


For me none of these movies come close to Rosemery’s baby, The Exorcist, The Shining, Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, Nosferatu or The Omen…… These are REAL classics!!


    I forget Psycho, The texas chain saw massacre , George Romero’s The Night of Living dead, Poltergeist (1982), Halloween (1979)….. 21th horror movies SUCKS!!


    I forgot Psycho, The texas chain saw massacre , George Romero’s The Night of Living dead, Poltergeist (1982), Halloween (1979)….. 21th horror movies SUCKS!!

Resident Evil movie 2016 مترجم

I think this list can’t be full without “OMAN”


How on EARTH is The Time of the Wolf horror?! Straight up drama.

Niladry Nag

The Conjuring should have been mentioned in the list.

Solomon srodah

21 century best. Horror /thriller..
6.i saw the devil
8.drag me to hell.
9.the countress(2009)
10.texas chainsaw massacre.(2003)
11.wrong turn (1)
12.ghost ship
16.blood creek
17.jeeper creeper
18.28 days later
19.loved ones
22.the hallow
24.the conjuring
25.door to the other side. (2016)

    Dissin' Terry

    LMAO. Horrible. Perfume at 1? Hilarious.


the strangers are waaaay up there…nothing’s scarier than a home invasion.

Dissin' Terry

It Follows at 22? This list is a fucking embarrassment.



Zac Atie

Easily one of the worst lists I’ve ever seen. You’re essentially just listing really good movies that have Horror as a subgenre. Mullholland Drive? The host? Give me a break.


Some of these aren’t horror films. I would say Black Swan is more of a psychological thriller, for example.


the original Saw, Serpent and the Rainbow, Southbound, Begotten (cra, cra!), and sorry, but original Blair Witch was terrifyingly good! IMHO stuff like Insidious, The Conjuring are mass market horrors dished out with million dollar salaried cast, to a certain Wal Mart Audience of Horror Fans. I found them both pedestrian. HM: Hotel Hell. Saw it when I was 12 and still have nightmares.


I will argue this until the end of time. “Let The Right One In” is not a love story. It is a vampire story. Vampires do not age, mortals do. Hakan (Eli’s helper) has grown old and has outlived his usefulness to her. This is depicted in his growing ineptitude, bungling kills. She needs a replacement and finds one in an alienated boy, Oskar. This is a pattern she repeats throughout her endless life. The right one is one who is alienated from his own kind, and is willing to do anything to keep Eli fed. She’s preying on his loneliness, and he hates his fellow humans enough to help her kill and drain their blood. Vampires don’t feel emotions. Stop calling it a love story!


Well, at least the bottom 15 in this stupid list are worth consideration.


There are lots of good suggestions on here and I couldn’t read them all, but did anyone mention “Fourth Kind?” I know it’s sci-fi but that movie gave me some good scares.

    Bijay Sunuwar

    I have mentioned The Forth Kind. it’s nice n fits the bill.. Zach.

    Vincenzo Beretta

    It could be argued that “The Fourth Kind” isn’t sci-fi at all: when I watched it I got the impressions that “UFOs & E.T.s” were simply one of the ways the victims used to try to understand “something” utterly evil, uncaring and, in a final analysis, “alien” in the most vast sense of the word. A truly scary movie which gave no answers.

Bijay Sunuwar

The list is somewhat misift, few are rightfully gud ones, while most of them aren’t so great. Like Martyrs, Let the right one in, The Ring, You’re Next, The Orphan. BUT It misses following which are awesomely best ,gruesome and gory 13 Sins, Devil, The Woman, The Guest, The Sixth Sense, The Village, Triangle, Prisoners, The Conjuring, The Fourth Kind, American Mary, and manies……

Bijay Sunuwar

Also Hidden (2015) it’s emotional besides horror. I am horror/thriller fan. Would appreciate if anybody recommend peculiar movies of that genre, movies like Martyrs, The Woman, The Orphan….somewhat suspenseful, intense.. Thanks -FROM NEPAL.


Black Swan isn’t a horror movie. And forgetting to quote its most obvious “inspiration” is a shame. (Yes I’m talking about Perfect Blue, this movie is basically Perfect Blue meets Princess Tutu but boring).

    Vincenzo Beretta

    Not to mention “Etoile” by Peter dal Monte – or how “Adaptation” tackled the same themes both more in-depth and with much less aloofness…


What a garbage list. Most of these aren’t even horror films. Time of the Wolf is in no way horror. Black Swan, in addition to being a pretentious and dull retread of a superior film, is not horror. Mulholland Drive is even less of a horror film than some of the other not horror films on this list. It’s a typical David Lynch dream logic indulgence, only ever even coming close to horror during the five minute restaurant scene that has nothing to do with the rest of the movie.

Go read a definition of the genre or something – you clearly don’t know what it is. Or maybe just stop shoehorning pretentious garbage into your lists to try to appear refined…


I genuinely dislike this entire list… It seems like you’ve made a list of predictable “horror” movies for people who are easily scared. Like cmon, the decent?? That movie wasn’t nearly as scary as dead silence, and the decent somehow ranked high!!

Honestly, people nowadays should stop trying to make horror movies that aren’t so scary just to get more people watching it, they should make a REAL horror movie instead of embarrassing themselves!!!!


It’s a waste of time to write something about this list. Martyrs is missing. That says it all.


Agree with:
The Descent
The Babadook
Devils Backbone
The Orphanage
We Are What We Are
Let The Right One in
You’re Next
Cabin in the Woods
….Black Swan is a great film but not Horror in my eyes
Movies I would had included
The Strangers
High Tension
Green Room
Session 9
Wolf Creek
The Village
The Mist
The Crazies
High Tension
Drag Me to Hell
Green Room
The Witch
Goodnight Mommy
Jeepers Creepers
Cloverfiels and 10 Clovefield lane
House of 1000 Corpse
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003(
Hills Have Eyes (remake)
With a Friend Like Harry
A Serbian Film

Ace Cash

These are some of the best of all time. I usually don’t like horror films but I make an exception when I’m with close friends and family.

Scary Mary

Lars Von Trier’s “Antichrist” ???


exorcist!!!!/ omen!!!/ devils advocate……


Too much American bias. The original international versions of the films were much superior.

Luke H.

This list is solid. Although I disagree with some picks, the (loud) naysayers need to understand that horror is broader genre than they give it credit for. I appreciate you going out on the limb with choices like Mullholland Drive and Black Swan. My main disagreement here is The Mist, although I seem alone in this. The Mist is probably the worst movie I’ve seen, period. Atrocious characters, acting and dialogue (largely thanks to King’s lack of imagination in later years). Also, I would like to shout out for Eden Lake (glad to see I’m not alone), The Conjuring 2 (better than the first), Hostel, Honeymoon (great indie horror), Starry Eyes, and Clown (yes, I’m an Eli Roth fan). And Anti Christ should have been on the list, probably near 1st place, as well as Wolf Creek.


Great list which I also enjoy reading about. My favorite ones would have to be “Conjuring 1”, “Conjuring 2” and “The Blair Witch Project”.


WHAT!!! How Saw, Hostel and Eden Lake didn’t even rate a mention is a shock to the system, maybe eve. A greater shock than some of the movies that did make the list.


Literally every thing in the honorable mentions except for Calvaire would have been a better pick than Berberian Sound Studio.

I’ve watched them all.

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