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Casting Call for Lead Actress in Ka’ramuu Kush’s ‘As the Freak Takes You’ (Felicia Pearson Books Supporting Role)

Casting Call for Lead Actress in Ka’ramuu Kush's 'As the Freak Takes You' (Felicia Pearson Books Supporting Role)

This one’s for you actresses! Instead of me summarizing, all the details you need to know for a project I’ve previously alerted you to, follow via press release below. Underneath, you’ll find 2 attachments – the official breakdown of the character, with information on how to audition, as well as a page from the script required for the audition… Good luck!

As a highlight of the Indiegogo crowdfund

campaign to raise funds for a summer 2015 production, Executive Producer John

Singleton and award-winning short film writer/director Ka’ramuu Kush launch a

nationwide casting call for the lead character in Kush’s debut feature film, “As the Freak

Takes You.”

Set in his hometown of Detroit, Kush’s “As the Freak Takes You,” follows

the story of Summer Hughes, an omnisexual woman who navigates a complex triad of

lovers: a bi-racial lesbian, a bi-sexual white man and a celibate black man, while

exploring the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.

Filming is slated to begin the

summer of 2015.

The filmmakers are casting a wide net to discover a new or under-recognized talent.

Historically, Singleton’s work is marked by discovering new talent. Speaking of Kush he

says, “Kush is a phenomenal talent that has flown just below the radar. In addition to

creating his own work, he’s looking to create work for another emerging talent. I’ve

always thrived off of discovering new talent and this project happens to be perfectly

suited for a new or under-recognized face. I couldn’t be more excited about introducing

his work to the world and finding the dynamic woman who will portray his lead

character, Summer Hughes.”

Leah Daniels-Butler is serving as Casting Director.

Kush says, “Our goal in doing this Indiegogo crowdfund campaign is to connect with our

audience directly. We’d like to welcome our audience as allies in the building of this film

project, from scratch. We’ve already initiated a nation-wide search for a visual artist to

paint the murals in the film and now we’re excited about the #iamsummerhughes

casting call to discover a new talent. We’re looking for a dynamic, fresh talent that can

unapologetically embody this sexy, unorthodox and commanding character, and we’d

like to provide a platform for anyone inspired by the story to have the opportunity. I think

this approach will open us to a whole host of prospects that might otherwise be

overlooked and, based on the material, it’ll be a fun engagement for our supporters.”

Additionally, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson of HBO’s The Wire, has signed on to play a

supporting role as the lead character’s bi-racial lesbian lover.

Kush is on a mission to raise $100,000 (with a stretch goal of $200,000) towards the

production of “As The Freak Takes You.” Being presented as “the sexiest crowd fund

campaign on the internet,” his Indiegogo campaign offers a variety of unconventional

rewards as incentives to donors including custom tailored leather jackets, love and

relationship coaching from leading experts, one-on-one acting consultations with

Hollywood casting directors and dance lessons with a renowned choreographer.

Thus far, the Indigogo campaign, which launched November 24th, has garnered the

support of Woodie King, Jr.’s New Federal Theatre, New Deal Productions, HTV/Illuminate, Skywalker Sound, Michelle Materre of Creatively Speaking, Michelle

Manning of MM Productions and From the Heart Productions.

For more information about the Indiegogo campaign, which is running until January 4,

2015, please visit

You can also go to and/or

Follow the project on Twitter & Instagram: @iamsummerhughes

Below is the official casting breakdown of the character, and other relevant info, like how to audition for the role. And underneath you’ll find a page from the script, as referenced in the call.

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Clobear Broussard III

Look me up on IMDB

Pixie G

I’d heard that these guys were doing a film that I was really excited about submitting for as a new actress but once I read it, I was appalled. Here we go yer again setting the role of the black woman back 100 years.
These are the roles that white people had us doing because that’s all they saw us blacloser woman as the prostitutes, the hookers, tramps, junkies etc..and the black men as the pimps, the pushers and the murderers. We’ve worked so hard to be seen and respected by Hollywood as serious actresses and actors by proving that we were and are worthy of those same roles that whites are worthy of yet, for some reason this is what we’re reverting back to? It’s like going back on the plantation after we struggled to be free from it. Are you kidding me? I’m a very curvy woman with a body that will stop traffic and I know that I’d fit what they’re looking for in the role and sadly enough. …it just may be that break out role but the last thing that I’m interested in doing is setting us as blac woman back 100 years in this industry that we fought so hard to gain respect in. It’s just not a great idea and no film is worth me compromising my integrity, character, pride and honor for. I’m also a little disappointed in Singleton as I consider him an absolute brilliant writer, director and producer.


