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Review: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ Starring Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway & More

Review: Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Starring Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway & More

Early in Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar,” NASA-pilot-turned-farmer Coop (Matthew McConaughey) has to make a choice: Take part in a secret, last-ditch, one-way space launch that might find humanity a home other than the dying, desolate, used-up Earth … or stay and care for his son and daughter, still in their childhood. His father-in-law (John Lithgow) growls, with stern judgment, that Coop shouldn’t make promises he can’t keep. It’s a piece of advice that seems to have gone unheard by the makers of “Interstellar,” even as they wrote it. Promising outer-space majesty and deep-thought topics like some modern variation on Stanley Kubrick‘s “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Interstellar” instead plays like a confused mix of daringly unique space-travel footage like you’ve never seen and droningly familiar emotional and plot beats that you’ve seen all too many times before.

Set in a near-futureafter the food riots, but there are still product placements for Dodge trucks and Carhartt clothing“Interstellar” begins as Coop’s daughter Murph (Mackenzie Foy) is convinced she has a ghost in her room, one that moves objects and knocks down knick-knacks. Whatever it is behind the bumps and falls, it also makes the dust, blown into the room from one of the regular raging windstorms that scour the landscape, tumble to the floor in deliberate places and varying densities, defying physics to spell out a binary-number code that signifies a set of coordinates. Driving to the coordinates, Coop finds a secret NASA base, where his mentor Dr. Brand (Michael Caine) is startled to see his old protégé. Brand heads the team designed to launch a ship to find out what happened to the last group of 11 astronauts sent out into space on 11 different missions to find a new home for mankind, all of whom are no longer broadcasting back to Earth.

Helping NASA’s efforts is a gravitational anomaly that was not just recently found, but indeed recently created near Saturn, one that functions as a wormhole where ships can leap across near-infinite distances as easily as two dots on the other side of a piece of paper can touch when folded. It was left there, we’re informed, by super-powerful 5th-dimensional entities who apparently have an interest in humanity. All I could think when this plot point was explained was how that was really nice of the omnipotent 5th-dimensional entities, considering we didn’t get them anything.

Coop’s crew includes Dr. Brand’s scientist daughter (Anne Hathaway), a sarcastic robot (voiced by Bill Irwin), and a few other human crew members who might as well be wearing red “Star Trek” jumpers. As Coop and his team travel closer and closer to the speed of light, time slows down for them. Back on the ever-worsening Earth, the now-grown Murph (Jessica Chastain) works for the NASA project herself, brokenhearted over what she thinks is her father’s death, but still soldiering on.

Nolan is a master technician, and the space flight scenes are stunning, whether in the still beauty of a slow pass by Saturn’s rings or the swift, silent terror of disaster destroying a spaceship in the void between the stars. While the great complaint about Nolan is that he’s too cold, too clinical, too unemotional, he’s over-corrected here to such a degree than instead of drifting a little from one side to the next, he plows, swiftly, and disastrously, into a ditch of his own makingor, rather, of his and co-writer Jonathan Nolan’s making. A film where any character says “maybe love … transcends time and space …” is not exactly an exciting prospect for a moviegoer interested in characters, ideas, and plot more than, or even as much, as they are in IMAX-sized visual wonder and all of the feels.  

The film’s score, by Hans Zimmer, is all bombast and blunders, and the technical marvels cannot make up for the writing. When the silent monolith from “2001” shoved poor Dave Bowman up the evolutionary ladder against his will, the finale moved to a higher plane of cosmic strangeness. When the advanced beings pulling the strings in “Interstellar” finally intervene directly in Coop’s life and times, it feels less like cosmic strangeness than it does convenient sentimentality.

There are other mis-steps, as well, both individual mistakes that stand out as they happen and larger errors in judgment that suffuse the whole piece. A familiar face shows up as a bit of stunt casting, and it’s a decision that pops the audience utterly out of the movie, delighted by a name-brand actor when they should be being pulled in. A framing device from the very beginning of the film tips the hand of the rest of the movie. The super-powered entities are both all-powerful enough to make time and space dance but still apparently need McConaughey to act on their behalf as they, for reasons only explainable by lazy writing, cannot. And it’s not just that the film’s climax requires the sudden appearance of an all-powerful object that can perhaps set the universe right and save the day in a example of deus ex machina, it’s that the script makes the lead character himself the all-powerful object that can perhaps set the universe right in the first ever example of deus ex McConaughey.

