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First Look: Natalie Portman & Joel Edgerton In Delayed Western ‘Jane Got A Gun’

First Look: Natalie Portman & Joel Edgerton In Delayed Western 'Jane Got A Gun'

Delays, delays, delays. Relativity’s western “Jane Got A Gun” starring Natalie Portman was probably 2013’s most troubled production (much of it already recapped here). A director quit/was fired, there were ugly lawsuits, three actors that jumped ship one after another (including Michael Fassbender; with Ewan McGregor replacing him as the villain) and general uneasiness around the movie.

None of this has been helped by the picture’s release schedule that has been shifted three times. Originally, supposed to come out late summer 2014, then February of this year and now it’s not arriving until September 4th (which means it likely won’t premiere at any festivals before its release unless Venice quickly rolls it out which seems highly unlikely).

In any case, those still hotly anticipating the picture are in for a treat: first look photos of the film have finally arrived. “Jane Got a Gun” stars Portman, Joel Edgerton, Ewan McGregor, Noah Emmerich, Rodrigo Santoro, and Boyd Holbrook, and centers on a woman (Portman) who asks her ex-lover (Edgerton) for help in order to save her outlaw husband (Emmerich) from a gang out to kill him. Check out the photos below. Do you still have a lot of hope for the Gavin O’Connor-directed film? “Warrior” has definitely become a cult-hit. Sound off below. [Unanimous via Natalie]

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I worked on this film, I’m glad it’s coming out at all. It was plagued with problems(far beyond what’s written here) and re-written so many times, we lost count. That being said, I have little faith in the story, but the cinematography is stunning! It won’t be a total waste of time.


Natalie and Ewan in another film together, so good! Can’t wait to see how it has turned out


Despite all the respect I have for O’Connor, this isn’t his film. The best it could hope for is an Okay film, unless he and the screenplay had chemistry or something. I’m still bummed for Ramsay which I love. I wish we’d heard of her since then…I really hope she’s bounce back from this nightmare.


Wouldn’t be too quick on the draw to dismiss this one. O’Connor is a great shooter, and Portman and Edgerton can play with the best of ’em.


Strange casting to have Noah Emmerich as Natalie Portman’s husband… particularly when you consider their respective roles in Beautiful Girls, where Emmerich scolds Timothy Hutton for his interest in the young Portman.


why wouldn’t anyone still have " a lot hope for the film?"


I have a feeling this is gonna be kick a$$! Can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted Nat in a western.


People are quick to cast doom on the film but I have a feeling it’ll turn out really well. It was a Black List script and movies have come back from the brink in even worse condition to come out fine on the other end. If it comes out even remotely good, Gavin’s gonna win tons of good Hollywood karma out of it


Ah, read too hastily. September, then.


Next month, and no trailer already?

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