Great work on this flim


Carey, don’t cater to Marlon. In attempting to name-call you out, he does the exact same thing he accuses you of, which makes him twice the fool. Marlon brought off-topic ignorance to this thread, don’t answer to him.


Marlon Williams says "carey, i bet you ugly aint you?" Well Marlon, I’ll take that bet. I am no Denzel or Billy D., but if you’re really concerned, check out the black man in the Kango hat, standing in Harlem on 125 street. Look there… at the blogspot "Carry Me Home" <— google it. Until then, have a nice day.

uh, okay

Pam check the campaign, sweetie… THE WHOLE PAGE IS ABOUT SEX. wtf are you blabbing about??? dont hate the playa hate the GAME. the EVIDENCE is right there, you dont/cant even SEE it. 10 PERCENT FUNDED. when the shit make the 100,000 mark THEN you can talk. until then stfu. this bs wnt longer than it should have


All you who just focus on sex are being limited in your espousing. Sex is creation. Maybe you lack experience in understanding the sacredness in your own relating lives. You are projecting your skewed thinking. It’s a testament to just how much more work needs to be done internally. At the end of the day if you’re all bound will not be able to see clearly anything about the wisdom of this film. Those who chose to blast without evidence. ..that is poor judgment on your parts. But in the meantime continue being clever in your postings. I think there are plenty of clown opening available this time of year. Yall doing way too much ….smh


Thanks for the advise, Marlon. I’ll ponder your suggestions. But for the record, my lady thinks I am quite the handsome type. I am no spring chicken, but to her I am fine like an aged wine :-) @ KA’RAMUU, I’ve been riding your project pretty hard, so for you to show up speaks highly of you. Classy move! Thanks for stopping by.


On the daily, day in and day out, we demand a "better" representation of our lives. Lifetime drops an inferior product… we complain, yet, we watch. So what’s the end result? Easy answer, huh. Yes sir, they give us MORE of the same ol’ same ol’. Different page, same story, –> "The problem is that people watch these shows. There’s more demand for VH-1’s stereotypical minstrel shows than there is for images of black people that are realistic and human." by Miles Ellison. Thank you Miles. All that to say what may be the defining message in this entire thread. Take a look–> "I hope the film succeeds! It bodes well for my own crowdfunded movie, "The N***a Who Loved Gettin Some Ass.". That’s right, funny but true. Call "As The Freak Takes You" what you will, a teaching tool, adult entertainment, a guilty pleasure, soft porn, great art, etc, if it sells, well, you know the end of that story. Ultimately, those who enjoy this brand of films will speak with their dollars, while those who do not… those of the voices we hear every day, will protest as best they know how. Some define it as "complaining" and hating. At the end of the day, the last man standing will be Mr. Mean Green. He trumps ANY argument. So folks, carry on, it’s all good in this neighborhood. Let your voices ring loud and clear, never letting anyone convince you, by way of intimidation or name calling or whatever, that you’re "wrong". SPEAK UP! Talk about it. Conversations, heartfelt debates and controversy, is always a good thang, imo.

ALP again

Comments disregarding so-called "player haters" would have more validity if the crowdfunding page had been successful. Instead, I do believe the critical comments here reflect the overall general hesitation to contribute to Mr. Kush’s campaign: this project seems to be exploitation under the guise of empowerment. We have all seen this before, and Mr. Kush would do well to restructure the wording of his pitch, at the very least. Nevertheless, props to Kush for getting off his ass and creating, and facing the comments of the public. These comment boards CAN and DO reflect audience opinion, and can be very beneficial.


