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Kristen Stewart On Finding Herself Through Her Roles

Kristen Stewart On Finding Herself Through Her Roles

Kristen Stewart has a come a long way since the “Twilight” franchise that launched her fame into the stratosphere. The hit series only wrapped two years ago, and already Stewart has distanced herself from the films that made her name by appearing in a number of smaller projects this year that prove her worth as an actress.

She kicked off 2014 by wowing in the Sundance Guantanamo Bay drama “Camp X-Ray,” soon followed by Cannes where she held her own opposite Juliette Binoche in Olivier Assayas’ latest “Clouds of Sils Maria.” That project drew career-best raves for Stewart, and the goodwill continued when her latest film, “Still Alice,” screened in Toronto where it was swiftly acquired by Sony Pictures Classics for distribution. In the devastating drama, Stewart plays Lydia, a struggling actress and daughter to a renowned linguistics professor (Julianne Moore) struggling with early onset Alzheimers. It’s Moore’s picture, but Stewart leaves a distinct mark as a young woman forced to cope with inevitable tragedy. The film was directed by partners Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland. The former is living with ALS.

Indiewire spoke with the actress about her banner year.

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Did “Still Alice” strike a chord for you personally? Is there anyone you know who suffered through something similar?

I very fortunately have never experienced that personally. I’ve never had a loved one who has had to traverse the very scary path that one must who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I did have one very formative experience as a young kid with an older lady, a mother of a family friend, who was clearly in a severe state of dementia. In retrospect, I have no idea if it was Alzheimer’s or not, but she was clearly gone. She had clearly lost parts of herself, and what remained was very desperate to connect. I was 12 and I walked into this room and started hanging with this lady, and I soon came to realize there was this lapse, yet there was this really real, almost desperate awareness over the fact she was treasuring these moments because they were about to leave her. Then we had dinner, and everyone at the table ignored her and was treating her as if she didn’t exist, but I had just met her and I had seen her personality, her soul, her presence, her essence – it was all so clear to me. And it was all being taken for granted so much at this table. I remembered this for a long time. I told this story long before I read the script for “Still Alice.” I just couldn’t forget it.

When I read this script and met with the directors, I felt like I had to prove myself that I was worthy to play such a special person, because Lydia is endowed with something that not everyone is in that she can deal, she can focus on the positive and the light and not make things so black-and-white; she can take things for what they are and enjoy them and appreciate them without having to call them a name. She lives in the ambiguity and can appreciate it, and I feel very similar. And it was a perfectly clear test considering Wash and Rich are dealing with something entirely similar and just as grotesquely scary and devastating. With someone with ALS, they just get sort of brushed over and ignored all the time. It’s hard to acknowledge. It’s easier not too. And Rich is the smartest person in the room, so when I met with them and we found ourselves mutually wanting to work together, we knew we had to do it.

I also knew I could do it with Julie [Julianne] because I’ve known her for a couple years. I knew I could be her kid. I just knew that everything was going to be honest and right. We weren’t making anything up, so it would be heavy.

Everyone always asks, “How did this movie change you? What did it give you?” And it gives you in the most basic sense a fundamental perspective. You want to go home and call your mom, or you want to stop being so petty. It gives you this massive jug of perspective. 

My biggest fear in life is death, and right up there is losing my memory. I know you don’t play Alice, but was the process of making this film extremely difficult? Or was it a pleasure to make given who you got to work with?
I have to say it was both. I was watching Julie work so hard. The only way someone could pull this off and not be associated with Alzheimer’s is due to them being a sheer genius and just being multi-faceted. You have to have such imagination and the wildest control over your body. One thing that made it easier, and really painful in the most correct way, was to see someone like Julie be so strong and so capable and so vital. The notion that they could ever lose that, because she was also playing someone who was just as impressive as a woman, it made it harder to see Julie go through that because she is what she is. The idea that that could happen to anyone – me, you, someone who you idolize, someone who is entirely in control all the time – it was not acting, it was so real. Anyone, even if you don’t have personal experience with the disease, you have a mom. I have a mom, so I know what that experience feels like. I understand what it would feel like to lose her.