After all the jaw-dropping cinematography and carefully-buffed CGI, in fact, “Interstellar” winds up fitting into a fairly narrow and deeply tired sub-genre alongside films like “Frequency,” “Contact,” and even “Field of Dreams“: Dad Issues from Dimension X. It’s impossible to not admire the technical achievements of “Interstellar,” but as Michael Bay and so much more modern moviegoing has proved, rapturous visuals can’t make up for a ruptured script. Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” spends hundreds of millions to take the audience on a journey to the farthest parts of the cosmos … so they can be told sentiments as close, and as cheap, as any of the offerings at your local Hallmark card retailer. [D]

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The guy that wrote this just coldn’t connect to the essence of the movie. This is one of the best movies of all time. Don’t miss it just because this guy (and Star Lord) couldn’t get it


"Dad Issues From Dimension X"! LOOOOOLLL


Sorry. "Dr. Mann"


Also why was Topher Grace in the background. That just makes people watching this movie say "whoa can you pause it real quick while i go to the bathroom, when I’m done and come back I want to see if that was really Topher Grace from that 70’s show in the background", it slows the moviegoing process to a standstill until you and friends figure that one out. I also forgot to add that the stranded guy being called "Mr. Mann" was too much of a obvious symbolism, being that "man" (Mann) is his own worst enemy when he tries to save Mann and he is also trying to save "man". Might as well drop a piano on the audience it wouldn’t hit them as hard as the metaphor but they will still be in pain for a while – Loomki


Also Anne Hathaway looked much more like Murph grown up than Jessica Chastain did, who’s also a way too beautiful wonderful actress for this bad film. Enjoy


I liked all his movies before that but too many holes — If the emotional bond with family and love was supposed to be the life force behind his mission, the director should have showed some scenes of maybe Mcconnaghey (sp) having good times with his daughter, not just her being grumpy and him making false promise and leaving. Plus if he was the "chosen one" who was the only one who could do the flight, why was the nasa thing like right near his house and the guy his mentor didn’t just call his house to ask him to be the pilot, why’d he have to find it through some puzzle? Too convenient plot device for me. Plus "wormhole" explanation with 2 points on paper was used in Event Horizon (which was better because of Sam Jackson), and also the daughter like didn’t even care when he came back. And why Matt Damon had to steal the ship why couldn’t he just ride back with McConaghey, and the Deus Ex Machina of the "quantum physics bookcase" was silly. If the aliens from the future could make that why couldn’t they have the power to just give people the equation, so Coop didn’t have to leave Earth? And how could Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare’s girlfriend’s name btw) CARE for and raise millions of babies on the other planet? AND if the robot could run out in the water and save Anne Hathaway so fast, why didn’t they send it out in the first place on that mission instead of her? The end. Otherwise a beautiful film for everyone


Just wanted to say, you must be really retarded, I’m sorry for you and everybody around you.


Celui qui a écrit ça, tu peux bien aller niquer ta grosse mère la pute. Cordialement

the fish

Late comment: True if you dissect it all you find something to criticise but we have a case of the self important critic here trying hard to be clever The movie is good enough to stay hooked for the whole duration, just as with inception you are conned into accepting it all.


phuk u negger jew fegs


errr— author didnt got the perfect end…. :=) the aliens are humans from the future (from the successful colony)


it almost seems like rocchi is crying


You are idiots with no heart and horse glasses. This is the best film ever


No. it’s an F. The rating is beside the Twitter logo.


Geez Rocchi …suggestion ~ change your tampon every once n awhile n smell th roses ( instead of wallowing in th aroma of your own dikcheese ) .
Interstellr may not be Citizen Kane but it’s also a far cry from your own private smegmaville .

Mihnea Stanciu

Why is this garbage of a review featured on IMBD, giving the movie a rating of 25/100?

Is this a bad joke or you’re just a stupid troll?


You actually gave The Amazing Spiderman 2 a better review and ton of other bad films somehow are better than Interstellar in your opinion. I read what you had to say about many films. So I can just sense envy when reading this one and let’s just keep it there. I don’t want to state that James Rocchi is an idiot. I won’t. But your only movie was a disaster. I doubt that you are a good actor and I don’t see no comment about you being a good reviewer anywhere. So just keep your opinion. It’s a waste of time reading anything you write. Goodbye forever.

Hawking Radiation

The only sarcastic robot relevant to this review is the one who wrote it.


i never in my life meant seriously 100% to say to anyone f you , well you did really good awning that f you . if you’re dummy f= f+u+c+k you again


as the IMDB shown, you gave the movie 25 out of 100, and that is just radicals

you have the right to disagree with the movie and not liking it but you don’t have any right to make a rating like this one because you just don’t like the movie, you have to be fair

Moreover, I’ll understand if there is people agreeing with with, but it seems like your the only one who thinks the movie is bad to the point that you made it look really really bad

finally, numbers don’t lie, and the movie seeing is huge and that’s what matter


James Rocchi, Fking C-unt


You are a idiot Rocchi.


I know I’m a little late to the party on this one but I couldn’t help myself from pointing out the flaws in this review. Firstly your gave this a 25 or a D I find it baffling that you would have the nerve to give this movie this score when the visuals alone warrant a 40. Aside from that the majority of the problems you have with the writing in this movie is because you didn’t get it. Although the movie shows you something just like 2001 you have to interpret that to find the true meaning. But this reviewers incompetence or just simple stupidness didn’t allow him to be able to see any further than the surface of this story. He then thinks that it’s all cliche and circumstantial like the movie wants you to think but then anyone with an average iq is able to perceive the real story. Secondly this reviewer doesn’t consider the witty dialog between the crew members and the several emotionally stunning moments. This review shows nothing but incompetence and unitellegence.

