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Watch: Short Film ‘The Phone Call’ with Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent Will Absolutely Wreck You (In a Good Way)

Watch: Short Film 'The Phone Call' with Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent Will Absolutely Wreck You (In a Good Way)

Need a good cry on this frigid fall morning? Director Mat Kirby’s short film “The Phone Call” tells a wrenching story of loss and depression that somehow by the end is so uplifting you’ll wonder how it can do in 20 minutes what some full length features can’t in two hours. 
The short stars Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins as a woman who works in a helpline call center. Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent is the caller; a man considering suicide after his wife has recently died.
“The Phone Call” was the winner of Best Narrative Short at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, winner of the Silver Dragon for Best Fiction Short at the Krakow Film Festival and winner of Special Audience Recognition and Youth Jury Awards at Aspen Shortsfest, among others.

Winning at Tribeca meant that “The Phone Call” automatically became eligible for the Best Live Action Short Academy Award. The Academy is currently screening the eligible shorts now, but we’re confident a nomination is on its way.

Give it watch below and you’ll see why. 

Update: “The Phone Call” Was indeed nominated for an Academy Award Nomination for Best Live Action Short. (Watch the filmmakers celebrating here!) The Academy is putting all of the nominated short films out theatrically, so we’ve had to remove the full video for the time being. For now, you can watch the trailer and an exclusive clip below:

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L Morriss

good acting but I didn’t understand it at all

Roger Goldsmith

You can rent or buy from Vimeo.

Teta martis

How can one see the full movie?


Put it back! It won the Oscar :)


How do we find this? Is it in theaters under the short film’s title, or is it playing with another film? I’m very interested in seeing this. And Sally Hawkins is always fantastic; she is an amazing and talented actress.


I want to see this movie but when and where. I live in a very small town.

Michael Aronson

HOW CAN WE SEE THE WHOLE FILM?! The suspense is killing me!


I was just watching it and it stopped loading and I refreshed and now I can’t finish it!
What can I do? :S


….. speechless, this enters your heart like a storm.

Liz Collinson

thank god I heard yesterday, on the radio, that this short film was nominated. It raised my curiosity so that I was tempted today to look it up. What a gem.


I have lost to suicide too, and I thought this was ruined by the assumption that he "sees" his wife at the end. Sentimental claptrap

Meenu Sureshlal

You can’t ‘watch me with this in a good way.’ Well you could. What? This headline makes no sense. My point is the headline has an incorrect sentence structure.



definitely well performed movie and very touching, too, but to be honest, I don’t it’s that outstanding as it is being portrayed


"Doug" couldn’t have said it better! Bravo my friend – you nailed it!

Dick Percy

What a beautiful and touching story. I am so impressed by the understanding and unconditional positive regard the young woman offers this troubled man in his last moments. Well done


I feel cheated by the portrayal of suicide over the loss of a loved one as positive. As though if I were to kill myself I would be reunited with my lost loved ones. That is not the case, not even a little, the uplifting part of this – the date scene – could easily have entirely replaced Joan’s return and the effect of the movie not been lost.

Judy Krassowski

Watching the 60-year marriage of my parents be radically disrupted by depression, illness and temporary displacement and separation, has made it very easy to connect with the heart of this film. It is simple, clean, elegant – beautifully done. Thank you!


NSFW, nearly bawled my eyes out all over my desk! Well done. Very lovely.

Shelly Isaacs

A fine example of two actors committed to their work, creating pure poetry. Kudos to Matt Kirby and his team.

Jimmy D

The FB share button doesn;t work. Fix it plz.

Mateo R

I am hearing impaired and cannot participate without captions. Can you please add closed captioning?

Nancy Dryden Lorieau

Sally Hawkins is always good. I never miss a chance to watch her.


This was very touching. Working with families of a loved ones suicide and having lost my brother, it is gratifying to see such a nonjudgmental depiction of what a suicide might look like…From the people I have worked with and my own experience tells me that it’s not as tidy an experience nor as clean as this portrays. But still this beauty and this unique view of these people, their voices, their raw emotions does go a long way in giving us a close-up view and helping fight the judgement and stigma that goes along with a suicide. The mental health issue, which is depicted in his abusing the anti-depressants and his overall sadness could be emphasized so that we can make a clear connection between mental illness and suicide! Overall, this is a much needed and should be celebrated for it’e daringness to jump into an often tabooed subject!!!

Tom Rasmussen

one of the best movies, i have seen this year


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

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