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Woody Allen’s Next Movie With Joaquin Phoenix & Emma Stone Titled ‘Irrational Man,’ Sony Pictures Classics Nab Rights

Woody Allen’s Next Movie With Joaquin Phoenix & Emma Stone Titled ‘Irrational Man,’ Sony Pictures Classics Nab Rights

There are next to no details, but Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they have acquired all North American rights to Woody Allen’s next movie. presently titled “Irrational Man.” The film’s cast includes Jamie Blackley, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey and Emma Stone.

“Sony Classics and I have a good working relationship. I like the way they handle my movies…very special, very classy and I always hope my films live up to their expectations,” Allen said. Sony Pictures Classics added “Woody Allen’s new movie IRRATIONAL MAN, his latest annual gift to moviegoers everywhere, is as fresh and winning as ever.”

There have been some rumor afoot that the movie is about a University professor (Phoenix), his student (Stone) and their entanglement that may turn deadly (there’s some reported details here if you’d like to take a look). No release date yet either, but SPC prefers to put out Allen’s movies in the spring or summer generally. “Irrational Man” marks the eighth collaboration with the filmmaker and Sony Classics. Allen’s next move? Making a TV series for Amazon.  2/4/15 Update: the movie is now set for a July 24 release date.

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I’m excited to see Joaquin work with Allen. He’s incredible in anything he does! Parker Posey is icing on the cake

tristan eldritch

Damn, I thought when I read the headline it was Woody’s first superhero movie.


Who buys Joaquin Phoenix as a professor?! Has Woody Allen met professors? C’mon, Woody, I’m a fan here and that’s a great dynamic — professor and student. Take a beat before you just cast whoever is on your radar that day.


@vic magic in the moonlight was ok, scoop is one of his worst but yeah midnight in París is great


@Yer Magic in the Moonlight was very bad. But what about Midnight in Paris and i really liked Scoop.


Beg to differ. Crimes and Misdemeanors, Match Point and Blue Jasmine deal in different ways with crime and they are pretty solid efforts, with C&M being one of his masterpieces.


I think that the professor is in a existential crisis actually @yer


Allen is at his worst when he’s working with the subjects of crime or magic. I don’t know why he insists on revisiting those subjects so much when his worst films fall under them. He should stick to relationships and existential crisis.

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