Graham Willis

You sir, are a FREAKING IDIOT!


In my opinion interstellar is a fine movie, not the best but it deserves a 70. A great achievement in sound editing and in motion picture soundtrack, I mean… it’s Hans Zimmer.

Hank Schrader

Rocchi, you damn attention whore. You clearly lack knowledge of both films and science


this review, is just so alone i want to hug it in pity.

Mr. Pickles

LOL. This reviewer is just butthurt. This it literally the only review I could find that hates on Interstellar like this. If the movie is so bad, then why is it that almost every critic review and personal review is an 8 or higher. I mean, people are picky, so it’s rare that a movie scores as high as an 8 or 8.5 out of 10 an many ratings sites.

Rochi - moneygrabber

Hey, you’re a shitbag with a limpdick review. At least give the review a college try. This was one of the best movies in the past ten years.

Dear James ROcchi

Still, I would Kill you.

James Rocchi

Listen up everyone.

I had enough of this. I’m entitled for an opinion. I hated this film. You are all fake film fans.

dear James Rocchi

I’m gonna kill you you retard. Now I know where you live.

Rocchi the Tastless Hater

Worst critic I have ever read. Your writing makes the world worse off place.You should look for another career.


We are groot


You couldnt wait to take a shot at Nolan, this movie was one of the most original and well done SCi Fi movies i have seen, i wouldnt sat through it again and again.


I agree with the guy who posted right above me and not this bum who’s probably cranking these reviews out of his rear in a trailer park somewhere.


Yeah I actually agree with this guy, this guy makes no sense he literally wrote nothing that actually applies to the movie…guess he didn’t actually understand it at all.


You are a totally incompetent movie critic if you don’t think this is a good movie. Your the worst kind of person. You need to take away from something that everyone enjoys because you don’t get it. Same to the person who doesn’t like ‘Nolan movies’ and called him pretentious. You are both worthless, he’s probably the best director to ever walk on this planet.


Spot on review.
Christopher Nolan needs to stop making movies. Seriously. Stop giving this guy money.

Guywith Brain

I’m the idiot here for bothering to read this drivel. If this imbecile could write/review he’d actually be writing for a sensible publication. It’s common when hacks try to rip into great movies or directors just to get a little attention. It starts to get embarrassing when morons try to get in with hacks by doing the same.
Go back to drama school you failed actor.


ser, you are stupid.


i absolutely love it when reviewers completely miss the point and the gross ticket sales make complete asses of reviewers like your’s


You seem to have missed the explanation about the 5th dimensional beings. You seem to have also missed the point.


9/10 movie


I love people who write reviews for movies they didn’t understand and give it a low score based on their non-understanding. Hans Zimmer, bombast and blunders? Review gets 0/10.

Dog man

Awful review.


Thank you for the other person who pointed this out…" Super powered entities" are you f’ing kidding me?!? Cooper even spells it out in plain english for morons like you! Gravity can permeate time. A later form of our own humanity saved itself by orchestrating the scenario in which they could glimpse the singularity. Murph, was the rarest of rare candidates capable of interpreting what others would overlook. What can happen will happen… Murphy’s law… She’s a rare scenario, but one at that. I’m so mortified you were given airtime. You f’ing imbosol.


Help me understand how you can & have given any Tyler Perry movie a higher score than interstellar. Which type of deeply flawed character are we dealing with here? Are you a narcissistic Blown out ego and self absorbed "super geek" with a Nolan vendetta?…. Or is it the opposite, do bold and/or fringe pushing concepts confuse and scare you?
Call me crazy, but I believe when a movie breaches the IMDB top 12 movies of all time when still in theaters… It’s better than good. Side note: no movie has ever entered the top 15 within 6 months of release. The list doesn’t fluctuate either, that’s not a current phenomenon.
In short, I’m compelled to ask you to find a new profession sir. One in which contrarian grudge holders are viewed as assets. Try the Tea Party Patriots.

Steve Ruzicka

Far too harsh review and rating (25/100) for an entertaining and captivating movie. And sorry, the emotional part is there and is only Hallmark for the cynical. And please STAR LORD, don’t treat other people who have a different taste than yours as "degenerate losers".


Absolutely 100% agree with the review.


as soon as this "review" starts this clown mentions product placement cause coop is driving a ford. That is the worst example of product in a movie ever. You don’t have to like the movie but writing that plus other comments that were clearly explained in the movie, it’s clear this guy just wanted to be that one negative review so everyone can read his column.

Henry du Pont

A hopeless review reflecting stunted understanding of a awesome film


I’m disappointed The Playlist disliked Interstellar so much, but it may have helped my own enjoyment to see this D rating and then to become so won over and overwhelmed by the spectacle of this film. I’m experienced enough with Nolan to expect the logic to not age as well, but I had so much fun watching this film. So much fun!


