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Cahiers du Cinema’s Top 10 Movies of 2014: ‘Goodbye to Language,’ ‘Under the Skin,’ ‘Love Is Strange’

Cahiers du Cinema's Top 10 Movies of 2014: 'Goodbye to Language,' 'Under the Skin,' 'Love Is Strange'

The venerable French journal Cahiers du Cinéma has posted its Top 10 movies of 2014,  and though it’s only available in print, a few kind souls have posted the list online. International release dates being what they are, it includes titles that, as far as American voting bodies are concerned, hail from both 2013 (“The Wind Rises”) and 2015 (“Maps to the Stars”), and a few that don’t have U.S. distribution — Alain Cavalier’s “Paradise” hasn’t even made a splash on the festival circuit. But put it up against the results of the Sight & Sound poll, and you can see international opinion beginning to coalesce around movies like “Goodbye to Language” and “Under the Skin,” which might bolster their chances for future recognition.

Cahiers du Cinéma’s Top 10 Movies of 2014

1. “L’il Quinquin”
2. “Goodbye to Language”
3. “Under the Skin”
4. “Maps to the Stars”
5. “The Wind Rises”
6. “Nymphomaniac”
7. ” Mommy
8. “Love Is Strange
9. “Paradise”
10. “Our Sunhi”

The editors’ individual Top 10s, via Charlotte Harris. Of note: Multiple votes for “Sin City 2,” and one for the first season of “The Leftovers.”

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/sees ‘Sin City 2’ on there, disregards everything else


SUSAN, I’m French and I think I could explain the reason. In our country, we judge the movie before the director, that’s all x)
Nevertheless, I don’t like Godard and I don’t understand why he is so popular…


*ignores other comments* wow that’s a lot of no Boyhood!


go to bed Susan


Jean Luc Godard’s antisemetic now?

What did he do not nod his approval to Israel’s attempt to wipe a race out?


The films on the list are so crazy Americans. The Canyons! Unwatchable. Jean Luc Godard is so misogynistic and antisemetic, only the french could love his films. Noam Chomsky, the biggest antisemite ever, and he is unfortunately Jewish. Lars Von Tier film – He proudly boasted of admiring Hitler at Cannes. There are a few that deserve to be on any list like the Miyazaki film and the Grand B. Hotel, Under the Skin. That is it. Boyhood is so overrated its absurd.

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