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WTF: Horror Hit ‘Annabelle’ Yanked From French Theaters Due To Rioting

WTF: Horror Hit 'Annabelle' Yanked From French Theaters Due To Rioting

There are times when we don’t know what’s going on with the French, particularly their obsession with Jerry Lewis, and here’s another example that leaves us scratching our heads at our baguette loving brethren. The horror hit “Annabelle” has been pulled from some French theaters because people arrived and straight up rioted. Seriously. Well, the youths did anyway.

The story goes that in Marseille, Strasbourg, and Montpellier, abnormally huge crowds (1000 people for a 450-seat cinema, for example) of under-16s showed up at theaters for “Annabelle” and sort of tore the place apart. “Some didn’t have the most elementary notion of how to behave,” theater owner Didier Tarizzo told The Times. “They were throwing popcorn and talking at the top of their voices or walking round. It’s not up to me to teach young people how to respect the law. What worried me was that a cinemagoer irritated by all the noise could have had a go at an adolescent.”

Granted, popcorn throwing and loud talking are not that foreign to your average night at the multiplex, but we suppose multiplied by hundreds it becomes a problem.

French film critic Alain Grasset posits that teenagers—like caged animals suddenly unleashed—see going to the movies as “pretext to go a little wild.” Uh, maybe? We don’t know, but this seems to be a phenomenon of sorts. Apparently, this type of behavior has happened before during screenings of “Paranormal Activity” and “Sinister.” So seriously, what’s going on in France?

We’d like to think that French teens were staging a protest against Hollywood continuing churn out one mindless, cheap horror sequel/spinoff after another, but that’s probably not the case. But if someone wants to make a horror movie about going to a horror movie, well, your source material is right here. [The Guardian]

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Erwann Kerroc'h

So, american or canadian, check your info first, and stop perpetuate bullshit people say without having the slightest idea of what they’re talking about. You make me think of the way Michael Bay shows Paris in "Armageddon", which seemed to be stuck in the 40’s…

Erwann Kerroc'h

That’s the first time IN MY LIFE that I hear about an obsession of the French with Jerry Lewis – by the way, I’m 30 years-old, I majored in cinema, and I don’t think any of my friend ever saw a Jerry Lewis’ movie (I saw one, but I just can’t recall).

Ben Adryl

What’s up with all these crazy humorless commenters on here as well?

Tyrone Tuohy

"Scream 2" did that idea in the last sentence. :p

Charles Le Banner

You misunderstand the situation, these are almost certainly not "French" teens, but immigrants teens acting out.


It’s not just the French but in India as well. This happened when they screened The Conjuring as well.
The audience kept talking and joking with each other to avoid being frightened by what they paid for…to frighten them. They were so scared, they kept announcing it so they’d make the situation funny and get through the experience without being affected by it.
This keeps happening and it becomes a huge nuisance to the rest of us who wanted to watch the movie we paid for.
Most of us vowed never to watch another horror movie in theaters after experiencing such idiocy and inconsiderate behavior.
The worst part, is that none of the theater staff intervened at all.


Well, not to diminish our problems, but at least French don’t shoot at people when they get to see TDK in theaters and teenagers don’t go on a killing spree at schools. Not yet. WTF

Libert Marc

Riots? Seriously ? Is this what you call throwing pop corn ans walking round?


KJ is Canadian? Ah, so he FAKES his arrogance! Well, I suppose we all have to fit in, somehow.


So, it had absolutely nothing to do with the content of a crappy horror movie, eh?

Jim Jim

@Greta – KJ is Canadian.

Greta McNairy

And only in the States would someone write an article like this. I can’t imagine a French site writing "we really can’t understand our hamburger loving friends in America."


because they know nothing of France.

Martin Girard

The Frenchs have been over Jerry Lewis for decades. Why don’t you get over that tired cliché?

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