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Daniele Watts Is the Wiccan-Practicing Daughter of a Dead R&B singer in SXSW-Bound ‘Babysitter’

Daniele Watts Is the Wiccan-Practicing Daughter of a Dead R&B singer in SXSW-Bound 'Babysitter'

Digging through the 2015 lineup of the SXSW Film Festival, which runs from March 13-21, in search of any film that are in keeping with this blog’s mission, I discovered this…

Selected as 1 of 17 feature films to screen in the festival’s “Visions” sidebar, is “Babysitter” from writer/director Morgan Krantz, which will be making its world premiere. Here’s its official synopsis: “Ray Longway, a moody 14 year old, is a pawn in his parents divorce. His mother, a struggling actress who married rich, has grown accustomed to their cushy L.A. lifestyle but now, it’s upkeep depends on Ray’s custody decision. The family hires Anjelika, the Wiccan-practicing daughter of a dead R&B singer, as their new babysitter. She quickly fills the voids in everyone’s lives: mother to the little sister, confidante to the mother and weed-dealer-cum-lover to Ray. Despite differences in age, Ray and Anjelika form a deep bond, exploring sex and love together. When the time comes for Ray to pick the winning parent, he opts to run away with the babysitter and blackmail mom for the getaway cash.”

The film’s cast includes Max Burkholder, Daniele Watts, Valerie Azlynn, Lesley Ann Warren, Amy Landecker, and Kitty Patterson.

Of most interest to readers of this blog is Daniel Watts, who you’ll recall part of the ensemble cast of Quentin Tarantino’s hotly-contested slave revenge narrative “Django Unchained” playing Coco, which was be her big-screen debut. She’s done mostly TV, including Showtime’s “Weeds” for its final season a couple of years ago. Most recently, she played Martin Lawrence’s daughter in the FX comedy series “Partners,” which co-starred Kelsey Grammer.

In Morgan Krantz’s SXSW-bound “Babysitter,” Watts plays the title character – aka Anjelika. And based on the above synopsis, it’s clearly a central role in the film, for the actress.

The actress made headlines last fall, when she claimed that she was detained by the LAPD for kissing her white boyfriend in public.

No trailer yet for the film, but I’m sure it will be a conversation starter!

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Daniele my friend I’m proud of you continue the great work that you have so passionately put your heart into, can’t wait to see it. keep me posted.


This sounds very cool and weird! Daniele Watts + Max Burkholder kid from parenthood as a couple? I’m in

Miles Ellison

This plot screams "Lifetime movie." In fact, Lifetime has probably made dozens of films just like this.


An adult woman is having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old boy? Why isn’t the word "rape" part of the synopsis?

kid video

The plot definitely screams, "independent film". Can’t see a major studio releasing this flick. Ms.Watts could make a name for herself doing these odd projects that garner a cult following.

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