As a woman, I’m just leery of any films about female sexuality that are made by men. Men just have their own sensibilities and viewpoints and a true exploration of female sexuality put on film just cannot come from a man. OK, i see he found a Black lesbian to support this work, but come on. I’m trying to keep an open mind and running on the assumption that his "heart" is in the right place, but more times than not, a movie like this man from a man tends to focus more on the sex than the sexuality. And I still don’t really see why he wants to do this, other than the sex part.

marlon williams

carey, i bet you ugly aint you? you remind me of the n*gga in high school hatin on other ni*ggas cause you ugly and can’t even pay for a woman’s attention, lol. on top of being an internet terrorist, you sound like you got mama issues. you probably hate women, you f*ckin internet troll. go write something worth publishing or reading and maybe one day somebody will patronize your sh*t, lol. remember, nobody remembers critics. and you aint no exception, b*tch minded n*gga!

ka'ramuu kush

given the sensitive nature of this project, i’m doing something that i typically steer clear of, read blog posts. historically, i’ve found very little to glean or build from but the afore comments demonstrate a very disturbing tide of suspicion that i feel needs must be addressed, at least in brief. thanks all who have chimed in with some thoughtful commentary. much to ponder. for all who may still find themselves in doubt for any reason, i welcome you to read a couple of articles recently posted. and they reflect where my head and heart are at on this very sensitive subject matter. do what you will with it. and again, i give deep thanks to all who have shown stalwart support for the work and/or discerning appreciation.


"did you ever stop and think that maybe there is something you could learn from what will be shown?" **Drum roll** the truth arrives! Although the trolling, bitter, utterly clueless commenters were quick to judge this film as an all-out tits and ass freakish porn show, little did they know that in fact, it was a teaching tool starring a liberated black female, a bi-racial lesbian woman, a bi-racial white man and a celibate black man, all entangled in a simultaneous steaming love affair seldom seen in the black cinema. Thanks for the headsup Pamela. I am off to donate my fair share. I’ll simply bypass me and the mums weekly visit to the Adult Video rental store. Well chaps, all thanks to dear Pamela, when this film comes out I don’t mind saying I’ll be dashed pleased when the little one is off to the creche. A little us time is good for the marriage.


it seems to me that some of you commenting have your own biases and hang-ups, and are blasting, very ignorantly I might add about something that has yet to be made. you’ve read no script. you’ve seen no film. you’ve only read a monologue, and you are now armed and ready to go all in on this brother. I just have to wonder, what is your aim, what is your intention, what is your role and purpose? and how can you speak, without bearing witness? you sound like bitter, constricted, holier than though crabs in a bucket, and its quite ugly, and rude. no one has to agree with everyone, or every piece of work created. did you ever stop and think that maybe there is something you could learn from what will be shown? or have you ALL been shown to be prophets, and have seen the end? maybe this film is not for you….and if that is the case, leave it at that…and move on…your words are of no use here, and frankly I cant imagine that you’d feel better about yourself for leaving you long list of complaints, do you? DO you get high on trolling and leaving laundry lists of prejudiced pontifications? your unproven imaginings are utterly clueless, and lack any sort of genius. Have a nice day & take care :)


Question! Where the ladies at? Represent!!!


For clarification sake, I CareyCarey, cannot and will not call this project mediocrity. I have not seen the finish product, so how and/or why would I do that? My basic concern is how it’s being represented. Truth be told, based on Kush’s last efforts, it could be a stylish porn flick. Just don’t give me soy beans on a sesame seed bun, garnished with fancy lettuce, pickles and yellow mustard, and then call it a complete "meal" fit for Kings. One more thing… "Bet y’all would be scared sh*tless to say ANY of this bullsh*t to the man’s face". Really Mr. Williams? I think most would pay (and hold the professional relationship coach) for that opportunity.

ALP again

(By the way, Marlon– that attitude? Probably not helping Mr. Kush’s campaign. But I could be wrong.)

ALP again

My real name is Alvin but I don’t see how that bit of knowledge is supposed to make this project any better. I think Marlon Williams is actually a producer on this movie, simply commenting so it shows up at the top of S&A’s "recent comments" front page again.


