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Do You Like Spy Movies? Watch The New Trailer For ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ With Colin Firth & Samuel L. Jackson

Do You Like Spy Movies? Watch The New Trailer For 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' With Colin Firth & Samuel L. Jackson

As you might’ve heard buzzing on the Twittersphere, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” has started screening for advance audiences, and word is good. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to see Colin Firth going full on “The Raid” in an action/comedy, the latest effort from Matthew Vaughn will apparently more than fit the bill. And the brand new trailer is here showing off the self-aware, hyper-stylized flick that wants you very clearly to know that it’s not taking itself, or the spy genre, seriously. 

“ ‘Skyfall‘ is pretty exhausting, isn’t it?” Vaughn told IGN. “It’s serious. I wanted to make this a film where ‘The Spy Who Loved Me‘ comes on, it’s on TV, and you go, ‘Oh, f#@k it, I’ll watch this for five minutes.’ An hour later you’re like, ‘Oh, s#!t. I’ve got to watch the ending now.’ You have to be in the mood for it. ‘Skyfall”s a great film. I thought ‘Skyfall’ was really good, but… And I was terrified, because I had just finished the script, and everyone was telling me, ‘Skyfall’s gone back to the old Bond! It’s fun, it’s this, it’s this!’ And I watched it going, ‘This is good, but it’s not…’ It’s not Kingsman; let’s put it that way.” And indeed, the Bond connection goes further with four new posters evoking the one sheet of “For Your Eyes Only,” though with a couple of different twists.

Featuring a lispy Samuel L. Jackson, lots of gadgets, and even more action packed explosions, ‘Kingsman’ is unapologetically swinging for the fences. The film opens on February 13th.

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