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Vote for Project of the Year: Send One Film to the Tribeca Industry Meetings

Vote for Project of the Year: Send One Film to the Tribeca Industry Meetings

You have voted all year. Now it’s time to help your favorite project land a spot at Tribeca Film Institute’s Filmmaker and Industry Meetings at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. The TFI Filmmaker and Industry Meetings (known as TFI Network), will be held on April 21 and April 22 during the Tribeca Film Festival. They are a premiere networking forum of one-on-one meetings with members from the industry.

The networking forum encourages the discovery of new projects by introducing industry participants to a carefully curated group of scripted, documentary and new media filmmakers and content creators participating in TFI programs, including Tribeca All Access, the TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund, the TFI Documentary Fund, the TFI Latin America Fund and the TFI New Media fund.

In recent years, the Filmmaker and Industry Meetings made connections like putting Andrew Bujalski in touch with Jason Ishikawa of The Film Sales Company, who went on to sell Bujalski’s film “Computer Chess.” In 2012, “Elena” director Petra Costa met Orlando Bagwell from the Ford Foundation, who eventually came on for post-production and outreach support for the film. Doug Block and producer Lori Cheatle met Axel Arno from SVT in Sweden who became a co-producing partner of “112 Weddings” during a Tribeca meeting.

2012’s Project of the Year, Justin Simien’s “Dear White People” made its debut at Sundance last January, garnering the Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent. It went on to be acquired by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions and garnered excellent reviews following its theatrical release late last year. 

While we can’t guarantee results at these meetings, let’s give a shot to one of our Projects of the Month. Help get one Project of the Month into the Filmmaker and Industry Meetings at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival… vote now! 

The ballot is at the bottom of this post.

Here are the nominees (with descriptions courtesy of the filmmakers):

“Land of the Little People”:  Four young kids who live in a village of military officers families, form a small gang. An old abandoned army base, located in the surrounding fields, turns into their camp. A war begins and most men are drafted. When the kids return to their camp they discover two soldiers who deserted their units, using their camp as a hideout. Ruthless struggle develops between the groups, and the soldiers, who sought refuge from the war outside, find themselves in another war, which turns to be as dangerous and bloody.

“Black Hat”:”Dandi Chiapetta” is an alternative teen who is into everything anime and the band Slipknot. Bullied for her love of this art form, she still has a dream. To get to a convention halfway across the country where her favorite anime Director, Shinichiro Watanabe, is going to turn one amateur manga comic into an anime. When all else fails, she “kidnaps” her estranged grandfather, in a nursing home, and races to get to the convention in time. Judging by our FB page, which has over 228,000 “likes” already, worldwide, this film and subject matter has huge potential.

“Return to Timbuktu”: “The armed militants sent death threats to local musicians; many were forced into exile. Live music venues were shut down, and militants set fire to guitars and drumkits.” – New York Times

And just like that, the very birth place of modern rhythm and blues suddenly became silent. Manny Ansar, director of the world-famous Music Festival in the Desert, narrowly escaped Timbuktu. Nearly one million Malians remain displaced. So Manny decided to lead a procession of traveling musicians from refugee camps back to their homes in Timbuktu, for a concert that will mark the beginning of a new era in Mali.

“Stones We Throw”: Think Lena Dunham meets Jerry Seinfeld meets awkward family life that keeps evolving. Our film showcases a lot of unique voices that are often not represented in our media such as mental illness, LGBTQA rights, women’s rights and alternative family structures. It follows the story of a female comedian who is struggling with her identity and her long distanced relationship while she attends college and is a coming of age tale that will hopefully leave you feeling either inspired or really uncomfortable…we hope both.

“Sam & Amira”: Most “soldier-coming-home-from-war” films deal with a soldier battling PTSD, we wanted to flip that well-worn premise on its head: What if the soldier who returns if fine, but it’s his country that’s lost its mind? America was built on the backs of immigrants and protected by the courage of veterans – yet both of these groups have grown increasingly marginalized in today’s society. The best way to explore such complex issues in the context of an independent film was to create an intimate love story with universal implications.

“David’s Reverie”: DAVID’S REVERIE, starring Brandon Fobbs (“The Wire,””Walking Dead”), tells the story of an up-and-coming jazz musician whose dream of leading his jazz band to a broader audience is halted when he is diagnosed with epilepsy. With each seizure, David is transported to a fantasy world where he hears music like he’s never heard before. David fights to reconcile managing this disorder while fighting to play the music inside him.