I think also the most important part of the movie is understanding the disease. When you’re young, and this is just dumb but it’s also plain normal, you hear kids saying, “Old timer’s disease,” and it’s just simply not. It’s easer to cast aside and say they’re just old, but no, this is a really ravaging disease and it can happen to someone really young. I was unaware of that. People know about early onset Alzheimer’s, but I didn’t know how common it is. It’s absolutely rampant and easy to ignore, which is a terrible combination. I learned a lot. I’m glad to be a part of something that’s getting that out there. 

What are you most fearful of? 
I think we’re all pretty afraid of dying and the unknown. But I think the scariest thing about this disease and watching this movie is how alone you are before you die. You’ve lost your life before you’re dead.  The idea that I might overlook something in my life and make someone feel that way scares me. 
You’ve now worked with two of the best actresses in the business – Julianne Moore and Juliette Binoche (in “The Clouds of Sils Maria”). What did you pick up from working with both ladies?
To be in the presence of people like that who are so talented, even despite age, that’s absolutely going to shape you and motivate you. I loved working with Julie because I felt there was a serious commonality in terms of how we reach our goals in acting. Juliette, on the other hand, just floored me. She achieved this greatness by means that I don’t understand. I love her for that. She perplexes me and she keeps me going and keeps me asking questions. Juliette kind of drives me crazy, whereas Julie has such attention to detail. The way she manages losing herself and finding herself with such precision is like she is a soulful surgeon.

I’m so aware of the camera. I always want to collaborate with the director and the DP and all the other actors. I want to talk about everything too much. But in this case I actually felt affirmed, because we think the same and really approached it the same way. It made me feel so much better because I want to achieve what she achieved. I want to do things that feel undeniably real and un-ignorable. She’s done that because of who she is. I felt such a bond and a friendship there. It gave me confidence. I don’t need to immerse myself so greatly in something where I don’t know where I am. I want to know where I am. The reason she is better than most people is because she has the mind to manage all of it. I admire her for that.

It sounds like in many ways your working relationship with the actresses kind of mirrors the characters you play in both projects. In “Still Alice,” you play Julie’s daughter, so you’re obviously going to share similar same traits. With Juliette, you’re her employee and you look up to her as this mysterious figure of sorts.
Absolutely! It’s as if it was planned.
The character you play in “Still Alice” is an actress, meaning she shares a lot of the same ambitions that you do, and her personal sense of style — and please forgive me if I’m wrong — seems to mirror the one I’ve seen you adopting over these past couple of years. Would you say you share a lot in common with Lydia, more so than any other character you’ve played?
I’ve played a couple parts that have felt drastically different from myself, primarily the parts where I’ve had to play someone who has existed in reality, so people like Joan Jett [in “The Runaways”] and Luanne Henderson [in “On the Road”]. There were certainly elements of those people I could relate to, there were parts of myself that were similar and that I found because of them, but it wasn’t me. It was absolutely a departure for me.

I don’t think I can ever step outside myself fully. It’s not the type of acting I want to do. I’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to do this. Everyone can tell me that I run my hand through my hair too much, and that’s fine because I’m truly there and very present in these moments. With the roles I’ve been playing, especially recently in films like “Sils Maria” and “Still Alice,” the way to do those parts justice is to just really be them and to learn the things they’re learning. You got to walk in their shoes for real and experience what they experience. In that regard, I didn’t feel like I was playing characters. They were so there for me, I just wanted to live in them.

Kids nowadays, we all dress the same. If you’re trying to be an actor and you come to LA, you’re probably wearing skinny jeans and a t-shirt. So I didn’t want to riddle her with shit that was going to distract you from the honesty of the relationship. So it definitely resembles me because I didn’t try otherwise. There was no effort on my part to hide myself [in “Still Alice”]. All I tried to do with this part was to find myself and show myself. The best way to service this character was to be there honestly, so all affectations were meaningless. I could just have my own. It was selfishly a personal experience, but it had to be so that the viewer would feel it as well. I didn’t need to play a character who was outside myself.

