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2015 Oscar Predictions: Best Original Screenplay

2015 Oscar Predictions: Best Original Screenplay

Indiewire will provide updates of our predictions for the
87th Academy Awards through February 22nd, when the winners are announced.

“Birdman” and “Boyhood” might be battling it out for Best Picture, but they are in a genuine three-way race here, with Wes Anderson and Hugo Guinness’ script for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” pulling ahead with its recent BAFTA win. Any of the three screenplays could win, but something tells us this will end up going to “Budapest.”

Our prediction below. Check out our predictions in other categories here.

The Nominees:
“Birdman,” Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. & Armando Bo
“Boyhood,” Richard Linklater
“Foxcatcher,” E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman
“The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Wes Anderson; Story by Wes Anderson & Hugo Guinness
“Nightcrawler,” Dan Gilroy

Will Win: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
Could Win: “Birdman” or “Boyhood”
Should Win: “Nightcrawler”
Shoulda Been Here: “Mr. Turner”

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There is only one merit to Boyhood: 12 years in the making due to lack of funding. Enough reason to reward it?


They want to give it to Anderson because of Moonrise Kingdom which was a better movie, but Birdman is the better script


I vote that Khalid is a moron.


I disagree about Mr Turner; it should’t have been there. Yes, Mike Leigh payed attention to the fitting dialogue and little details, but overall, the film wasn’t so good. For fans of Turner or Leigh, yes, but for people seeking for a good movie, no. It was so long and really felt like nothing happened. Interstellar should’ve been here.


I agree with Khalid in regards to Boyhood. Birdman all the way! Grand Budapest as a runner up ;)


This is Birdmans. Boyhood wins two oscars: Pic and Director. Birdman wins Screenplay and Actor. Imitation Game wins nothing.


Mommy and Top Five are better original screenplays than Calvary? Really?


My final predictions:
– Iñárritu, Giacobone, Dinelaris, Bo, "Birdman" (probably the winners)
– Richard Linklater, "Boyhood" (Boyhood maybe is going to be nominated for almost every major category)
– Wes Anderson & Hugo Guinness, "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (masterpiece)
4. Dan Gilroy, "Nightcrawler" (another masterpiece)
6. Paul Webb, "Selma" (Selma, I think is going to be the "American Hustle" of the year, many noms, but zero win)


I don’t want to be an over-bearing parent, but Foxcatcher would be in the adapted screenplay category; it was a book first. Also, plese feel free to point out any eroors in my comment as wel, it would halp


Foxcatcher actually is original screenplay….. it was not adapted from a book, therefore the screenplay is original, regardless of the fact that it is a true story…


Boyhood was very good and I have it to win best original screenplay. My other picks are Michael Keaton for best actor in Birdman; Julianne Moore to win best actress for Still Alice (and it is her’s to lose); Tom Wilkerson to win for best supporting actor for Selma; Laura Dern to win for best supporting actress in Wild; Best adapted screenplay for Unbroken; and I am taking a gamble, but saying Angelina Jolie for best director for Unbroken (yes, I said it!); and best picture is a toss up right now between Birdman and Unbroken.


The fact that The LEGO Movie has even a shot at being nominated for Best Original Screenplay makes me oh so happy.


How is interstellar not on here at all? A movie about mankinds place in the universe, a team of scientists embarking on a supposed one way trip to another galaxy 10 million light years away to find a new home, a father leaving his child behind, wormholes, black holes, gravitational lensing, general relativity, and 5th dimensions….

Lol okay


What? No nod for The Babadook?


Birdman should win. It’s a very original story this plot. It shouls also win best picture, best director, best actor (Michle Keaton), best supporting actress (Emma Stone) and cinematography.


Quan, foxcacther isn’t adapted, adapted means that the script is adatped from its source material (book, play, musical, sequel, etc), foxcatcher may be based on true events, that doesnt make it adapted, because the script isn’t based off a source material, so that make its an "original screenplay"


Grand Budapest should be considered a lock, it’d be completely ignorant to ignore the script.


Calvary should be here. Too bad it has no chance at a nomination.

Karen Francis

Why isn’t CHRISTMAS RIDE on this list?


Boyhood was never boring for me. Should win Best picture , director , original screenplay supporting actress and editing.


Both Foxcatcher and Whiplash are adapted screenplays, not original. Foxcatcher is based on an article, which qualifies as adapted, and Whiplash is based on a short


what about gone girl? Or planet of the apes had one of teh best blockbuster scripts in a LONG time


I hope Nightcrawler has a formidable shot. There’s ton of great content to be considered – and Wes Anderson again should carry through for a full year from release to Oscar night – but Nightcrawler has one of the tightest, sizzling, and most unpredictable scripts of the year. From a veteran screenwriter who’s only now making a splash, I think Gilroy deserves all of the recognition he can get. The film as a whole is also one of the year’s best.


No love for Frank? Easily my favorite this year

John Jones

the new Chris Rock movie looks absolutely horrendous, I have no idea why it’s on any of these lists. Birdman will win a lot of awards, it was fantastic


Winner: Boyhood
.The Grand Budapest Hotel
Possible Nominees:
.Mr. Turner
.A Most Violent Year


@QUAN — "Foxcatcher" is NOT an adapted screenplay; it’s original. It’s based on real-life, but has not been adapted from any sort of existing material.


I suspect Mr. Turner will be a stupendously boring movie and Boyhood is extremely boring. The only nomination Boyhood deserves is ‘Best Director’


Foxcatcher is adapted screenplay, not original.


For an out-of-the-box, dark horse suggestion I’m thinking Dear White People by Justin Simien. The Skeleton Twins is perhaps a better suggestion for that otherwise-not-a-contender comedy slot, but we’ll see.

Nelson Muntz

This list reads like the who’s-who of nerds and critics everywhere. HAW HAW, I’m superior.

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