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Watch: Lucid Dreams Take Hold in Exclusive Angels & Airwaves Animated Short Trailer

Watch: Lucid Dreams Take Hold in Exclusive Angels & Airwaves Animated Short Trailer

The rock n’ roll supergroup Angels & Airwaves has dropped an epic new trailer for “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker,” an animated short that is not only the brainchild of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves frontman Tom DeLonge, but also features music from the group’s upcoming album, “The Dream Walker.”

“Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker” chronicles a hero’s journey. Poet Anderson is a Lucid Dreamer — someone a real-time awareness of the dream state. His unique capabilities prompt him to explore a deeply fascinating, dark world, where he not only meets his guide and protector, The Dream Walker, but also his worst nightmare, a vicious monster called the Night Terror. When reality and the dream world collide, however, Poet must gather his courage and become the hero he was meant to be.

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This is not the first time that DeLonge and Angels & Airwaves have ventured into filmmaking in tandem with an album release. Back in 2010 and 2011, the release of “Love” and “Love: Part Two” was accompanied by a feature film on which both DeLonge and Angels & Airwaves are credited as producers. Also titled “Love,” the film examines themes of isolation and human connection through the journey of an astronaut.

“Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker” will premiere at the Toronto International Short Film Festival next month and will be released online on December 9. A prequel series comic by Magnetic Press will follow this spring.

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Marcin Samura

I would recommend this website to someone who already has a little grounding in lucid dreaming. Do you have similar experiences?


Cannot wait to watch this! First I’ve heard of this but I am just stunned by the animation and the music gives me chills, definitely going to watch this December :D


The New triler from Angels and Airwaves POET ANDERSON is amazing im so exited from the movie . The Dream Walker coming soon !!!

Hanko Swart

Tom just never fails to (pleasantly) surprise. I can’t wait!!

Jacob G.

I can’t believe Tom has had the chance to express the things he comes up with and puts them into a beautiful animation, which I love. I literally did not expect this outcome of a short film, you did it… again, Tom DeLonge.

Daniel Valenzuela

¡Caray! That will be Amazing! I enjoy the trailer! :’) Thanks DeLonge…

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