The performances that hit most, even if they are craftily designed by someone and executed perfectly, it’s really the soul and honesty that gets across most. My purpose was to support and serve Julie, so I was really just me. I was playing her daughter for real.

Because of that very personal approach you take to the material, the people you play must be hard to let go of once shooting wraps.
Absolutely. Julie and I will now know each other in a way that we wouldn’t have had an opportunity to, and appreciate each other in a way we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to, and appreciate the subject matter in a way we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to. I said before that I didn’t have a personal experience with Alzheimer’s, but now I do. Not to generalize, but more so than most projects, something like this shapes you. I had the beautiful opportunity to stand up to something difficult and we all triumphed and did something positive out of something that is quite dark.

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Thanks for the interview, interesting. She really made Still Alice for me – Julianne was as amazing as everyone says but the movie would have been flatter without Kristen’s character and without her being so spot on. She’s great, always picks interesting material every time out.


I am Korean.
I was interested your I read your story…
First, I was worried about you but second, I was impressed with the conviction of you.I think gossip is shorter shelf life. They are easily accepted, they will be easily discarded.They do not have to be interested in, such as rotten garbage.
I sincerely hope you will want to accomplish what you want.


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You don’t fool a soul, Copy/Paste Troll. It’s clear as daylight that you are one poster spamming your hatred. No one has such a sick, trollish obsession with Kristen Stewart like you do, spending days on her articles. Go back to twitter, @Truthy_1 (again, not fooling anyone). Keep seething.


Kristen is one of those people who can talk a lot and say very little. Either she’s just drawn to one dimensional characters or she’s aware of her limits. Not to compare, but I saw Kristen’s fellow Twilight alum Anna Kendrick in Up in the Air and 50/50, where she played professional women but they were distinct characters, not the same. And she played a prickly college student with a great voice in Pitch Perfect and she also sings in the big budget Into the Woods this winter. Her Cinderella is nothing like the singing college girl, she creates two more unique characters. This girl can sing, dance and act, and already has a Tony nomination and an Oscar nomination. In her interviews she’s smart, articulate and funny, with a quick wit. They were both in Twilight, but Anna has the better career and the brighter future. Why she doesn’t have a rabid fanbase is beyond me, she’s far superior to this one trick pony.


What happened to OscarStew? The Golden Globe nominations were just announced and again no nomination for Kristen. If her fans weren’t so obnoxious, she might get somewhere. But then again, there’s only so far you can go with a limited range and an over-inflated ego.


Stewart’s movies aren’t exactly blockbusters either. All of you are embarrassing with this fan war idiocy. It makes people not want to be a fan of either one. You don’t have to hysterically attack everyone that doesn’t appreciate this girls acting. It makes you look more crazed than the ones commenting on her lack of talent. Calm down and turn off the Caps lock. You just made the entire comment board about her ex. What does his private life or career have to do with her? This Twilight fandom is bizarre and you have al crossed the line of delusion.
This is scary stuff


Keep blaming RPattz fans. This girl admitted herself that she can’t act. Legitimate film lovers comment here too you know. I want to see Still Alice but I am sure I will be underwhelmed, as usual, by Stewart. She simply replays the same character every time. I guess that’s her shtick. I’ll still see the movie though


Of course that’s "Katie" above. She is also known as the Copy/Paste troll, because all she does is copy and paste the same hysterical comments on any article concerning Kristen Stewart. She is @Truthy_1 on twitter.


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If Stewart is so great, where is her Oscar? Where is her SAG nomination? She was just snubbed again. She’s not all that and a bag of chips, she just has an overly vocal, hysterical female fanbase. Too bad their shrill cries are not appreciated by her peers. She’s not well-liked within the industry, as her continually snubbing proves. And with interviews like this, it’s very understandable. She admits she can’t be bothered to create a character, she just plays herself every time. Her peers aren’t fooled the way her fans are. There’s a reason she has 2 Razzies for Worst Actress. Think. Open your eyes.


