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Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny to Star in Adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Lady Susan’

Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny to Star in Adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Lady Susan'

Seventeen years after they co-starred in Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco, Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny will reunite onscreen in another Stillman film. 

Beckinsale will play the lead role in Love & Friendship, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s posthumous novella Lady Susan, in which the main character is a beautiful widow in search of a husband for herself and a father for her daughter. She arrives at the estate of her in-laws to avoid rumors about her dalliances. Sevigny will play Lady Susan’s confidante Alicia, who lives vicariously through her friend’s affairs and manipulations of men.

Lady Susan has been described as the most cynical work in Austen’s oeuvre and has seldom been adapted for film or TV, so it’ll be interesting to see how the author’s rare black humor translates to the screen. 

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Lady Susan and Love and Freindship (sic) are two different stories so why is this film adaptation of one being given the name of the other?


I can only imagine the intrigues that will take place in the film , will intrigues ever give way to the simplicity of happiness

Joseph La

One must only look to History to see that it was the film Industry here in the US that gave the populace comfort and solace during that time period of growing stress and darkness,, we needed it ,,, Hollywood brought forth the Wizard of OZ and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as a diversion of the Horror’s that befell the world now again with growing stress of privacy violations and an unsteady world we Look for a diversion to help us forget the realities of this world , OH for the Love of Jane Austen

Joseph La

Indiewire ,where emails Vanish ,Jane Austen’s work has always been very dear to my heart , I visited England in 2007 and I made it a requirement to see her grave ,the closest I could get to her was to a stone in Westminster Abby ,Humanity in writing is the Nobility of Man ,the written word is who we are and what we believe ,when we burn books we martyr the past ,when we set things down on paper we leave to our posterity the sum Essence of our dreams, believes and even more influencing our actions ,So when I read Jane I’m carried off to a dream world where the worst that can happen is a Wickem can run off with Lydia and the best Lizzy is able to have a husband worthy of respect

Joseph La

They say Variety is the spice of Life ,who would want to read what I write ?, the screenplay has to psychologically fit together for it to work, the psychological profile of Susan must be true and natural , which begs to ask what would cause Lady Susan to seek soo many lovers ,has she confused physical love with emotional and spiritual love ,was she molested as a child having promiscuity as a result ,the audience has to identify with the character so as not to vilify her they need to have sympathy for her .The story needs to be set up so that when she finally meets the man that can erase her past so that she can finally let go ,she will be willing to avail herself to the criticisms that will attack her ,remember she will need to balance the scales for her to be with him ,some families are extremely critical and others feel that they live in glass houses so they never throw stones ,I think I understand where Jane was going with this ,if you can get the audience to identify with the character and embrace her and accept and focus in on a mentally elevated dialog it should be a winner ,,displaying the help of God in her life would add the Devine to it.

Joseph La

I’m still fighting hackers ,unbelievable ,I’m trying to understand why Jane would leave the safe writing standard she was comfortable with to write something so far out of her normal realm of characters for her Heroine ,Something was going on in her personal Life to prompt this ,she was born into wealth and privilege and had all the refinements and finery associated with affluence yet she was gone so young, we have very little comparatively speaking of her work, had she lived to be very old and continued to write we would have a wealth of her work ,perhaps had she married someone who could have preserved her she would have lived longer and created more of her works for us to enjoy .

Joseph La

Somehow I sense she is accomplishing 2 things at the same time ,one for herself and one for the craft ,only people with a sensitive nature will ever understand her or appreciate her ,it will be interesting to see how she escapes her normal nature of Emma and Flora Post , some things pushing her to reach out and take what she wants instead of taking what offered to her if it’s happiness she wants Gods will prevail, people should enjoy watching her because there is no pretense ,I suppose a balanced legacy in film is what she wants ,from her recent work ,what sticks in my mind ,so beautifully played
(everyone wants to own me or possess me ,she continues then he says ,it’s you that possesses me ,to watch the interaction of emotional exchange on a so much higher plain than what the audience is use to is probably what kept it from winning any awards ,it was too sophisticated for the audience so here is the choice if she seeks an award the dialog will have to be such to garnish a larger section of the audience and the craft will suffer for it,, if she does it for the craft which she should we will end up with something to be remembered , Faithfulness is next to Godliness and sinfulness is akin to the Leopard which never changes it’s spots .

Joseph La

For the sake of Jane Austen’s work and Kate’s Craft I would love to tinker with that dialog (to Marry for anything less than love would bring deprivation to heart and starvation of the mind , I wonder if Susan will be an Elizabeth Bennet type or one of Kate’s own creation

Joseph La

Jane Austen is known for her stories of misunderstanding and mistaken Identities and happy endings , Jane Didn’t test people she understood if a man is of Good fortune,, he must be in search of a wife sometimes men are not of good fortune but they are of Good Character and have been left fallow for a long time so they need a little understanding ,Jane Austen Had an understanding heart , Mrs Lamb enjoyed an understanding heart and it took her from a gothic horror story to a happy ending


His name is WHIT Stillman

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