OMG! Somebody (must be a co-producer or one of the lucky $3,000 contributors who gets that one-on-one dance lesson and a snazzy coat) is really pissed off. Hey Marlon Williams, it’s so nice to see how courageous you are by posting you "real" name. Nobody will ever call you a starved bastard. Nope, you’re a man’s man who may be (just my opinion) who may be having second thoughts about being convinced or persuaded into dropping his cash on this project. Hey man, stand on it, if you like soft porn flicks with limited dialog and plenty of tits & a$$ with D-line actresses (remember, acting talent was not required) go for it. But listen, most who comment do not use their birth certificate names for several reasons, but that does not make them disgraceful bastards. Geeez, that’s a wee bit presumptuous, don’t you think? re: this project, as TY said, you gotta be a newbie because its common here at S&A for folks (black folks) to speak on their dislike or likes of a film in a colorful and unique way. Yep, no cookie-cutter drive-by post here baby. These are passionate film lovers who have no fear of telling it like it TI-is. Granted, there are real people with real emotion behind this project who has spent hours of time and effort on honing their craft. It’s safe to say we all understand and respect that. However, it’s our right and more importantly (imo) our responsibility to tell said producers the errors of their ways. If not, they may believe they’ve arrived, which would be, in this case, far from the truth. In this case, I thought the fellas came through the door with game-game-game falling from their lips, so I had to throw the ugly ball back in their court. Now, since you’re buckin’ like a mad black brahma bull, tell us what you find so appealing about this project. I mean, those who are chiding the nay-nay go away crowd have not presented a counter argument championing the merits of this project. So the stage is yours, Marlon "Black Angus Bull" Williams. Btw, it’s not wise to cus folks out up in here. Some of that BS may splash back on you, if you know what I mean? signed CareyCarey, real name, Carey. :-)


Bet y’all would be scared sh*tless to say ANY of this bullsh*t to the man’s face. LOL.


B*tch ass coward ass n*ggas.

Mike V

Marlon Williams, your defense of mediocrity, while admirable, ultimately does more damage to Mr. Kush’s development than any "hater" can.

Shut up

@Marlon Williams

You first big mouth!


marlon u mad bro? lol check the whole site many projects get called sucky this one no different that what comments for

marlon williams

You attention starved bastards. It’s downright cowardly the way you hide behind your computer screens and fake names passing off hate as opinion or perspective. Do you even realize that your projections are so transparent??? They’re downright disgraceful. Where can we see any work that you’re doing? Where can we see any projects you’re developing? Can we google your shit? Please post the links! Stop hiding behind fake names.


Yep, what ALP AGAIN, said. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and off S&A’s stage. One should know… if it’s "good" we’ll trumpet the horns. However, one best know… if you’re selling bullsh*t, it’s not wise to disrespect us in the way Kush is doing. You know, if the dude just came straight without all that "woman empowerment BS, it’s safe to say the feedback would have been quite different. But noooooooo, the dude has a straight-up soft porn flick (That’s cool, there might be one or two in my house) yet, he’s pushing it as if it’s something completely different. Hey, I’m just saying, nobody likes being pimp slapped. And look, the absence of those supporting this thang speaks volumes, doesn’t it? In short… "Hey Sandman, come get this mf, he’s perpetrating" :-O

Judith Israel

Our People Have Been Seduced:

ALP again

CEE, for real, dude? Must be the same multiple accounts that aren’t contributing to his crowdfund. Or it could be that the project is just a weak concept followed by a weak campaign. Nobody is hating on this project just to hate. Yeah, the "Daddy Kush" comment is probably Careycarey, but so what, if you’re an S&A reg you’d know that clowning is part of the game. Bottom line is this project is not a good idea and the crowdfund support reflects that. When Kush can come back with a hipper story, we will no doubt get behind him. Consider the S&A audience like you would at "Showtime At The Apollo": when you get boo-ed, you get off the stage. You don’t stand up there and cry "hate" like a child. Chris Rock once said "Black audiences will tell you the hard truth." That still holds even today.


It looks like someone created multiple accounts just to comment and hate on this Brother’s project. The more time you spend hating, the less time and energy you have to focus on your own shit. Get Your Life.


I hope the film succeeds! It bodes well for my own crowdfunded movie, "The N***a Who Loved Gettin Some Ass."

DaDDy Kush-Push/Pimpin' Johnny "Boyz n the Hood " Singleton

"his Indiegogo campaign offers a variety of unconventional rewards as incentives to donors including custom tailored leather whips, love and mo’love relationship coaching from leading call girls, one-on-one lap dances with Hollywood directors KushcoughJohncough and dance lessons with a renowned stripper pole dancers."… "Please note: Role requires nudity but this is not a typical objectification of women. Most importantly **fingers crossed behind their back** we’re looking for fresh faces who moves well "YEAH BABY!" and spreads love". If that sounds like they’re calling your name, post your name in the comment section below.