A D? I pity you


I totally disagree. The movie was amazing. It had great acting, an interesting storyline (even if it is one we’ve seen before),characters you care about (with the exception of Matt Damon’s character), good music (I don’t know what’s wrong with the music) and amazing visual effects and cinematography. The only thing wrong with ‘Interstellar’ was the plot holes. It really was a good movie. Anyone who read the review and is (hopefully) reading the comments as well, don’t believe what this guy writes and go see the movie yourself.


Lol the fact that you referred to the "super power entities" means you didn’t understand the movie AT ALL. Bro just because you don’t have the scientific intellect to understand the movie does not mean you have to give it a negative review.

Richard Stone

Please stop reviewing movies or voicing your opinion about anything! Thanks :D


Didn’t you look fool when you are the only one who didn’t understand something that so well explains….


What the heck is going on recently, unimportant Bloggers starting to trash Metacritic. Life is too short to read crappy written articles.


Thank you so much for giving this a neg. For a film with this much cliche hokum and hammy melodrama to be so highly rated is a shame.


yep, just saw this one. could’ve been an A moveie but I think it’s a weak B- or a strong C+… one disagreement I had is that I actually really like the little bit of "stunt acting", I though he was a great character. Also the robots were cool, they might’ve saved the movie from being a "C".

Personal beefs a are (1) annoying score, (2) complete lack of editing — Inception was long but it flowed, and flew by, this film didn’t. (3) the powerfully tear-jerker but utterly blunt and simplistic and cliche family drama part… um Nolan has no business making a movie about that, sorry.


While i generally agree with the review, the author might want to check the part where he mentions Cooper and the team experience time dilation due to travelling close to the speed of ligth. The time difference is several times in the movie atributed to the huge gravitational pull from gargantua, near the event horizon. That doesnt change the fact that the movie is boring, unbelievable and cheesy at times, but somehow a factually correct review is always better accepted.


I think it wasn’t that bad, tbh. i mean, you didn’t mention that the movie involves a sh*tload of theory of relativity, i don’t think the average audience can even comprehend that. i mean, just by reading the review, i think you also didn’t understand some part. they never traveled near the speed of light(yep, not even during the slingshot with the blackhole). the wormhole was just supposed to be a tear in space and time. the only time he travelled at the speed of light was when he was already inside the blackhole, meaning, through lorentz formula, his time and space would cease to exist, he was converted into energy and because of that he was able to interact with the 5 dimension(e=mc2 matter and energy can be interconverted),that is why he was able to enter that makeshift 5th dimension(atleast according to the film). And that omnipotent being were humans of the future. they can’t directly interact with the humans of the present(remember the Godfather’s paradox) so they created another dimension using the 5 Forces(yes, there are only 4 according to einstein, but the film plays with the idea there is still another 1 missing/undiscovered). the time dilation occured only because they were near the presence of a very strong gravitational/magnetic pull(like when they were on that planet). and correct me if i am wrong but it was mentioned at the start of the film. so yeah, nice review really, i respect your opinion and at some point i’d even go with you. certainly not a film worth the millions spent making it, but this is certainly one of the best sci-fi, if not one of the best films so far this year. cheers though mate!

Emilio Wehrhahne

Just one comment, did you actually saw the movie?


this review is horrible… you don’t comprehend quantum mechanics, and you compared Nolan to Michael Bay? Shame on you.


"I’m coming for you. Batten down the hatches. Cos, that pillow on your face, it would be me" – James Rocchi from future.


Nolan does a fantastic job at making mind-bending movies from low budget ones like Memento and The Following to insane budgets like Inception and Interstellar while he can also do very fun and simply entertaining movies like The Dark Knight trilogy. Critics like James Rocchi are just that: critics. They make a living writing reviews that trash good movies just so their site can get views. Just by reading this you can tell he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and in order to truly enjoy Nolan’s intellectual thrillers, you need some weight on your shoulders. This simple critic can make all the attempts he wants to down yet another masterpiece from Nolan but frankly, Nolan doesn’t care and neither do any of his fans since Nolan is laughing his way to the bank, making more money than James Rocchi will in his entire lifetime and I’m betting a good portion of the Nolanites out there like myself are making substantially more $ and living much better lifestyles than this random critic trying to make a quick buck off negative reviews. You can give this movie a D but over 153,000 people as of now have given it an AVERAGE of 9/10 which makes you an extreme outlier.
Enjoy not being able to enjoy a great movie.



star lord sucks

quit your pmsing

Brante Farrell

I’m sorry that you do not grasp the depth of a film, which so beautifully demonstrates that no matter how far we travel in our physical universe, and no matter what is out there, it’s the eternal power of love and our connection to each other that matters most and endures the most, and also…gives the most to us and defines our humanity. Perhaps one day you you understand the deeper point of this film…and despite it’s shortcomings, learn to appreciate it’s place and purpose to be seen.


hmmm. There are no super-powerful 5th-dimensional entities in the movie. SPOILER. They are US. Cooper says this explicitly when that understanding dawns on him.


