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Sienna Miller Joins James Gray’s ‘Lost City Of Z,’ Shooting May Happen Summer 2015

Sienna Miller Joins James Gray’s 'Lost City Of Z,’ Shooting May Happen Summer 2015

What’s going on with James Gray’s “The Lost City Of Z” other than having two stars attached in Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Pattinson? Well, like many ambitious indies out there, it’s seemingly struggling to get all its financing in place. But there is movement on the horizon. In various interviews with Vogue and The L.A. TimesSienna Miller has stated that she’ll be joining Gray’s Amazonian mystery about a British explorer who ventured into the Amazon jungle in search of a fabled civilization, and never returned to his family.

Cumberbatch is set to play the lead Percival Fawcett, Pattinson is said to play Henry Costin, a bored British corporal who answers Fawcett’s advertisement for a jungle adventure abroad, and Miller would presumably play Fawcett’s wife as there aren’t many other main female characters in the book.

Miller is on a bit of tear these days, working on a lot of great or anticipated projects. She just finished working with Bennett Miller and Clint Eastwood on “Foxcatcher” and “American Sniper” respectively and she has a ton of work coming in 2015 including the Whitey Bulger drama starring Johnny Depp, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s “Mississippi Grind,Ben Wheatley’s “High-Rise” and Ben Affleck’s “Argo” follow-up “Live By Night.” The Sienna Miller resurgence? Let’s wait til at least awards season 2015 before we make any proclamations. Gray had hoped to shoot the movie in early 2015, but that release date keeps sliding and shifting. In a recent interview, “Lost City Of Z” producer Dede Gardner (Brad Pitt’s producer for his Plan B production shingle; Pitt was once attached to play the lead) she said she’s hoping for a summer 2015 shoot. Fingers crossed.

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@leaf benedict may have confirmed his involvement in LCOZ but that was before he landed the role of doctor strange(which has a 2016 release) so its debatable about when the LCOZ will be filmed in 2015


Kristen Stewart fans need to get a life and stop searching for stories about Robert Pattinson. He’s been friends with Sienna Miller since 2006, and they’re both cast in this film. They’re the ones who have plenty of work, they aren’t unemployed. I know you’re bored, but get a life.


"Please stop tagging Miller under the name Robert Pattinson" — uh, the story is about her you jack@ss.

This Year

I hope Pattinson doesn’t do this film & I hope Sienna Miller just disappears from the acting scene altogether.

Mabel again

Well, somebody tagged this "Robert Pattinson" because it came up when I Googled HIM.


Please stop tagging Miller under the name Robert Pattinson. she has absolutely nothing to do with him and it’s annoying.


I’m totally hyped for this film! Where can i find the script?


I can´t believe this Project doesn´t have complete financing. That is a huge failure on someone´s part.


Cumberbach has already confirmed that he will be doing this film, there is no conflict with Hamlet or anything else. Variety confirmed his involvement on Nov. 13th, and he did an interview after announcing his engagement on Nov. 20th where he confirmed that he will be shooting TLCOZ in 2015, he thought in late spring. The cast is looking very good at this point.


It’s frustrating that fascinating stories with great directors and actors have to struggle for funding, while so much garbage is put out there. I really hope this movie gets made. Would love to see Pattinson and Cumberbatch in a film together.


And incidentally, this book is fantastic; very much looking forward to the film.


This shot of Miller proves that she should be the frontrunner to play Michael Jackson in a biopic.


Script is great, but endlessly depressing


Cumberbatch will not be able to play the role if filming takes place in summer 2015. umberbatch will be rehearsing and playing Hamlet. he’s perfect for the role so I hope they wait until 2015 when he has more free time.


I hope it will work out! I agree that the cast is very promising, after seeing Pattinson in The Rover I am curious to see his next movies, I was disappointed that his movie with Assayas was cancelled, so hopefully the same thing won’t happen with this one. It’s nice to see that he is picking ambitious and risky projects like this. So good luck to the whole crew, because I can’t wait to see it.


The cast so far is very promising

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