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get it Kristen!Let your work speak for itself…. what a amazing year!


Also, reading the embarrassing comments again I can’t stop myself from adding something – it seems that her fans in order to get back at Pattinson’s fans feel the need to put him down by saying he doesn’t have a career – I saw him in Cosmopolis and The Rover and he is damn good in them, what he does in his private life doesn’t change that. So don’t stoop to haters’ level – they are not fans (of anyone).


Wow…what the heck is that? I saw two unnecessary comments from said ‘katie’ and then it seems that Stewart’s fans came here to make more than 10 another unnecessary comments about Pattinson’s fans…showing that they are not really more respectful or better in any way (especially when you look at their choice of words and venom towards Pattinson himself, not very classy at all). 1. When someone is not praising her, it doesn’t have to be because they are a fan of Pattinson, 2. If the person is evidently a hater and repeats the same nonsense on various sites, just ignore them, instead of making an even bigger circus, that doesn’t refect good on her fandom at all.
As to the interview – a nice read, I’m curious to see her, because she never impressed me before, even though I liked her in the movie with Gandolfini. Quite strange what she said about her type of acting… maybe that’s why she never really appealed to me, I generally prefer character actors, because you can see how much effort they put into their role. I will surely see Still Alice, I’m very interested in the subject of that movie.


@Katie…oh god! u r such a bunch of bulls***! how do u know she cant acting? & u know how to act? or u just like to talk a s##t!..go to sleep will u?


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I’ve been a follower of hers since she started acting. An I will always follower her no matter what people say about her. Have you seen all the movies she played if not you need to check them out.Her acting has improve over the years and will continue to improve. I love this young lady. An will continue to follower her no matter what people say about her,I’ll give you some of her movies to watch, speak, catch that kid,messengers,the runaways,Adventure land,swath,shall I continue


POOR ROBERT PATTINSON… he wants to be relevant with his new girlfriend but his fans want to know only of his ex girlfriend


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@katie…you seem to be obsessed with Kristen Stewart. Instead of hating her and continuing to be negative, why not sit back, relax and pay attention to the movies and the actors. Still Alice is a movie about a very important subject. Keep that in mind.


I saw Camp X Ray, clouds of Sils Maria, and Still Alice. I must say that Still Alice is my favorite. Kristen did a fantastic job. Just like Juliette Moore and the movie, Kristen deserves to be nominated. The movie was beautifully done and the performances were real and moved me…it made me appreciate life and the people around me even more. Be proud Ms. Stewart because you are an excellent actress!


Kudo’s to you Kristen. Panic Room, Cake Eaters, Into the Wild, Adventureland, Welcome to the Rileys, Camp Xray, Clouds of Sils Maria and Still Alice. Very impressive actor and I am cheering her on to see what’s next.


gracias por la magnifica entrevista soy latina y me encanto perdon por no escribir en ingles


The actress who has played the affects of going through a rape so well that young women I know who were molested were sobbing at the end of the movie, played young women with fatal diseases devastatingly well, Rock stars fighting against the system, damaged poor dancers trying to work through the pain, or young army enlisted members fighting to understand the complexity of war and the humanity of us all is amazing. Katie, Kristen plays the best, the most pained, and the most overcoming of all of us. She is the best actress of her generation–she plays real people with real emotions who go through real traumas. This interview was amazing and it shows what a great actress she is and is growing to be.


Well Katie your evidently a film Director a Producer you know more aboiut acting and skills than the anyone else. You dont like her and thats ok The way shes acting is the Lee Strasbourg was. Good enough for the biggest stars. But of course you know better. We understand you cant stand her. So why bother to comment?