Don’t pay attention to te review, he didn’t get the ending. Unfortunately I can’t elaborate because I don’t want to spoil it, but I think this guy stopped watching with about 20 minutes left.


Star lord, with a name like that it’s fair to say you’re being a little hipocritical.


WHAT THE HELL??? a D? the one who wrote this must seriously have no clue on movies. it has 9.1 on imdv and you give it a D ?? someone gotta loose their job.

Thank god

Totally agree with this review. This movie was bad.


I request a retraction of this review. Post effing haste.


*loads gun*

Geo Papas

what can you expect from people who think they are critics, when they favor movies like sex and the city… Another troll-tard review…


There are more plot holes in this review than there were in the movie


Scientific comedy. It feels like Steven King.


Your review is lame and only touched on very vague points. This is a 3 hour movie and your review is childish and lacks coherent thought. There is more to a movie than the plot. You failed to mention how your review was worth reading. What stands out to me is that you are a pessimist lacking conviction because you make an observation and move on to the next one without citing any particulars for why these failings in the movie are "not-up-to-your-standards". Rookie review that skims the surface of trailer footage at best.

critic critic

Did you even watch the film? This is the worst review I’ve ever read.

Michael F.

"Deus ex McConaughey." Thanks for adding that to our lexicon. You summed up much of my own feelings for Interstellar, although I am curious how I’d feel after a second viewing.


One’s opinion on "Interstellar" notwithstanding…I’m, uh, pretty sure PTA, Fincher, and Nolan have no interest in being Joss Whedon. I really don’t think the directors of "There Will Be Blood" and "The Social Network" saw "The Avengers" and thought, ‘Wow, if only I could do that." Where "that" is a bunch of idiotically-coiffed, invincible live-action cartoon characters running around and making kindergarten quips while they go pew-pew-pew with their dork-porn superpowers in an overlong comic book commercial with ugly cinematography and a dull, predictable (will they win? will anyone die?) screenplay written by "Joss Whedon" aka a Marvel Focus Group. Grow up dude.


what a load of rubbish just got back from the cinema and I just can’t believe that anyone would sit through this tosh and like it. Effects were good but surely a storyline that makes somekind of sense has to be important as well.


So your issues with this movie started with 1) Product placement (how dare they use a Ford truck and WTF who still wears carhart jackets)!? Then you move on to SPOILER Matt Damon’s arrival. Claiming that it took the viewer entirely out of the moment. I didn’t feel that way, I happen to think the acting was terrific from the moment he started crying to…well…you know what happens. This review seems to be missing an sincere arguments other than you’re belief that this is a "deeply tired sub-genre" which I cannot wrap my head around. This isn’t a Transformers film even if you elude to it. I feel sorry for the critics that approach movies they way you have, and that you weren’t able to enjoy this like so many others.


did you actually watch the movie? them approaching the speed of light had little to do with time passing.. it was *SPOILER*

them landing on the planet where 1 hour = 7 years on earth. in addition you provided little to no reasoning for giving it a D. 1/10 review for making me respond


What a poo review! That Rocchi bloke is in the wrong line of work!!


Saw this movie last night, and I am so happy to say that this review is total bull. Yes, there are issues within this film. Some will find more than others, but it is epic. It is something to behold, it is beautifully acted. While I can agree that, at times, the script may get in the way and the large scale makes it a little too broad – it remains a spectacular film. Do not miss it.


Does the reviewer even understand about movies and does he even have feelings? Made no sense to me this review, terrible


Shittest review ever…wtf


I wonder if the author of this "review" knows who those "super-powered entities" are, in this movie. Do you, Mr. Rocchi?

I got the strong impression in reading this that Rocchi did not understand Interstellar’s final act, and therefore the whole movie. There are issues of reality and time travel here that CANNOT be solved without what you stupidly call "deus ex McConaughey."

And believe me, I use the word "stupid" advisedly here. It takes a monumental level of that characteristic to actually PUBLISH a review of something you do not understand at all. You’re just screaming your incompetence at the top of your lungs.

4 me to know

You my friend have no idea what a great movie is, you should be ashamed of your comment on interstellar. Goood day


This critic is cynical and certainly as hip as only a blog calling itself indiewire could allow him to be. Go watch Noah Baumbach movies in the dark while praying a bass playing geisha will find your cold heart and hate of ambitious filmmaking appealing.

Daddy Issues

Sounds like the writer of this "review" has some daddy issues himself.


A pathetic nerd named "Star Lord" calling other people losers because they are able to comprehend movies more complicated than garbage comic book movies made by glorified fan-fic writer, Joss Whedon? This is the most hilariously ironic thing I’ve seen in a loooonnng times. Stop talking about things beyond you and get back to concentrating on updating your comic pull list.


