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Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ Tops Sight & Sound’s 20 Best Films Of 2014

Richard Linklater's 'Boyhood' Tops Sight & Sound's 20 Best Films Of 2014

On Monday, the New York Film Critics Circle will their annual awards, launching the Oscar season into high gear. Other critics groups will soon follow and December will be filled with no shortage of lists and accumulated opinions on what was cinema’s finest offerings in 2014. But overseas, Sight & Sound has got the jump on everyone, with the release today of their top twenty films of the year.

To be certain, this has pretty much little bearing on any awards season talk, and it should be noted that many films that opened stateside last year, only debuted abroad in ’14 (hence the inclusion of Martin Scorsese‘s “The Wolf Of Wall Street“). But culled from the top five lists of 50 critics, it does give a very good indication of what films connected in a big way over the last twelve months, and top of the heap is Richard Linklater‘s “Boyhood.” And it’s hardly a shock. It’s one of the best reviewed movies of the year, an indie sensation, and one that still has people talking as we head into 2015 — a rare achievement for a movie that debuted all the way back at Sundance in January (though “Whiplash” edges in at the end of the top ten).

Check out the 20 below — thoughts? Anything they missed? Let us know below.

Sight & Sound Top 20 Films Of 2014
1. Boyhood
2. Goodbye To Language 3D
3. Leviathan (tie)
3. Horse Money (tie)
5. Under The Skin
6. The Grand Budapest Hotel
7. Winter Sleep
8. The Tribe
9. Ida (tie)
9. Jauja (tie)
11. Mr. Turner (tie)
11. National Gallery (tie)
11. The Wolf Of Wall Street (tie)
11. Whiplash (tie)
15. The Duke Of Burgundy
16. Birdman (tie)
16. Two Days, One Night (tie)
18. Citizenfour (tie)
18. The Look Of Silence (tie)
18. The Wind Rises (tie)

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Their list always feel a tad irrelevant because some of America’s best movies are yet to be released. Inherent Vice most especially. But I suppose they have to wait until January to see it.

Chris Price

Sight & Sound has some good choices, but they tend to neglect genre product which is unfortunate. I prefer a balanced cinematic diet.

My list (haven’t seen A Most Violent Year, Unbroken, Mr. Turner, Mommy and Two Days One Night, but most everything else):

1. Whiplash
2. Boyhood
3. We Are The Best!
4. Nightcrawler
5. Gone Girl
6. Snowpiercer
7. Interstellar
8. The Immigrant
9. The Grand Budapest Hotel
10. Blue Ruin
11. The Dance Of Reality
12. Inherent Vice
13. Birdman
14. Selma
15. Locke
16. Joe
17. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
18. The Raid 2
19. Neighbors
20. The Guest


Lots of good films on this list, though it’s a bit disheartening that the critics didn’t see through Godard’s Goodbye to Language, which is essentially a misguided student art project. Anything to be different, I suppose!


I don’t get the adoration of "Boyhood." That last hour is torturous to sit through.

movie buff

so far the oscar screeners available to watch online are Still Alice and Mr. Turner


You don’t know Sight & Sound then if you were expecting an SPR-type film.


Disheartened that "Fury" didn’t make the list; I found it the best WWII drama since "Saving Private Ryan" and since many years before that.

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