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David O. Russell Wants Robert De Niro For ‘Joy’ With Jennifer Lawrence, Writing Role For Bradley Cooper

David O. Russell Wants Robert De Niro For 'Joy' With Jennifer Lawrence, Writing Role For Bradley Cooper

If the formula works, why mess with it? Across his last two films — “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle” — David O. Russell has uncovered an undeniable chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro. And even though the latter actor only appeared briefly in ‘Hustle,’ it never felt like a stunt so much as smartly utilizing the ace up your sleeve. Now, as Russell gears up “Joy,” he’s looking to bring the gang back together. With Lawrence already attached to lead the picture, the director is looking to bring in some familiar co-stars.

Yesterday, Russell participated in a Q&A with longtime friend Alexander Payne at the Holland Centre in Omaha, and beforehand he chatted briefly with Go, and revealed his plans for his next movie. “I think I’d very much like (Robert) De Niro to be in it, I think he’s gonna be in it,” Russell said. “And of course I always create a role for Bradley Cooper. I try to have things people have never done. Then they can get excited, and it’s exciting for audiences. That’s what makes it daring in some way.”

Chronicling the rags-to-riches tale of Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop, Russell sees the movie not just as inspirational story, but a great character piece. “It’s the story of a certain woman, what’s going on inside her from a young girl, broke, to when she becomes a bit of a mogul, a bit of a power broker. And the people she’s surrounded by are extremely … she has very complicated, deep, personal family relationships, which are the bane of her and the reason she is who she is,” Russell explained. “There are great roles for other actors as well, to create a world.”

Sounds like another potential winner from Russell. Likely, we’ll know more very soon about the project as “Joy” is already eyeing to shake up the Oscar race next year with a December 25, 2015 release date. Updated: Yep, it’s a thing and THR confirm that De Niro is in talks to play Lawrence’s father in the movie. Shooting starts in February. 

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Of course all the dykes come out of the woodwork to break their wrists waving banner of support… Jennifer’s cool and all but lay off, yeesh.


I’m on board with Robert and Bradley, but I still want to see fresh faces in a David O. Russell movie. I really would love to see Anne Hathaway in a supporting role. I think she’d kill it as like Jennifer’s best friend or something. David O. Russell always creates strong roles for women. Given all this Hatha-hate, David should show the world her acting chops. I miss Anne!!

merle b

Unquestionably the finest actor of her generation.She will have a legendary career Feel priviledged to watch her mature


LOL David, no matter who you hire to play in your film you will NEVER WIN AN OSCAR!


@Yawn: Ummm….no, not a publicist but a wife, mother and South Jersey resident. I am also a fan of Lawrence, DeNiro and Russell.


Most of these commenters are from publicists. Only the Academy liked American Hustle. We are sick of seeing the same people in the same movies over and over again. It’s boring!


Karen wants Jennifer Lawrence to take a long holiday because she is sick of her yet she clicks on a Jennifer Lawrence article.


think people are starting to get sick of bradley and jennifer in the same film, their most recent film Serena has not done very well


@Leila: Plus one million. I completely agree with you.


I have not seen anything with her outside the O. Russell film, but I think she is a cool young actress. Nevertheless, I think it’s great to hear that De Niro and Cooper will be back. O. Russell has directed De Niro’s best work in years. And Cooper is slowly becoming one of the more interesting leading men.


@Judd: It would appear that you are the one that desperately needs a long holiday. Lighten up, pal.

Anyway, really looking forward to "Joy" and yeah, bring the gang together again!!.


She’s a fantastic actress and she will have a extraordinary career


Can Jennifer Lawrence just take a long holiday? So sick of her.

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