They wish they were Joss Whedon? Oh my…


None of your friends are not sure of a masterpiece !!!!
Sorry for you!


Stupid review

George Spears

Hi James! How’s it going? So you want to be "hip and edgy" and the only one panning the big movie right? Need that "street cred" of being a "harsh critic?" Well Screw you.

One a review is not a BIG FREAKING SPOILER. If your review is going to give away major sections of the movie say that ahead of time.

After reading this I skimmed over a few more of your reviews to get an idea of your credibility. You are all over the place and what you like, why you like it and the various scores you give movies. What a joke.


Josh whedon? From Buffy? Go F@&) yourself, Troll, there are stupid people writting Reviews on internet, of things that go beyond their intelligence

Agustin goodwin

And btw the idiot that wrote this shit article and barely got this critic job on shitty Playlist doesn’t know a thing about great cinema either. Saw interstellar last night and it’s and easy A. Highly recommend to anyone who ACTUALLY enjoys film and doesn’t have vendettas out against the best working film makers in Hollywood. Best picture nominee guaranteed. STAR LORD IS A queer

Agustin goodwin

"They wish they were josh wedon hahahahahahhahahahahaha wedon is the biggest piece of shit back in Hollywood. They’re not pretentious, you’re just too stupid and seen enough garbage action flicks like the avengers you actually think you know what a great film is. That’s why they’re in Hollywood getting oscar nom.’s and you’re single in your thirties


JOSS WHEDON?!??? Seriously!?!?! Over those three!?!?!?! You have every right to your opinion but don’t talt shit about those three…. Joss Whedon wishes he was PTA


i watched it and it blew my mind.


Star Trek gets a C+ but this gets a D lol


I admire Christopher Nolan’s films, but do worry about the Shymalan factor- the multiple boxes at the end of Prestige was weak, the autopilot patch of DK Rises…
I went into Interstellar hoping he’d be chanelling Kubrick. No, only referencing. So did he channel something tier two like star trek? Nope- right to the camp dregs of Space 1999 with deus ex machina of bad science (surviving a black hole and manipulating it by force of will). At least Nolan didn’t send them back through time… Kudos however for special effects, and i enjoyed Matt Damon’s unusual turn as a coward.


Nolan and Whedon are both losers. Go suck an egg!


I don’t know if I’ve ever read a review that’s misinterpreted a film so harshly to this degree. Your credibility is lost in either your inability to see the film for what it is, or maybe simply your refusal to appreciate the vast levels of perfection in this film– including the impressive, thoroughly intricate, but subtle script .

Sven De Schutter

A ‘D’ is a statement, not a score. Even after reading your well-written review, I can’t get why this really awesome movie deserves such a low rating. I like my critics sharp and honest, but first I like them to be movie lovers. No one can deny the power of Interstellar.


Write a bad review in a mix of good to great reviews to get more views. It’s a crap plan using a very entertaining movie. Some people hate predictability and while fans of such movies may expect some of Interstellar’s moments, such moments can prove entertaining nonetheless when done right. I think Nolan provided the experience I paid to see and would enjoy watching again, in theater especially.


After seeing it I gotta say this reviewer is right about a lot of these issues. A D still seems really extreme to me though. The movie is probably like a C+ or B- at best, the script is definitely a D though.


I just watched it in France.It’s technically amazing.The parts in space are so good whereas the parts on the Earth are less "efficient" and all the part on "love" is zzzz .In fact the last hour wasts the movie


This critic is a dumb ass, i just watched the movie, is epic in evry way! best movie i ve seen in years!

Mike Betsinger

Don’t compare this movie to a 2001 space odyssey. That movie was f-cking awful.


Dude, no way. This will likely be an atypical opinion that is later backtracked. Interstellar is next level.

Peter Theroux

Coop dies but is allowed by 5th dimension alien robots to visit his daughter for final time.

He fulfills his promise and visits he’s daughter before disappearing into 5th dimension with renewed hope humanity will save problems with new generation.


What the hell are you talking about? Those are some great directors working today. Not every movie has to be all CGI comic book action. I like those kinds of movies but overall I just love great movies and those 3 guys have made some great movies


Wow man, I want to fuking find you and open your skull just to spit on your brain


Playlist, you had this guy, review this movie?? –insert heavier italics for "this guy" and "this movie."

Joe Morgenstern

Why so serious?


There are few things more annoying than a Nolan fanboy (Kristen Stewart fans spring to mind), and this comments section just reinforces their bad reputation. They’ve run roughshod over IMDB for years, but their time is coming to an end. Y’all just keep proving what immature "men" you are. We’ll still be laughing at you.