“The Lot”: It’s a heartfelt short set in New Orleans about a lonely cafe owner’s struggle to help an outcast boy by building a fort on an abandoned lot. Inspired by real events, our story explores risk, friendship, and sacrifice and tries to probe the question of why it’s oftentimes so hard to foster community. When the film’s finished, we plan to incorporate it into a larger campaign to purchase the actual abandoned lot and build a playground for local kids.

“To Here Knows When”: What happens when two young women are told that those boobs men drool over are filled to the nipple with cancer? Cassie has played it by the book her entire life, while Lena has never taken a day in her life seriously. Bound by a tragic fate delivered at the hands of death, they reject western medicine’s soul-sucking “treatment,” cash it all in and just drive. “To Here Knows When” is a gut-wrenching story about the discovery of truth, beauty and purpose and a not so gentle reminder that death has no dignity.

“California Dreaming”: It’s the most challenging project I have attempted so far. I am excited because it provides me the opportunity to create a modern day fairy-tale about a bizarre “What if…” situation. An experience that surprises and thrills the audience while being heartwarming. I am inspired the Indian dramatic theory of – “Natyashastra.” It speaks of – “Navarasa” (the nine emotions). It is said that the Navarasa are the basis of all human emotion, that a complete and wholesome story is one that evokes them all. It’s my challenge to take the audience through these emotions within ten minutes!

“The Space Between”: “The Space Between” is a heartfelt comedy that dives deep into tough issues such as intimate betrayal, maternal grief and the art of self-acceptance. I am inspired to bring this film to life in the hope that is just might help a few of us find the humour that lies between all the pain.

“Peacekeepers”: A group of assistants in NYC get texts about grisly accidents to be prevented before they occur–car crashes, lion pit mishaps, jumpers on the Queensboro bridge. But what would YOU do if you got texts from God? Alana isn’t buyin’ it. She likes the cash, but the God thing weirds her out. She started this job six months ago but the gig’s a bit… off. Why can’t they save everybody? If the Peacekeeper IS God with an iPhone, why use twentysomethings to divinely intervene? It’s a s**tstorm, and it’s becoming clear that even a Peacekeeper has enemies.

“Olancho”: Orlin Chirinos is the new leader of “Los Plebes de Olancho,” a narcocorrido band that creates and plays songs for some of the most dangerous narcos of Honduras. Orlin fell into the role about a year ago when his cousin, also the former bandleader, was exiled to the US after one of his songs angered a local cartel boss. Orlin now has to attempt to create a name for himself without angering his dangerous patrons. His songs glorify traffickers who often threaten him and his family, but in a world ruled by narcos, does he have any other choice?

Vote below.

Note:  Votes are confirmed by email. After voting, please look for an email from PollDaddy and confirm your vote. Indiewire nor PollDaddy use your email address after the confirmation, but if you do want to sign up for our newsletter, why DON’T you mosey on over here and do so!

If you have an in-the-works project and you’d like to be profiled in an upcoming IW Project of the Day column, submit yourself by filling out this form!

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Gwen Morrison


sharon james

Olancho is my vote

Esau Asfura Garcia

please vote for Olancho it is a great place

Rey Reyes

Olancho is my vote

Julia Leach




Claudia betancourt



The spaces betweenis going to be strong movie

David Whitmore

The Space Between


Olancho has my vote. It has a unique story that can inspire people with music and good morale.

Maria Eugenia Gallegos

¡¡¡ Olancho !!!!

Soleil Theriault

vote fore the space between

Pat Phillips

Great work Robbie, my Patty lives one block from Tribecca Festival locale, will try to make it! My prayers are with you, love you.

Jeannie Greer

It’s indeed a honor to personally compliment you "Neil Creque Williams" on your Directorial Indie LA Shorts Fest of "David’s Reverie"! Congrats to You and ALL The Talented Cast Members and Its Contributors! It is my high hopes that this film project will be acknowledged for its Outstanding Merits, Performances and Attributes in The Film Industry!
βεaųtĩfųl βlεssĩиgs βεstöwεd Ƴσų ẠԼԼ❣


The Space Between *-*


I am sadden by the corruption that took place and feel really bad for the innocent people affected.






i wanna see the space in between

karla martinez



My vote is for Orlin and his film OLANCHO




My vote is for Olancho


My vote is for Olancho is the best one!

presley mcdonald

Amy jo johnson is amazing

Alex Rosado

My vote is for amy and the film " The Space Between”


The Space Between FOR amy j. johnson

Djinn Shaggy

To Here Knows When!

