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HAL Help Us: Ridley Scott Producing ‘2001’ Sequel ‘3001: The Final Odyssey’ As Syfy Miniseries

HAL Help Us: Ridley Scott Producing '2001' Sequel '3001: The Final Odyssey' As Syfy Miniseries

While I personally enjoyed “Prometheus,” I can still recognize that it messed with “Alien” in ways that makes the more visceral reactions of longtime fans of the former understandable. So tinkering with a horror movie in space may be one thing, but toying with one of the great science fiction masterpieces of all time is quite another. But Ridley Scott is going for it.

THR reports that Scott will produce the miniseries “3001: The Final Odyssey,” based on Arthur C. Clarke‘s novel, for Syfy. So in other words, this is a sequel to “2001: A Space Odyssey” (well, technically it follows “2010,” but still). And in case you’re wondering, this project has the full backing of the author’s estate as well as that of Kubrick’s.

Tasked with writing the script will be Stuart Beattie, who to his credit has Michael Mann‘s “Colatteral” on his CV. But mostly, Beattie’s fimography is cluttered with stuff like “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,” and “I, Frankenstein.” Where is HAL 9000 when you need him? As for the story, it will kick of with Frank Poole’s frozen body found in space. Here’s the book synopsis: 

In this fourth and final book in a 30-year publishing odyssey (following 2001, 2010, and 2061), 2001 astronaut Frank Poole, presumed dead and adrift in deep space near Jupiter, is recovered alive in the year 3001. Intent on saving humanity, he returns to Jupiter’s satellite, Europa, to contact partner Dave Bowman, whose mind has become absorbed by a third monolith.

No word yet on directors or casting, but the ‘2001’ saga will end in one way or another. Let’s just hope it’s more Kubrick than Scott.

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Major Kalas

I agree with both Mal and Josh. And I also think that 3001 was not Clarke’s strongest moment…


i guess they’re just glossing over 2061?


While it did not have the sheer depth of vision of 2001 and told its story in a more traditional fashion, 2010 was not a bad science fiction film in its own right. Concluding the story in mini-series format could actually work, providing the time and depth to explore its themes in a satisfying way.


Scott’s just producing so it’ll be directed by some jobber. By the way, I’m guessing we’ll never get to see the pilot Scott directed for his failed show "The Vatican".


the book was horrible. and that deus ex machina climax made me swear off science-fiction for half a decade. it was simply horrible.

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