I’m sorry that it’s critical for you to work with a director and the creator of one of the best directors in the world
Your attitude!
What qualities do you need to have the film be good? Are these not work?
همه منتقدان تا به امروز امتیاز و نمراتی بالا به این فیلم داده اند اما شما و بعضی دیگر از منتقدان اینگونه با این فیلم برخورد میکنید همه ی فیلم های کریستوفر نولا از بهترین آثار دنیا هست و شما هم نمیتوانید جلوی انرا بگیرید
Nfdtan keep for yourself!
I hope you have a better understanding of Videos!I’m sorry that it’s critical for you to work with a director and the creator of one of the best directors in the world
Your attitude!
What qualities do you need to have the film be good? Are these not work?
همه منتقدان تا به امروز امتیاز و نمراتی بالا به این فیلم داده اند اما شما و بعضی دیگر از منتقدان اینگونه با این فیلم برخورد میکنید همه ی فیلم های کریستوفر نولا از بهترین آثار دنیا هست و شما هم نمیتوانید جلوی انرا بگیرید
Nfdtan keep for yourself!
I hope you have a better understanding of Videos!


The reviewer likes to say mis-steps a lot. Well maybe you shouldn’t have stepped in the theater if you don’t even LIKE to use your brain for anything besides ruining other people’s happiness.
Seriously, just go work for TMZ if you wanna be edgy, smarmy, and full of fecal pebbles grander than your grey matter.


Almost all the low reviews I ever see on Metacritic come frome this stupid website. The people here must just really not understand film enough to stop picking every little thing apart. Movies can be fun, intriguing, thought provoking, bold, intense, and meaningful… and can ignite the imagination… that is, if you are capable of imagining anything apart from whiny pontification filled viewpoints that only describe a reviwer’s LACK of comprehension. Interstellar wasn’t mafe for you to dwell on plot holes and scene to scene congruency… it was made to make you wonder, dream, and HOPE that mankind can someday explore the galaxy in a more advanced way… becuase with the wars, disasters, and turmoil our planet really DOES consist of… we MAY need to look to the stars to keep mankind alive so losers who like to over-critique everything to a point that life for them is just one big cloud of negative energy, have the freedom to complain and tarnish other’s materpieces with their gloomy mediocrity. Nolan is a far more accomplished man then me, the idiot who wrote this review, and most men will ever be. Let’s see YOU make a more concise film about the future and what mankind hopes to accomplish..

Geez. A score as low as that is like saying ANY other film is better than Interstellar… where, based on the nit picking manner of this review.. I’m sure, the opposite is true.

I wish people could absorb films better with out LOOKING for faults.

from iran

your Review is full bullshit


Hans Zimmer, Christopher Nolan and Anne Hathaway… Ugg… That’s all I need to know to know I’ll avoid it like Ebola.


Sometimes people deserves a knee strike to their face, a stomp on their fingers and a cookie inside his throat


Really!? A 25%!? Do critics think it’s cool or self gaining to bash on the most anticipated movies of the year? I highly doubt this movie deserved what it got from this reviewer. This is literally the only review as of now that is keeping this movie from moving into 80% on Metacritic. I would hate to see what this critic’s rated other movies that I’m sure are shite compared this film; A 1%!? A 0%!?. I mean have some respect. Nolan’s movies have maintained their place at the top of the film industry for the past 5 years or so, with The Dark Knight leading the pack. This is why I don’t pay any attention to reviews like these. If you think you can write and direct a more creative, well thought out film then do it! A 25% lol… I’m sure this film deserved at least 35% more than it got. That, or this critic needs to make extreme changes to his rubric.


I don’t want the D, I want the A


Why are you such an asshole?
Does this movie really deserve a D?
Just because YOU didn’t like the movie doesn’t mean the movie was bad.
You should learn how to rate movies you dumb son of a cunt.
And also, you’re the reason why the movies metacritic score has been lowered.
Goddamn faggot.


Also, is there anyone else on this site that can give us another perspective? Someone that believes this film holds a little more merit than Tammy? (Fresh in my mind after being "forced" to watch it)


So let me get this straight…you’re giving this movie a lower scoring than Best of Me…that absolutely ridiculous Nicholas Sparks movie? Are you just trying to prove a point here? I’ll try to not let this bum me out for my future viewing of this film, sadly reviews like these get in the minds of the people who read them. Instead of watching a movie without bias, we have shit like this. Never read reviews man…why do I bother!?


Damn..Indiewire is tough.


you stupid teens don’t talk film like you know so much you people full of SHIT smart asses


dont talk shit about Nolan I love his work and Thomas Anderson is a good director himself


stfu about Gravity it is a great movie


stupid kids who watch overrated shit superhero films don’t insult great directors like Tom Paul Tomas to shit directors like joss


Wow, what a terrible review of the movie. There is nothing stated that would get it lower than MAYBE a C or a B. If you’re going to give it a D, prove that you are not just trying to grab attention from metacritic.

Ted Danson

I find it incredibly hard to believe this would merit a 25/100 score.


This critic is like this website’s design and programming – pretty awful and useless!

Matthew Brown

You’re so full of sh1t

Guess Who

That’s not an opinion. That’s pure bull$hit


Did you really need to expose the plot point about the 5th dimensional beings and ruin it for us? Take a lesson from almost every other critic and voice your opinion without the spoilers. Yet another reason to stop reading this site.

