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Logan Lerman & Dylan O’Brien Eyed For New ‘Spider-Man,’ Sony Still Moving Ahead With Spinoffs

Logan Lerman & Dylan O’Brien Eyed For New 'Spider-Man,' Sony Still Moving Ahead With Spinoffs

We’re now in yet another new Spider-Man era, with everyone’s favorite webslinger rebooted again, but this time being tossed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have a lot of thoughts about this latest development, but it isn’t taking long for some of the bigger questions to be answered, and some names to start surfacing for the now-open role of Peter Parker.

But first, it should be noted that Andrew Garfield was given the chance to return. According to The Daily Beast, the actor spoke with Marvel and Sony on Monday night about the possibility of reprising his role, but turned it down, rightfully sensing it didn’t make sense to suit up for what is another creative reboot. And so, who will wear the webslinger’s outfit?

Variety reports that Logan Lerman (“Fury,” “Noah“) and Dylan O’Brien (“The Maze Runner“) are some of the names being tossed around, but it should be noted that a new Spider-Man is not expected to be decided on until there’s a director in place. Furthermore, other iterations of the character, such as the African-American/Puerto Rican Miles Morales, are also still very much on the table. So expect this rumor mill to churn a while longer before any decisions are made. However, Peter Parker will once again be back in high school when he’s rebooted, so the more things change…

Meanwhile, those villain centered spinoffs? Sony is still pressing ahead. Variety says that the studio is still planning “Sinister Six” (originally slotted for 2016 but moved back in the wake of the Marvel/Spider-Man news) and “Venom,” though Kevin Feige won’t be involved with them. So we’re not sure how that makes sense, but presumably these pictures won’t dip into the Marvel-verse, probably because these characters require further contract agreements between the two companies. That said, the Spider-Man deal between Marvel and Sony didn’t involve any actual money, with both opting to just enjoy benefits out of the arrangement: Sony still has the lucrative licensing rights and gets to restart their character under Marvel’s banner, and Marvel now gets a big fan favorite into their movies, which helps their bottom line. Win, win.

Looking for Spider-Man to first pop up in “Captain America: Civil War” on April 6, 2016, and in his first new solo outing on July 28, 2017.

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Josh Machan

Please no, not another reboot, just bring Tobey back, that’s the best way to properlly adapt Civil War!

Yasmin Yustisia

Lerman is the best .

Yasmin Yustisia

if logan who plays the movie , I ‘m sure the film will be more amazing . and the film was going to win awards and probably will occupy the first position of the best movies :)

Malik Myers

For my money, though, Dylan O’Brien is the best possible pick for Spider-Man/Peter Parker – not just of these two actors, but of the great many actors out there in this age bracket. In Teen Wolf alone, he’s played appropriately funny and sarcastic, extremely smart, and deeply emotional – all traits that are absolutely essential for the character. Ever since Teen Wolf Season 2 I always said Dylan O’Brien would be a fantastic Spider-Man. The character of Stiles is essentially Peter Parker without super powers. So I couldn’t be more excited that Dylan is FINALLY being considered to play this role. I do have a few concerns though. They literally just started filming Teen Wolf Season 5 DAYS ago. Plus Dylan has a commitment to The Maze Runner franchise. Even if Sony and Marvel picked him to play Spider-Man how could he possibly film all these things at once?! He could leave Teen Wolf (Jeff Davis would allow it after all), but it would be a huge blow to the show if he left. On top of that he is signed on for two more Maze Runner films. And if the studios can’t work out a scheduling deal then Dylan won’t be able to play the role. I hope everything works out and that they cast him for the role.

Ms. L

Rumours I heard were that Lerman would emerge as the front runner over other names, because he would be the studio’s choice (Sony does have the final say). I wouldn’t be surprised if pops up in the next couple of weeks with a press event to make the announcement, like when Andrew Garfield was cast. His was a splashy press event in Mexico. Since Marvel Studios is officially partnering up, I’d gather they would make the announcement in the same venue for the MCU’s Phase Three presentation or something monumental.


Assolutamente Logan Lerman!


Logan Lerman has the best acting chops among the names and is not a another YA teen actor. He’s been making interesting acting choices lately and is working with top directors.I was actually surprised he wasn’t reportedly cast in Baby Driver, unless he knew a certain role of a lifetime would open up soon and opted out of that film taking instead a supporting role in a new Glenn Close starrer


Logan Lerman has the most substantive filmography of the names tossed around plus he just came off a great performance in Fury released by Sony Pictures.Id like to see him as PP/spidey as he was a fan favorite & finalist last time around.He’s acted with big names & can hold his own. you want someone like that interacting with Downey, Evans, Hemsworth Rufalo Renner Jackson. Ironically of all the possibilities Lerman seems to be in the Garfield position (not in YA films anymore, acting in serious films) during the last casting round

Emperor Zerg Rush

Don’t get your hopes up with that Miles Morales nonsense. You’d be more likely to see Ben Parker in the suit than you would Morales. Also, come on Myrna L – Daniel Radcliffe? You’re kidding, right? He’s well past that age where he can pass effectively as a high school student. Complete pipe dream there.

Myrna L

Dylan O’Brien seems the best choice, He won me over with Maze Runner. He can do comedy,action,drama, very versatile. But Lerman would be great too. What about Daniel Radcliffe?


Logan Lerman won me over in "Fury"


Easy explanation for Sinister Six/Venom: it doesn’t make sense, Variety is wrong. Sony and Marvel made no such reference to it.


They look like the same person.

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