Rumor has it that John Singleton have like 10 kids to support. Doing porn to feed your kids? It’s that ruff? Singleton just needs to audition porn stars to do his flick. Then he needs to hit up Hugh Hefner for the money. That porn budget is about the same amount that Hefner spends weekly on condoms.


This isn’t a typical objectification of women? Are you serious? Tambay, why are you constantly promoting this delusional brother? Seriously, Ka’ramuu Kush what is a matter with you? When I first saw you asking for money at work and was embarrassed to see the nearly nude woman on the page, I should of stopped there. So your telling me there are no other stories out there, you could possibly tell without writing some sex fantasy porn movie. And you really need 100K to tell this story? If your wondering why your not going to reach your goal, think about it. And to have the nerve to ask for more money on the same fundraising page? And YOU DON’T HAVE TO capitalize EVERY OTHER WORD WHEN your writing a screenplay. Certain words should be capitalized for effect BUT NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.


… and whoever donates to this campaign or submits to this casting call, loves being played or is utterly clueless.

ALP again

There’s so much double-entendre and subversive innuendo in that casting breakdown it reads like parody. Whoever wrote that is either a comedic genius or utterly clueless.


Thanks Mike V. It’s a shame Tambay is allowing himself to be pimped (hmmmm, I just can’t see Tambay standing outside one of those sex joints yelling "Right here, HOT CHICKS INSIDE" . But you said it best " another rehash of every negative black female stereotype in existence". Mike V., to that point, I just don’t understand what we are missing? What are others seeing and hearing that we are not? I know, I think we should ask S&A’s female readers. Hey ladies, what’s going on here? Are these guys playahs doing what playahs do (playing on desparate women)? Or, do they really have black women’s best interest in mind? I hope some answer, but it appears they have Tambay right where they need him, out front holding that sign.

Mike V

Tambay, what WTF kind of BS are you spinning here? I just checked the "freak" indiegogo page and their only 9% of the way to 100,000 g’s, not even CLOSE to 200,000. At this rate, there’s no way they’re going to meet that financial goal, so unless Johnny Singleton is going to cut that personal check, there’s no way this movie gets made. And quite frankly, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the story seems yet another rehash of every negative black female stereotype in existence (at least change the damn title: "FREAK"? About a promiscuous black woman? Seriously?) Tambay, PLEASE, the "positive spin" on every black POS on the horizon hurts more than helps.


The pimps that keep on pimpin’. OMG, these dudes (Kush & Singleton) are too strong. They’re looking for the lead actress who… well… lets see, she’s basically an unpaid hoe in actor’s clothing. Hey, game is made to be sold, not told, but this hoe stroll tryout (under the cover of a "casting call" ) and porn flick (under the cover of a black women’s empowerment film) should have every woman with an ounce of integrity, screaming BOYCOTT-NAYNAY-GO AWAY!. Yet, for those women who wanna be lied to softly and are guillible lemmings, lets look at the qualifications. First, taken from the notice —> Acting Experience is appreciated but not required. OMG no-they-didn’t?! Wow, if that didn’t give you reason to pause, did you read the smaller print. No, not the part where you had to kill the Chicago-style steppin’. I’m referring to –> "Must be comfortable with placing your head between a woman’s legs while in various positions simulating sex" and "ROLE REQUIRES COMPLETE NUDITY ALL DAY LONG" and this "Good at performing head jobs as well as cunnilingus" For those who may not know what that means, it’s the sex act performed by a person (usually a man) on a female’s genitalia. Now, they say acting experience is not required and you don’t have to like, you know, being "there" or doing those things in front of Peter, Paul, Mary and the entire crew with cell phone cameras, but being comfortable is required. I guess the lead actress just has to be able to pretend like she’s a freak who likes to cum-yum, cum-some, with any and everybody. Anyway, all you aspiring actresses, this may just be your breakout role. Get ready, stretch out, practice those lines and remember acting is not required. You just gotta wannabe a FREAK for Hairy BoScary, Linda "Long" Lushes Lips, Peter Draggin’ and the truck stop gang.

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