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Krysten Ritter, Alexandra Daddario & Teresa Palmer In The Mix For Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’

Krysten Ritter, Alexandra Daddario & Teresa Palmer In The Mix For Marvel's 'Jessica Jones'

With the multiplex scheduled to be dominated by comic book movies to 2020 and beyond, rumors, casting details, and plot speculation will become a near daily routine, if it hasn’t already. And with Marvel prepping a handful of Netflix projects, you can expect that noise to get even louder.

And so it goes, because today Deadline reveals that Krysten Ritter, Alexandra Daddario, Teresa Palmer, and Jessica De Gouw are all testing for the lead role in the 13-episode “Jessica Jones.” Melissa Rosenberg (“Twilight“) is writing and producing the series about the former superhero turned private detective, and it’ll be interesting to see who wins the lead. Each actress would certainly imbue the character with a slightly different flavor, so tell us who you like below (or make another suggestion).

Meanwhile, casting for “Luke Cage” is happening too, with Lance Gross and Mike Colter apparently in the mix. In true Marvel fashion, the character is expected to show up in at least half the “Jessica Jones” episodes.

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I would add another Arrow Alumni: Caity Lotz.

He "Canary" was very impressive and her Ava in "The machine" was amazing!
She can be naive and fierce at the same time.


I like Jessica de Gow, Alexandra Daddario and Teresa Palmer.
All three of them has already played a character that has some sort of heroine essence before

Jessica De Gow has proven to be very versatile.
She was an excellent choice to portrayed Huntress. She is very realistic on her action scenes and she alredy has the name ;)
And where there are no action scenes, like in Dracula where she played Mina Murray, she handles the characters in a waty that makes you want more.

On the other hand, Alexandra Daddario is an excellent choice as well. She already portrayed a demigod twice and she is very athletic.
She also showed that she is not afraid to play more "bold" characters like her Lisa in True detective.

Last but not least, Teresa was a great "Six" on " number four" and although it wouldn’t be my first choice, I think she could bring some interesting aspects to the character.

Emperor Zerg Rush

Ah Luke Cage, a better way to phrase it is "is finally happening". After years and years of Tyrese Gibson talking about and/or being rumored to play the lead in what was to be a film, it’s finally happening in series form. And without Tyrese (which I’m sure all but the most dedicated women who adored him in their teens will weep over).

Daddario is the only person in that list that makes ANY sense, by the way.


How does anyone have time to watch all this stuff?!


Jessica De Gouw played (is playing?) The Huntress on the CW show "Arrow" so she may be ruled out, although Chris Evans was Johnny Storm before Steve Rogers so you may never know.

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