Julianne, my queen, is going to win. KStew is growing on me. SEriously, though, that Katie poster sounds deranged…gurl, there is a difference between a critical, negative opinion and straight up trollin’. You straight up trollin’ I’ve been reading most of the reviews and articles about this movie because I a) luved the book and b) want Julianne to win and I see you making the same exact damn comment all the time


Always find it sad when any positive Kristen Stewart article comes out the Robert Pattinson fans descend on the board like vultures to a carcass to hate on her. They should leave the opinions to the professionals. Great article, Nigel.


Shame on you Katie! Apparently you do not like Kristen but she is a very good actress. That is why she has had so many films in the last 2 years. You have no idea what execs. at Sony are thinking and I believe they know exactly what they were doing when choosing Kristen. She is beautiful, smart and a very good actress.


Excellent performance, I had to think again and reassess Kristen Stewart as an actress. Even if it is attacked by the people (envious) and from the sites of Gossip poor, Stewart receives positive opinions from the Press that really counts.


Interesting interview. She’s quite wordy, but she comes across very well here. I remember that she used to be a bit of a stuttering mess when those Twilight films were out, so she’s a lot better with the press. I was surprised at how good she was in Still Alice. It’s a shame she couldn’t slip into the Indie Spirits, because I thought she and Alec Baldwin were both deserving there.


Great interview, really interesting to see how she approaches roles! She has definitely won me over these last couple of years. I think that apart from being a beautiful young lady, she is also a promising and very interesting actress that has this mysteriousness about her. You always want to know more! Well done on her success!

Carolina M.

This girl is growing so much on me. Lovely young ladie, amazed me in Clouds of Sils Maria. I’m now looking forward for Still Alice and any other movie she is on. Twilight Still sucks though.


Interesting interview. She didn’t have a lot of minutes in the movie, but her scenes with Moore were really emotional, one of the best of the whole movie. Sure she was good, but I don’t really understand all the hype…Her performance wasn’t really outstanding. From the reviews I’ve read after watching the movie I should be extremely impressed by her, but while watching it I only thought "she’s actually good in it, better than I’ve seen her before", but that was it. I guess I have a bit different expectations when it comes to actors, especially actors who are supposedly award-worthy. Either way good luck to her, it seems that she appeals to many these days, maybe one day she will convince me too.


Ohai Robert Pattinson fan! Always so impartial, haunting comment sections everywhere with the same rap. Doing credit to him as a fan 24/7.

@Katie aka Copy/Paste Troll

Fantastic that you are so hung up on Stewart that you feel the need to watch "every single" one of her movies, and to focus on her with such great devotion. You are the one who needs to "deal with it," because the lion’s share of reviews have been praise for her performance, and it clearly eats you up to the point that you seek out every review and article on her; as another poster pointed out, you were ranting away on Vulture yesterday under the user name "Halladay." And as you now go by "@Truthy_1" on twitter, Copy/Paste Troll, we know that you illegally downloaded the pirated version of Still Alice since you were bragging about it last week. But by all means, keep up with your delusions and hateful obsession. Stewart has proven you wrong at every turn and she will continue to do so while you continue to be consumed with your obsession. It’s amusing to watch your meltdowns, but also quite sad.


I see the cult worshipers are here with their blind adoration. Too bad you can’t see what others do. In the board walk scene she plays with her hair and exhales loudly, says a line and then sucks in a huge breath of air. Then the stuttering and stammering, all in a 2 minute scene. In the folding napkins scene, 2 exhales and head shaking. Playing with hair. Lip biting. THIS ISN’T ACTING if you do it in every single movie, it’s just playing yourself, not creating a character (unless you choose roles that allow you to just play yourself over and over). Where is the range in that? Where is the stretch? And after she kept wheezing and gasping, I started to pay attention to see if anyone else did anything like that, and no, they didn’t. Which made her doing it stand out even more. People are entitled to their opinions, not everyone thinks she’s a great actress, and they have plenty of reasons. Deal with it.


great interview. Kristen is going to be one of the best actresses soon if not all ready. She has managed to stay focused even when idiots try tearing her down. She’s odiously smarter than the average 20 something. I’m so happy for her success


And the haters arrive,seriously,is it really for all of you to just ignore her and don’t read any articles about her rather than spew your hate on her? It’s just so pathetic,Anyway,I’ve seen Still Alice and I must say that this movie was beautiful,perfectly done and will make you realize how important it is to live your life to the fullest and treasure every single moment in your life.The actors are amazing,kudos to all of them…oh and you need a box of tissue if you want to watch this movie.


