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Watch: Jane Krakowski’s ‘Peter Pan Live’ Audition Reveals Her Addiction to the Limelight (and Pixie Dust)

Watch: Jane Krakowski's 'Peter Pan Live' Audition Reveals Her Addiction to the Limelight (and Pixie Dust)

And the parodies have begun! In Funny or Die’s “leaked” audition tape for NBC’s highly anticipated “Peter Pan Live!”, Jane Krakowski gives Allison Williams a run for her money with her Tony Award-winning voice and attitude.

In full Pan apparel, Krakowski flaunts what she’s got, including her charming cockney accent, her overzealous sexuality and even her engineering skills (as she rigs a cable to the ceiling to help her fly). She doesn’t shy away from drama, either, as she delivers a rendition of pixie dust withdrawal on par with “Requiem for a Dream.” 

Funny or Die is keeping us well-prepared for what’s sure to be the most live-tweeted television event of the season. Watch Krakowski clumsily fly to Neverland in the clip below: 

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