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R. Crumb’s Response To ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Includes Swipe At Ralph Bakshi

R. Crumb's Response To 'Charlie Hebdo' Includes Swipe At Ralph Bakshi

Underground cartoonist R. Crumb, who lives in France, stood in solidarity with his colleagues by releasing this drawing, below.

It should be noted that Crumb took the opportunity to take a swipe animator Ralph Bakshi. This stems from negotiations between the pair, over 40 years ago, over the rights to Crumb’s character Fritz The Cat.

This was not the first time Crumb addressed his feelings about the filmmaker in his art. And from the look of it – it may not be the last.

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marilyn cooper

But he’s making fun of his own cowardice at the same time, so it’s three layers of funny!


I like that he dedicated his cartoon…

Camilla Cracchiolo

Can’t you read. Bakhsh is not the same as Bakshi. There are several filmmakers named Mohamid Bakhsh.

R.M. O'Brien

It doesn’t say Bakshi. It says Bakhsh.


It’d be more of a disgrace if he hadn’t made anything at all, wouldn’t it? The real disgrace is that this sort of thing merits any chip-in from any artist at any time, and that it’s legitimate now to expect reprisal for simple fun.

Claire Adamson

Mean jokes are the easiest; let’s have some respect please.

Ofay Cat

Some grudges are worth hanging on to.



Michelle Heitman

To R. J. Smith, you have totally missed the point. He titled it the "Cowardly Cartoonist." Charlie Hebdo *asked* Crumb to do a cartoon about the incident. The "swipe" at Bakshi is his "back-peddle". His way of saying…"hey…um…don’t come blow me up, okay? Okay?" He wasn’t using the tragedy to swipe at Bakshi.

Dave Chaos

I Like it. Tough shit on Bakshi if he is the ass the ass is being made of. It is more of a mockery of the running dog cowards insulting Islam with their manifested anger over cartoons. Unity for Freedom

Ed Feldman

If Crumb can slam religion, merderers, his own weakness AND a Hack like Bakshi, then that’s more art, right? More is better.


Excellent interview of Crumb in the 1/10/15 edition of the New York Observer. He calls Bakshi his friend and talks about the differences between the U.S. and European attitudes about tolerance for free speech, even when it takes on things like radical Muslim terrorists by poking fun at their prophet.


C’est bon, Monsieur Le Crumb!

michael freund

bob, you’re still among the very best!
love you and your work,


Crumb was nice person and awesome cartoonist.

scott p benson

M A G N I F I C E N T ! period.


Seriously? You think the cartoon is a swipe at Bakshi? No, it’s a swipe at radical Islam. Bakshi is probably the only guy Crumb knows named "Mohamid" and thus, the only way the joke works. In the excellent Observer interview, (find it and read it) Crumb says that there are no more journalists in America, only public relations people. This blog supports that claim.


@smith and others, stop referring to it as a tragedy, like it was a hurricane, that accidentally took lives. It was a murderous act done by heartless terrorists. Their excuse was that some silly cartoons offended them. Show some respect for a man like Crumb and others who dare to shove it in their faces. Don’t pander to the muslim threat

Eve cragen

and voila we have solidarity!

Donna Mills

Just the opposite Mr. Smith. In my opinion, Mr. Crumb’s cartoon represents everything that Charlie Hebdo stood for. What would make you think any otherwise?

Danny Hall

It’s not a swipe at Ralph Bakshi, it’s a sly nod, they’re long time friends. @R.J., Crumb was asked to create the cartoon, as one of the most iconic, underground, anti-establishment cartoonists, who’s take on this, a lot of fans of satirical cartoons were waiting and asking for.

Anita DeKok

If he really wanted to make a political statment about the shooting he would have done so on his own, but he didn’t. He was asked to make a comment about the shooting. why? Because he has built such a large name for himself. How did he do that? By being absolutely narcissistic, which is why we love him (or hate him). Crumb stayed true to form and for that I say; hats off you crazy ol’ codger!


RJ-CHARLIE HEBDO asked him to sunmit a cartoon. He was interviewed about it. Research before you react.

Jediah Samual Pease

I love you R Crumb!

Alastair Gordon

Excellent and oddly comforting perspective on a tragic and confusing news cycle…

RB Cook

Bakshi’s calling Crumb a "slick hustler" is simply the voice of slick hustler with big ego, modest talent, and thin skin venting his spleen at being called out by the artist whose work he adapted (for his own career enhancement), an artist far more talented than he will ever be.


Jerome is correct. You need to know Mr. Crumb, as he has his own special way.


All moslems need to be called out from now on. They are all responsible if they don’t clean up the mess in their own ranks.


You guys missed the whole point. The joke is that it takes balls to do what the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo did, and Crumb is saying he doesn’t possess that courage. Do you actually think this is about Bakshi?


Bakshi later agreed with Bodé’s assessment, calling Crumb "one of the slickest hustlers you’ll ever see in your life" from Wikipedia. Now it’s 2 sided R.J.

R.J. Smith

How disgraceful. Taking advantage of a gruesome tragedy to mock an individual in what is practically a one-sided animosity.

Chris Sobieniak

"Old men… remember never to let go of negative feelings and interactions… it’s best for everyone if you just let them stew and fester forever! Elana"

Seems to be the thing for some, at least they let it out in humorful ways (that’s not a real word but dammit, I’m using it). Let’s see if Ralph retaliates here!

Elana Pritchard

Old men… remember never to let go of negative feelings and interactions… it’s best for everyone if you just let them stew and fester forever! Elana

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