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MSNBC Cancels ‘The Reid Report’ With Joy-Ann Reid

MSNBC Cancels 'The Reid Report' With Joy-Ann Reid

UPDATE: 2 weeks after speculation, based on available evidence, that MSNBC would cancel “The Reid Report” with Joy-Ann Reid, it’s now a reality, as the network has announced officially, that it will indeed be canceling Reid’s program. Also canceled is Ronan Farrow’s show, “Ronan Farrow Daily.” As previously noted, both shows haven’t performed as well as the network would like, based on ratings. No word yet on what MSNBC will replace both shows with. Following below is the initial February 4th “speculation” post…

No doubt MSNBC is longing for the old days of 2012 when there was a Presidential election going on, and the ratings were great, resulting in the network becoming the second most watched news network in the country. But that was then, and this is now.

Last year, the network suffered a serious drop in ratings, and in that all important 25-54 demo audience, with a whopping 37% drop during the day and an even worse 39% drop during primetime. Which means the network gets clobbered on a daily basis by Fox News and CNN, which, last year, saw a real surge in ratings and demo viewers.

As a result, according to a recent article in The Wrap (HERE), MSNBC president Phil Griffith is about to make some major changes on the network, and, most likely, starting off with its lead primetime show, “All In with Chris Hayes,” which has been a major disappointment, to say the least.

Daily, the show trails in a very distant third behind “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox news, and CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” in the same time slot. No surprise then that his show has been bringing down ratings and demos for the rest of MSNBC’s primetime shows, including the network’s best-rated show and star performer Rachel Maddow, who follows Hayes. Her show alone has dropped 50% in her demo audience, mainly because of Hayes’ poor lead-in performance. Griffith most likely will either move him to an earlier time slot, where he’ll do the least damage, or maybe cancel his show altogether.

In the daytime, however, problems are even worse. Ronan Farrow’s show has been a flat-out disaster for the network. His program, “Ronan Farrow Daily,” might be the least-watched of all MSNBC’s shows. According to The Wrap article, last Wednesday, his show attracted only a measly 26,000 among demo viewers. And like “All In,” Farrow’s poor lead-in is seriously crippling Joy-Ann Reid’s “The Reid Report show.” Last Thursday her show only attracted 36,000 demo viewers.

The situation is getting desperate at the network, according to one insider who says: “Ronan and Joy — something has to change there.” And another network insider added that “many within MSNBC believe one of the two — Farrow or Reid — will see their shows canceled soon.” 

Farrow was a very questionable choice for a show on the network in the first place. A lawyer and human rights activist with literally no previous journalism, or very little TV pundit experience, Griffith reportedly met Farrow on some social occasions, and was so impressed with him that he gave him his own show. Which I suppose is the very definition of “white male privilege” wouldn’t you say? Go ahead, I dare anyone to disagree with me.

Which is another way of saying that I think Reid is going to get the ax. What do you say?

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MSNBC are clearing the decks for the 2016 presidential election. The election cycle is the only time the network grains ground. I think Rev. Al and Melissa Harris Perry shows wil get the axe also.


Stiff? Doesn’t MHP dance between segments? Literally dancing to the music as they come in and go out to breaks.


If "Reid and Harris-Perry have both suffered from representing the race syndrome." It doesn’t seem to affect Toure’ on "The Cycle" or Rev. Al Sharpton. I assume they are doing well in the ratings.


You have have touched on something here that I’ve noticed that both Reid and Harris-Perry have both suffered from "representing the race" syndrome in that they have the self-imposed burden of trying to counteract the "negative" images of black people on TV. As a result, they were both rather stiff and professorial when they’re on the air and instead of being more "looser" and more engaging


ROBIN MEADE?! WOW I remember her from Chicago. She was very good there with a sense of humor and a very attractive smile. Re: Joy Ann, whenever she was on AlS or MHP she seemed to always be the "serious Black person" on the panel. I can’t imagine a whole show of ‘that’. I agree that all things televised are for ‘entertainment’ purposes. Know and cater-to your ‘audience’ and you should be successful. ijs


"That’s what Fox News understands (just like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or Alex Jones). They don’t care if they’re blatantly biased, bigoted or just make up stuff, it’s all just entertainment." EXACTO el Sr. Sergio! The same can be said about every program on TV and every movie, one can complain about the quality of a show and/or movie, or negative black images on each, but the bottom line rests at… is "it" entertaining enough to have folks wanting more. If a fimmaker or producer doesn’t get that, well, failure will be near by. Anyway, Joy-Ann Reid was missing "controversy". Heck, my favorite female anchor is Robin Meade. Hmmmmm, I’ve never stopped to think why? I wonder if anyone else enjoys her style?


@Sergio – I agree with your statements about Ms. Reid. Not everyone can carry those type of news shows. You have to have some type of personality to keep viewers engaged. She wasn’t very interesting to listen to for long periods of time. I hope Ms. Reid is given another opportunity elsewhere.


Ratings for The Cycle have been hard to find. A year ago it was reported that show was struggling badly and I can’t imagine that it’s been doing better this year. But MSNBC still obviously believes in the show and keeps it on basically because the network thinks it can still attract a younger audience. But it could wind up on the shopping block one day if they think they can find something better.


I was one of biggest supporters for Reid to have her own show, but I have to admit that it was a big disappointment for me. Her basic problem was that she failed to make her show entertaining (as did also Farrow and Hayes). Despite the fact that it’s supposed to be a "news" network like Fox News and CNN, they are all basically at the core entertainment shows. That’s what Fox News understands (just like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or Alex Jones). They don’t care if they’re blatantly biased, bigoted or just make up stuff, it’s all just entertainment. No one on Fox News could be even remotely called a serious journalist. They’re straight up entertainers. Rachel Maddow on NSNBC is really good example of that because in addition to giving her viewers information she does it in a really funny comical way. She gets it. Reid’s show was too "dry". I’m not saying she had to "yuk it up" but she needed to make her show more engaging which she failed to do. Al Sharpton (who’s a real pro on promoting himself on TV) and Chris Matthews are also eneratainers more through their outsize personalities as well


Sergio how is "The Cycle" doing in the ratings? It airs in the daytime at 3pm.


I’ve only seen Joy-Ann as a guest on Melissa Harris-Perry ‘s and Al Sharpton’s shows. Maybe she can go back to that. Rating$ Rule.

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