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Watch: Alex Gibney Exposes Scientology in ‘Going Clear’ Trailer

Watch: Alex Gibney Exposes Scientology in 'Going Clear' Trailer

Veteran documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney returned to Sundance this January with his latest powder keg of a documentary, “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.” Like the book on which it’s based by Lawrence Wright, it offered up shocking claims about the Church of Scientology sure to rock the public when HBO Documentary Films releases the film.
The extensive and scathing exposé digs into the history of founder L. Ron Hubbard, the real reason behind the breakup of Scientology member Tom Cruise and his now ex-wife Nicole Kidman, what goes on behind the closed doors of its Los Angeles Church and much more over the course of its two-hour running time.
HBO will debut the documentary on Sunday, March 29 at 8pm, with an encore the next night, Monday March 30 at 9pm. Watch the first trailer below:

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Andrew. You have to be a busy guy right now. Spin doctoring can be exhaustive work. Especially when defending increasing complaints and personal stories so damaging.
Tell me; are they paying you much?


Hey Andrew, you should eat a dick.

gmo kills

church secta is much worse


Can’t wait to see it.
Aren’t these people even slightly embarrassed to be following the teachings of a grade Z pulp Sci-Fi Author?!!
What if I told you about the Religion started by Harold Robbins & Jacqueline Suzanne? Would you sign up for that??!!!


So on board for this film. Cannot wait to see it!

Dennis Harvey

I’ve seen this movie, and everything accusation in it is completely verified–often related by a person who suffered, witnessed or even ordered the abuses in question. It’s hardly "hackneyed journalism," as shill Andrew puts it. And just what does Scientology do for "people and the wider community" with its "social programs"? Over the years I’ve heard lots of self-congratulation from Scientology over that. But I can’t recall ever hearing a single outside expert or beneficiary praise or even mention these programs, which makes me wonder if they’re all just p.r. fronts. I mean, if Scientology’s programs had such wild success in curing addictive behavior, etc., wouldn’t their breakthroughs have influenced and been noted in the "wider community"? Unfortunately, Scientology’s history of inflated claims and straight-up lying suggest there’s nothing of real value behind these "social programs," either.


Religion and faith are easy targets for media myopic on these subjects. I do not believe that a journalist will ever explore the mystical realm of faith, its reality and the fact that people adhere to it. We live in a mechanistic and material age as far as media is concerned, so they limit themselves to ridiculing faiths, often through the eyes of former adherents. It’s pretty hackneyed journalism and appeals to a cynical audience. The far more interesting story is what Scientology is doing in the world today for people and the wider community with their social programmes. But that story is the one that troubles the mainstream media, for it offers hope for change, for a more peaceful world through a deeper understanding of the human condition and its spiritual source. Mr Hubbard said the knowledge is yours and he just wrote it down. So we in Scientology say: find out for yourself what it is about and don’t accept just what the critics say.


This is high on my list. I’m glad someone is finally exposing a Grade-A cult that ought to be investigated under the RICO laws.

Roger weller

thanks for posting,can’t wait to see it.

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