Lovely interview; it provides a lot of insight into the kind of person she is and what type of projects excite her. It was also nice to hear about her relationship and experiences with Julianne and Juliette, who are both such great actresses, their obvious mutual respect for each other is cute. The thing she said about it being Julianne’s film and her just supporting her was great she doesn’t seem like someone who likes to hog other people’s spotlight which is refreshing. I’ve watched Camp X-ray and Still Alice and really liked both, I’ve yet to see Sils Maria but eagerly awaiting it as it sounds like Stewart gave an amazing performance there. Her upcoming lineup for next year seem very interesting too, looking forward to them.


She is so boring, no humor or joke , just her miserable work nobody care about


I see someone lacking reading comprehension here…

Great interview with Stewart. Always been a fan of her indie work, it’s great to see what a fine and underrated actress she is.

@Katie aka Copy/Paste Troll

Obsessed, as usual. Keep hating, she doesn’t give you the time of day. What you take as "justifying" not developing a character is, in fact, the whole purpose behind the way she works in that she wants to achieve as natural a performance as possible, and it kills you that she has received such praise for it. As for her "schtick," you are literally blinded by your obsessive hate. Breathing overly loudly? You’re absurd, you can’t hear her breathing. She maybe bit her lip twice, and newsflash: people do that in real life. Not everyone is a statue, though it’s not surprising you’d expect everyone else to be, given the stick lodged so far up your rear. Let. It. Go.


Still Alice looks like a great movie. I would usually avoid weepies like this but i have read many reviews that say it treats the subject with restraint and realism. Well done to all involved.


@Katie is the same copy paste troll from every other comment section on Kristen Stewart. She posted as Halliday on the Vulture review of Still Alice yesterday, saying the same thing as ‘Katie’ does here. When will the rpattz trolls move on? It’s bizarre how obsessed with her they remain. I think they miss her lol


@Katie If you dislike her so much then why not just ignore her? I ignore everything I don’t like. You should try it sometime, maybe then you wouldn’t feel so bitter.


It’s so obvious that she doesn’t plan on being what everyone wants her to be, people keep saying she is just playing herself and she keeps saying that’s just how she works. And I admire her so much for that. Despite these people picking up on her so much she keeps thriving and getting amazing reviews. So you go girl, keep doing your thing cause you’ll go far.


Ack! The way she justifies in her mind not having to develop a character is so annoying. She admits she’s just playing herself, over and over in SA and CoSM. lol, I’m not sure why she’s getting praised for her non-acting. And it isn’t just wearing her own clothes and running her hand through her hair. She doesn’t act at all, she just bites her lip, shakes her head, stutters, blinks, breathes overly loudly and plays the same moody hipster in every film. All her schtick was too distracting and thwarted the scenes she was in for me. I know Sony really wants another nomination besides Julianne’s, but they backed the wrong horse with this one.


What a great interview. Stewart has matured and grown so much. Very thoughtful and depthful answers. I had the chance to see Still Alice and her performance was beautiful and great. Her scenes with Julianne really are heartbreaking. Can’t wait to see her next films and hear more from her work.


This is a really great interview. Love her responses. She’s very open about her methods and how these experiences have shaped her. Looking forward to seeing more of her work.

P.S. She was wonderful in Still Alice, she really brought a lot of emotional depth to the film in her scenes with Alice. They were heartfelt and true.


She’s definitely had a great year! And with Anesthesia. Equals and American Ultra coming out next year (Sils Maria and Still Alice getting their wide release too) I think (and hope) she’ll continue this streak she’s on.

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