Christopher Hyde

I vote for the space between

Raymond Chacon

The space between! :D

John Parker

The Space Between

David Solomon



you go girl!!!!


Tried to vote… enetered my email address and get a message saying that an email has already been sent to an address that I didn’t put in and don’t recognize… so…. huh??

pablo schrauf

Vote for the space between

Sergio Ruiz

Yeh Amy Jo #TeamAmyJoJohnson

Anthony Nardella

the space between got mine

Derek Shaun

Great film! Awesome filmmaker!



Joshua wedding

The space between

Miss D

Olancho is the one film on this list that lifts the voice of the unheard. It deserves a chance.

Mark N Jackson

My vote is for Peacekeepers

Ramon Medina-Mejia

let’s go olancho.


Go Peacekeepers!!! One text ahead of the reaper







richard stano

Sweet space between



Jennifer Jimenez

I voted for The Space Between!! Go Amy Jo Johnson!! :)


Great movie!

John Marcoh

The Space Between is my vote, hope you win Amy Jo Johnson,

Donna Otero

Love the movie concept the actors w Jules as director can’t miss!!

Richard Flohil

Making humour out of personal tragedies and learning abut ourselves in utterly necessary.Otherwise we are swamped by grief and guilt…

Salvador Reyes

the space Between is the best =)

Don Fitch

Starring Amy Jo Jonnson

Kathy Barrett

Olancho is the one to beat. It is above and beyond the competition.

Alex Wouters



My vote is for #TheSpaceBetween

John Bueno

Everybody vote for "The Space Between" one of the best indie films of the century. You will fall in love wit the characters and I am a supporter of this film 110%

Juan Francisco

I can’t wait to see The Space Between!


The Space Between!!!! Go Amy Jo!!! You’re the best!!

Kathleen Murphy

The Lot sounds intriguing

Jessica Cole

Love you Amy Jo !!!!


The space between all the way. Amy Jo is the best.


Amy John and the space between. Is the best. Vote for the space between

Zed Jason

The Space between all the way

Denys Hernandez


paula g lucas

You rock amy jo Johnson!

Kathy Vanderby

The Space Between , Amy Jo Johnson

rhonda thompson

it would bring attenion to this rare genetic disorder


The Space Between, great cast, great writer and director, Amy Jo all the way.


Stones We Throw. You really getting 30+ votes in about 10 minutes at 3:00 in the morning? Calling you out.

Tim Clark

Just watched the Olancho trailer. Looks like an amazing film.

Larry Evans

Well Done, ALL!


Stones We Throw deserves your vote

Donna Otero

Can’t wait for the movie

Barbara Weisner

Olancho has my vote. It took great bravery and guts both on the part of the film makers and the subject of this film to have this band made public. Lets give them the vote for risking their lives


Orlancho is my vote!

Ale Escobar

I just want the world to know that Honduras is not as it seems on TV, that it is beautiful and fun. Everyone is ashamed to say they are Honduran, but I am proud and I want others to be! The makers of Olancho are my two teachers, and they were amazing and great. Please vote for Olancho, we’ve NEVER had a voice out in the world, please let this be the first time ❤️❤️

Sharon Rodden

Stones we Throw made by a young comedian whom I have known her whole life!! She really deserves this break.

Lin Zema

Good luck Olancho!

Lewis Friedman

a very timely subject.

Diane Zilz

Robbie is an amazing writer, producer and director and his work is always so in touch with the times.


Jordy Howard

Black hat definitely gets my vote


i hope its a big hit for u

Merritt Williams

I support Hornell own "Olancho"

Andrea Shipley

Great film

Keely P

Voting for Peacekeepers. Love the creative concept and the female lead, and I’m excited to see where the series will go!

Tiffany Powell

Black hat is definitely my vote




Olancho!!! This story must be told!!!


PEACEKEEPERS puts you on the edge of your seat! Intriguing & full of suspense! PLUS my beautiful son is "The Evil One"…or is he??!!!!


Black hat gets my vote.

Glynn Roberts

I believe that the film is a wonderful product and is worthy of winning


I’ve seen most of these films before, under other names and titles. What we need more of, are films such as Olancho! Ted and Chris’ documentary illustrated a real life story and real world struggles that we need to spotlight. You would watch this movie. Vote for Olancho.