Eliza Castillo

This reviewer is such an idiot. It’s like he went in the movie already wanting to hate it.

Aman Puni

It’s interesting to see the Nolan love-in as slowly disintegrated and the backlash (which has long been brewing) seems to be in full effect. I’m disappointed as this film looks terrific but still am not surprised by the mixed to negative response. Interstellar clearly won’t be the best picture contender many presumed it would be but now Nolan’s star is falling I wonder where he may retreat to next.


STAR LORD, considering that you’re probably a "Marvel DC Comics" fan, the best to do in your case is to shut the f+ck up. People try to speak about "real" cinema here, don’t you get that ?


the last time a sci-fi popcorn movie generated this much hype it floundered like an obese albatross. yeah, Prometheus was shite with pretty visuals. looks like this one’s the same. maybe. cuz reviews on this site suck balls.


This is the worst review I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Spoilers, weak language and, finally, D?! Nice try to get attention from metacritic users, but it’s dirty trick.


We will discover, no doubt, that there are no gay people in Space. Nolan can shove his movie up his arse.


I don’t think Nolan wants to be Kubrick, I think he wants to be Spielberg. This sounds more like Close Encounters and ET than it does 2001. Nolan is very hit or miss, I don’t care what his box office or RT scores are. Sometimes he’s good and sometimes he isn’t. You can’t hit them all out of the park every time, fanboys should just learn to deal. Also, the hype for this movie has been insufferable. It’s not the second coming, it’s just a scifi movie. And Joss Whedon is a hack compared to Nolan.




F*ck you nolife


Is that so?

The guy who is knocking on your door

There’s a storm coming, Mr.Rocchi. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.

The Spaceship Mental Challenger

Gee, you think they were all written by one collective person EREN58? You think the reviews were collectively decided upon? Stop being mentally challenged.


When we analyze your previously Reviews, movies like amazing spider man / into the storm are better than christopher nolan’s interstellar. 25 points to interstellar, 100 points to smashed ? Guess there is something wrong

Yo-yo Ma

Looks like interstellar’s not looking so stellar? *Cue the inception horn*


A D?! That I was not expecting, and am now super disappointed.

Anon @ Ian.

btw, Theory Of Everything got a B+ and it’s a terrriibbbllly mawkish movie.


Man, between this and the review for "The Theory of Everything," The Playlist really has it out for… Hallmark.


Yes, I’m sure Paul Thomas Anderson wishes he was Joss Whedon.


The hypetrain has crashed !

Brett S.

" Christopher Nolan’s "Interstellar" spends hundreds of millions to take the audience on a journey to the farthest parts of the cosmos … so they can be told sentiments as close, and as cheap, as any of the offerings at your local Hallmark card retailer." This is one of dumbest reviewer tag lines that I’ve ever read.


Star Lord: Haha. Joss Whedon wish he was Nolan. Nolan makes movies with intelligence, Whedon with big bada booms.


Not sure how "a degenerate loser" and "pretentious" have become conflated, but whatever. I’m pretty sure Nolan, Fincher, & PTA don’t wish they were Whedon; Kubrick, sure, but not Whedon.

This looks to be trending to be Nolan’s worst-rated movie. (Currently 74% to The Prestige’s 76%). Wouldn’t be surprised if it dropped another 10% or so.


I’m still seeing this. Someone’s got to. I’m a rebel that way.


here come the fanboys. [D]eal with it


Worst written review I’ve read on this site for a long, long time! And I’m not saying this because I’m a rabid ‘Nolanite’ and you’re insulting my demi-god, I’m saying it because it mixes up character names, drops oilers with no warning, and features insufferable asides that read like snarly IMDB comment boards

loser Nolan

I expect seeing all the pathetic Nolan fans, who pretend to be cinema lovers, como to this site to post trash and insult this review writer. Go and see a truly masterpiece as Gravity


Hey if you’re going to give it a bad review at least get some of the names right. It’s Dr. Brand not "Bates." Did this guy even watch the movie. If he did he’s not exactly the sharpest knife if he can’t even get the characters name right. Dude just lost a lot of credibility there.


looks better than gravity at least..


Pathetic attempt at a faux negative review just to generate hits on this website. Interstellar is the film of the decade and this idiot is full of shit.


WOW, it’s a D! I’m shocked.


I am Groot


Hey, troll somewhere


If you like Nolan movies you are probably a degenerate loser. I’m tired of pretentious directors like Nolan, Fincher and Paul Thomas Anderson. They wish they were Joss Whedon.


This review made me smile. As does any review that enrages the fanboys. Two years after the hype, and post-awards seasons, it’s clear that Interstellar was not the best film ever, best film of the decade, or even the best film of the year, but rather a visually impressive film with a weak mushy story.

Akshay Aradhya

When a guy with a really low IQ writes a review

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