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Watch: Nick Offerman Gets in Drag for Single Malt Whisky

Watch: Nick Offerman Gets in Drag for Single Malt Whisky

It’s a match made in heaven: Working with Diageo (the makers of Scotch whisky brands like Lagavulin and Oban), Nick Offerman stars in a YouTube promotional series called My Tales of Whisky. (If all this sounds familiar, you’re probably remembering “Parks & Recreation’s” ongoing celebration of Lagavulin.)

There are just five videos so far, but each one is essential viewing material for fans of the “Parks & Rec” star. You’ll be in tears of laughter and adoration as Offerman appreciates the subtle flavors of his favorite drink, enjoys a “full Scottish breakfast” and roams the picturesque countryside. The homeland seems to bring out the best in Offerman — never before has his moustache looked more formidable than beside a highland cattle grazing in a green field.

In one video (pictured above) Offerman carries out the virtuoso task of playing all the Oban distellery’s “employees,” including the beautiful “Fiona.” Check this video, and the rest of the series out below. Highlights include Offerman’s original song, a poetry reading and a literal “tasting” of the Scottish countryside. 

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