Rodrigo Silva


Cassie Stephens

Black Hat

Donald Fitch

SPACE BETWEEN!!! Amy Jo Johnson, aka PINK Ranger!!!

Juan Francisco

I can’t wait to see The Space Between!

Penn Nunn

Olancho gets my vote!!

Christi Heck, MD

What a beautiful way to bring the cause of EPILEPSY to the forefront in David’s Reverie

Andria Wojtunik

Vote for Black Hat!

Augusto Salgado

Olancho all the way!!!!

Cindy Keeton


Kathleen Wilcox


Sandy Veihdeffer

The Lot for sure!

carolyn nvins


Todd Beeson

Black Hat all the way!


Black Hat is my vote too!

Denise Gossett

Black Hat sounds amazing!


THE LOT is a film that is taking it to the next level and trying to turn a failed park into a reality. Cheers for them, i vote THE LOT!


My vote goes to Black Hat.

annqueania stewart

I cast my vote for The Lot.

Donna Otero

Can’t wait

Dee Pittman

Awesome heartfelt concept. ‘The Lot’ has my vote. #NewOrleans #Love


To here knows when is my vote

Donna Otero

Can’t wait for the movie the space between

Levi Mendez

Vamos Olancho!

Jackie Fullman

My vote is for Black Hat!!

Tom grille

Black hat sure has my vote!!!

Stephanie Patti

Olancho is my vote!!

Patty monoson



Black hat is my vote :D

Vanesa Latini


Shari Hastey

We Inspire and Prepare a Diverse Community of Creative, Independent Thinkers. a product of York School in Monterey. Good on you!!!

Melissa Mehrabian

Peacekeepers all day!!!!! Xo

Patty Coates Carlin

Good luck!! :)

Carol Crandall

Just left my husband at the hospital this afternoon….. everyone needs a prayer.

Neil Strong


Lura Schwarz Smith

Peacekeepers is intriguing and well crafted – let’s have MORE!

Mariann Zema

So happy to get the opportunity to vote for Black Hat!


To Here Knows When gets my vote. The cast is fantastic. The music thats played along with their action is incredible. This has to win. A+++++MOVIE

jeanne baranowski


jessica rodzvilla

black hat

5150 Productions

We are excited to support a fresh new sci-fi series, Peacekeepers, that supports us! Women!

diana santiago

hi amy it Diana I wanted to let you know that you will reach your goal i’ll pray for you you are the best your fan Diana santiago

Janet Reading

Black Hat has my vote

Sophie evans



the Space between is my vote and it from LE MANS france


Can’t wait to see it

Gary Schwarz

In memory of Cassie, Black Hat all the way!!


Go Stones We Throw! Such a great movie! Tackles lots of different important issues, from feminism to hookup culture to divorce.

Randy Wain

Stones We Throw, love the scenes along the river were Dad is found on a bench by his daughter and the leaves are falling all around…and it was all natural was a beautiful fall day..Perfect timing Stephanie Wain great directing job even mother nature responded…Wonderful Story…Love it.




Land of the little people


I vote black hat, because why not!


Black Hat is awesome!


Olancho, seems very interesting!

carolyn nevins

Love the movie

Donnie Gentry

Peacekeepers has my vote.

Lura Schwarz Smith

Peacekeepers is intriguing and well done — let’s have MORE!

Geri Purcell

This film is the best!

Jenny Monroe

Peacekeepers.You have my vote.

Holly Reynolds

Black Hat is where it’s at!

My niece, Cassie England, was a force to be reckoned with on earth and I feel like the message of Black Hat could reach so many hearts while spreading the light of our little girl.


Great cause

Shannon Carriere

Got my vote.

Joan Murphy

Olancho is an authentic production which includes both intensity and survival It has my vote !

ben wickham

Peacekeepers is amazing!!!

carolyn nevins

I love the black hat

Drea Castro

BLACKHAT all the way!!!!

Rich Grosso

my email address is coming up to where you will not accept it what’s the deal I’m not able to vote…

Logan England

Black Hat has a character dedicated in honor of my daughter, Cassie England, who died in January 2014 of a rare genetic disorder. It means the world to me as her dad to see this film made to carry on my daughter’s memory.

lisa turley

Black Hat is my vote

Rich Woods

My inner nerd loves the Black Hat concept.


Peacekeepers! We need inclusive sci fi content and the director has a strong vision I can get behind. I’m ready for more strong female leads.

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