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Attention, Filmmakers: Apply to These Short Film Grants

Attention, Filmmakers: Apply to These Short Film Grants

The Davey Foundation is once again offering aspiring writers and filmmakers the chance to produce their own films by delivering three short film grants this year. The Davey Foundation was founded last year in honor of David Ross Fetzer, the Salt Lake City-based actor known for his work in indie projects such as “Must Come Down” and “Point B.” Fetzer was committed to helping up-and-coming independent filmmakers and the foundation aims to continue his legacy.

Two of the grants are $5,000 each to produce a short film. The third allows the user to use a $10,000 Cinema Camera Package. The Davey Foundation stayed true to their promise of offering more from the grant in 2015, as last year they offered one $3,500 grant. The deadline is March 15, 2015.

Recipients of the grants will also be assigned mentors to help in the filmmaking process. The mentors include last year’s grant recipient Ben Kegan (“The First Men”) and award-winning filmmakers Kenny Riches (“The Strongest Man”) and Dustin Guy Defa (“Person to Person,” “Bad Fever”). 

Joining Riches and Defa this year as a finalist judge is David Zellner, writer and director of “Kumiko the Treasure Hunter.”

For more information about the Davey Foundation and grants offered, click here.

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Phillip lewis

I’ve written a short alien sci if that could use support. It’s all in 3d and pre production is 75% completed . The screen play, animatic, modeling, texturing, and rigging are all done. I would like to hire character animator, vfx artists, and sound mixers to complete this project.

Adrianne Masling

I’m a Texas/Louisiana based filmmaker, looking to shoot my next short in Louisiana – my hometown to be specific. Having grant money will help me hire local talent and crew to work on set – as well as cover the expenses of practical effects and post production.


I wrote a short story based on an old southern folktale in the horror genre all in late 1800- early 1900 setting and need help financially to bring it to life…

LaQuieta Horton

i have a amazing film i would love to get a grant to produce

mel taylor

Lets make some movies. Have drive…will work it

Mark McKee

Have been an extra in over 20 films / TV shows in Memphis and Nashville. First movie to be an extra in was "Coalminer’s Daughter". Would like to be more involved in indie films as a character actor. Thanks!

Colt Kaufman

Seasoned retired Private Investigator with writing experience has registered to write, direct & produce film "Death at Mud River" based on true case for Louisiana Film Prize !
Non funded other than my VA disability and social security. Will be using veterans for much of the production and acting where possible.
Could use any help I can get!
143 days & counting.

peter arizmendi

This sounds great. I have a script that’s getting some good attention but I don’t want to sell it.



Luis Garcia

I don’t have anything but I have a story to tell. All I can tell you is that it’s a story based on true events and it carries a message and I think it should be told to remind people of how trivial the world is. I just need cameras, a new computer and software.

They're all mine now

I’m stealing all of your ideas, fools! hahahahahaha

The Founding Fathers Rock

The Founding Fathers Rock – dotcom

Felice Tamara J

I am shooting a horror movie and need funds for my production. You can find a rough draft of my trailer on YouTube type in "I’m Coming For You" trailer Felice Tamara J

I want to believe

I think it is worth mentioning that the foundation charges a $10 fee to applicants. I want to believe this is a project from the heart, but I’m sorry, I do indeed have a difficult time feeling the 100% humanitarian nature of this grant when there is a $10 fee which means possibly hundreds if not thousands of poor, indie filmmakers are going to lose $10 and get a rejection letter with nothing to show for it. It doesn’t seem right… especially to honor the memory of an artist. I want to believe.


I…I…I. One day you’ll realize you need a team of dedicated and passionate people to make a movie and not just you and your script, or pitch. Make stuff happen by networking with like-minded people.


I have a series ready to go if anyone is interested think MadMax meets tomb raider. If your interested @nbsfilms


I need monie to pay bills, thank u.

Sean Harris

hi, the world has gone crazy about 50 shades of grey. I’m in the middle of writing a new book with a completely different twist that I think a low of people will like, as now I have found that rude is what people thrive on. Daniel Carter, is The Page Next Door. It will make a brilliant movie.

Sean Harris

i have the worlds greatest vampire love story, waiting as an unpublished book to be. I saw this add and thought, well, anything if worth a try. The story is written and in final stage of editing and I thing it would be perfect in the right hands.

Needy Retard

I wrote movie about talking about and diabetes cat. Please fill grant form out and send me. Day job writing english chopsticks translation. Film dreams to come true asking for help in comments section.

Nick Turnaposki

Iv’e written a short sci-fi story need the fund’s to begin production

talha hassan

i have fantastic short documentary ideas planning to shoot in LA


I wrote some movies. would any producer like to read them or would an agent like o represent my movies?

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