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Crowdfund This: Ka’ramuu Kush’s ‘She’s Gotta have It’-Like Feature Film ‘As the Freak Takes You…’

Crowdfund This: Ka'ramuu Kush's 'She's Gotta have It'-Like Feature Film 'As the Freak Takes You...'

Most of you are, by now, familiar with writer/director Ka’ramuu Kush, if only via his Shadow & Act Filmmaker Challenge-winning short, “And Then…,” which he co-wrote with actress Aisha Hinds, and directed. 

The buzzed-about sexy and provocative short film, which has drawn over 20,000 views, is a “coming of womanhood” story that explores one woman’s confrontation of issues surrounding body image, communication, and sex.

Kush will explore those ideas even further with what will be his feature directorial debut, titled, “As the Freak Takes You,” which he describes as a film that explores an omnisexual woman’s right to choose 1, 2, 3 or more lovers…

To help finance the film, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to raise $100,000 within the next 40 days, which will go towards production. 

In the interest of time, instead of me talking about the project, I’ll simply *hand the mic* over to Mr Kush to do so, starting with the below statement from the filmmaker himself, on the endeavor. After that, you’ll find a project video pitch featuring Kush and his producer, Tamkia Lamison. And for the rest of the story, as well as to contribute to the campaign, visit the project’s Indiegogo page here, or click within the Indiegogo widget at the bottom of this page.

First, a statement from Kush:

Next, here’s the video pitch:

And finally, below is the project’s Indiegogo campaign widget which will lead you to its contribution page:

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kid video

Met this guy & his producer at this years PAFF.Some local actors performed a script reading for this film project(John Singleton stopped by on Monday). He’s a talented & inspirational dude, and I’ll throw some money at his project when I can.#astheFREAKtakesyou


TNT Hollywood is nothing but cheese, plastic and crustaceans cobbling for crumbs look at these posts….


John after reading all the comments I dont think the criticism is about the film its about the campiagn. It is a little cheesy and I think some people are burned out on crowdfunding.


Giving a nod to one of the few black film makers is considered bad smh


Wow, it’s amazing how one can launch criticism that’s erroneous and unfounded about a film unseen makes one wonder


Can’t wait to see this at the ABFF and urbanworld.

Damon Colquhoun

The brother always struck me as a bit narcissistic, but then what artist isn’t? I support him. Do you, Kush. Add your voice to the pot. Onward and upward.

As for No Brainer & Agent K, I hope this means you two going to support original black voices when their campaigns show up here, say…in the next week or so?

We’ll see…


Miles, very true. When women direct empowerment, you dont see breasts as the lead-in image on the crowdfunding page. But hey, KK is doing his thing, so hats off to him, I guess.

Miles Ellison

The empowerment of women is always reduced to them getting naked and having sex on camera. This game is as old as the hills.

OL' Skool

So this is about storytelling and empowerment, huh? Well, in the words of Malcolm X, oh I say and I say again, ya been had, ya been took, ya been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok! This is about ass and mo’ ass. Ten toe up and ten toes down, two naked booties going round and round, skin touching skin going in out out, sorry Ms Shaw it’s about ass no doubt.


sorry ty shaw, but did you see the pic of the half-nekitt girl in the back seat with the big titties? its about ass. "empowering" would have put her at least in the drivers seat.


@Mike V, well, Ms. Zane may not stir your pot, but her attraction comes by way of her money, honey. See, in the erotica world (literature) she’s the queen bee. So maybe she and Kush can hookup and do the damn thang. I mean, you know, since he’s acting like a pimp under director’s clothing, I’m sure she can help. But I shouldn’t be hatin’ on the dude. Heck, the brotha is hanging out with naked wowen and getting paid. Come on now, being around naked women doing all sorts of nasty thangs to themselves and him ain’t a bad gig – by some’s standards. And people are sending him money to watch him watch them. DAAAAAAYM! Pimpin’ ain’t easy but it apparently pays real good.

Ty Shaw

"Y’all are so tired. Its not that this work can’t be critiqued, it’s that y’all are so corny about it. Why can’t we have more voices? When’s the last time Spike made a film that TRULY explored black love without glorifying all of his obvious issues with Black Women? Why does every Black film maker that wants to tell a story have to be compared to Spike? And why CAN’T it be about race?

Ka’rammuu is more than a wannabe…check the google credits folks and quit being lame. Obviously it ain’t about ass…that’s not hard to come by. What it IS about is storytelling and Black Women. We have a right to have roles that are layered and complex. We have a right to be sexual beings on our own terms and to define our empowerment in our own way. We have a right to see ourselves on the big screen and we have a right to speak to our race. For some of us its about race and that’s fine.


Are there any other stories to tell in black indie cinema that are NOT erotica or stale romantic comedies? I’m not really feeling the "women’s empowerment" angle looking at that girls boobs. Check Ava Duvernay to see how that’s done.


A campaign such as this one would perhaps gain more traction if one could download and read the script first. At any rate, good luck to you.

Mike V

@Carey Carey I just looked up "Zane" and promptly spat orange juice all over my computer screen. tough crowd up in here tonight, boy


@ WTF! I mean, did he just say "Yes, you can laugh, we are having fun with this one". As ALP and Lele implied, GTFOOH dude. YOU wanna have fun at our expense?! Come on man, so you wannabe the producer of soft porn, right? Well, there’s certainly a market for that. In fact, as Lele said, you can be the lead (like your last short) and this time give Zane a call. It’s all so clear, the Larry Flints of the black film world, you betcha by golly WOW!

Mike V

LOLOLOL MILES ELLISON, thanks for that brother. S&A audience is a tough crowd, boy. Also, movie looks dumb. "Baby you so fine, Ima put you in a movie. Want some d***?"

Miles Ellison

This has the look of a Masters Thesis in Porn from Joe Vegas’ Community College of Ass.


"Are there any black filmmakers who can make films outside of the realm of Spike Lee’esque films?" Yes there are… writer, director R.L. Scott is producing "The Almighty Street Team." It’ll be historic, in the fact that it will be the first time that six African American superheroes will be on the big screen at the same time. It’s based on a comic book and video game. There are a few others out there, but we tend to focus on the same subject matter.


Another black male wannabe filmmaker wants to explore black female sexuality.SIGH. I bet he will cast himself as the sexy "lover". what in the sweet name of ava duvernay is this? 1986 all over agian.


Ah, he wants to convey his "deep love and appreciation for women", does he? Dude, if you just want to get some ass, go get some and save everybody else the money.

Agent K

"Not everyone could be as creative and innovative as Steve McQueen, I suppose" Interesting comment…


Not everyone could be as creative and innovative as Steve McQueen, I suppose. Are there any black filmmakers who can make films outside of the realm of Spike Lee’esque films? If it’s not about black love then it’s about race. If it’s not about race then it’s a bio-pic about some black icon. Nothing here to see folks.

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