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Watch: Neil deGrasse Tyson Explaining the End of ‘Interstellar’ Might Make Your Brain Explode

Watch: Neil deGrasse Tyson Explaining the End of 'Interstellar' Might Make Your Brain Explode

Love it or hate it, the end of Christopher Nolan’s "Interstellar" was complicated. Previously, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson praised the film via Twitter for its accurate and creative depiction of outer space. Now, via a video from Business Insider, Tyson puts his multiple degrees to work to explain to us how and why the end of "Interstellar" could totally be plausible.

Basically, in order to understand what happened when Matthew McConaughey’s Coop went through that black hole, we’ve really got to start thinking fourth dimensionally."We don’t know what’s in a black hole," he says, "so take it and run with it."

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Scott Hicks

Neil’s concept of time is very Tralfamadorian. ;-)

Anthony McMillan

I think some people need to get a grip. It’s a movie, "based" on some physics principles but its mostly fiction. I never understood why some people need to tear every part of a movie apart to find flaws. The movie was very entertaining, perhaps that should be good enough.

Shannon Collins

green corn does not burn eating corn only will not save

Bob Ussery

This guy is quite the politician and has perfected the art of twisting reality into a story that evidently sells.


I agree with Neil Tyson 100%


for those who say interestellar makes no sense, read THE SCIENCE OF INTERESTELLAR and all your doubts and "plotholes" shall be cleared.


What about sustainability of Human Body if u access this forth dimension in black hole ? escape velocity is equal to light in black hole. What is the survival rate of human body ? I think, You may be able to access forth dimension but only after your brain cells will be atomized and You will not be a human anymore to feel the forth dimension.


The concept of fifth (and higher) dimensions is nothing new. String Theory has been playing around with eleven dimensions, so we can be grateful that this accurate movie kept it simple for us.
I saw it last night and I couldn’t fault it.
Neatest wrap up I’ve seen in a very long time.
Did everyone saw Arthur C. Clarke?


@JLKLR, pro-writing tip: "arrogant" is just a buzzword for "he’s smarter than me". I would also explain to the truths of global warming, but something tells me your tin foil hat needs adjusting this evening. Good luck with that.


Used to like this guy – now he’s just annoying and arrogant. Being a global warming fanatic just is not politically correct.


The higher dimension is what Neil is referring to when he says that if we were able to step outside of the time dimension we would have access to the entire timeline of, well, time. It’s just one dimension above time. Remember in True Detective the same was said. If you were able to remove yourself from the constraints of the time dimension you would be able to see, essentiall, "down" into time, and thus all the points of ones life that make up their timeline. A dimension higher than time.


I didn’t know Carlton from "The Fresh Prince" is a physicist.


Imagine you are in the 12th century. Everyone knows that the Earth was flat and the center of our solar system and the sun and everything else revolved Earth. Then suddenly this crazy loon in your village said the Earth was round and revolved around the sun. We laugh and ridicule this village loony. We tells us, think about it. But we can’t. It’s inconceivable. All our knowledge screams "The Earth is flat and the sun revolves around Earth, it’s just impossible for it to be round and revolves around the sun. Just totally impossible."

Angelo Da Costa

Spot on "Common"


Very understandable. And if you don’t get it, seek help from a friend. Interstellar was exceptionally good. A *very* rare thing for big-budget movies these days.


I like Neil and his assertions in movie science, which is great. but seriously, how much are they paying him to. Say what you want, the movie still had a lot of problems, out of science.


Okay, so time can be considered a fourth dimension, great, but what is this "higher dimension" he – much like the film – suddenly introduces? He hasn’t really explained anything here.

But he’s very likeable and he’s certainly a scientist who understands the pleasure of fiction and of speculation.

"Take it and run with it."

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