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Weekend B. O. Jan 30 -Feb. 1 (Keeping on Top of Things)

Weekend B. O. Jan 30 -Feb. 1 (Keeping on Top of Things)

One of
my duties is to keep on top of what’s going on in the film world, and
I try my best; but of course, some things always slip through. But I admit that
I was completely befuddled when I saw the No 3 film with $8.5 million this
weekend was Paramount/MTV Films’ picture “Project Almanac.”

I’ve never
heard of this film before in my life and we’re not talking about some
under-the-radar indie film or even some Bollywood movie, but a major studio
feature film that opened in 2900 theaters across the country. Yet I never saw
one ad or TV spot and even an article about it, let alone anyone even talking about it.

Now, I admit
that I’m not a member of the audience for this kind of film, which, from what I could find
out, is one of those fake “found footage” movies (isn’t that genre played out by
now?) about a group of teenagers who find a time machine and use it to manipulate
outcomes in their recent past, in their favor. But I would think that I would have
heard about it at some point. Are there any of you out there, like me, who have never
heard of this film before?

Though I take it from the image above from the film, that none of the teenagers are black, which means, at least, there won’t be the one character who gets killed when their trip to the past goes wrong. (Hey, you know how these things always go whenever you have one black supporting character in a film like this).

But in spite
of a massive winter blizzard that hit most of the East Coast and Northwest of
the country, earlier last week, it didn’t seem to affect “American Sniper” at all.
It landed again in the No.1 position for the third week in a row, with just
under $32 million for the week, and almost $250 million domestically.

Coming in
No. 2 is the family film “Paddington,” based the popular series of children’s
books, which has turned out to be a dead of winter sleeper hit for The
Weinstein Company.

“Black and White,” the much ballyhooed interracial adoption drama, tanked, with less the $6.5
million, coming in fourth this weekend, while the Jennifer Lopez starrer, “The Boy
Next Door,” took a serious hit. It dropped 60% from last weekend, due to bad reviews
and bad word of mouth; but, as I mentioned last week, the film’s $24.7 million
take so far makes the film, with it’s very modest $4 million production budget,
a b.o. hit.

As for “Selma” it dropped down to 11th place, but at almost $43.6 million so far, it’s almost certain to do about $55 million domestically when all is said and done (and which
is about what “12 Years A Slave” did in the U.S.), coming close the $60
million that I predicted for the film..

1) American Sniper  WB  $31,850,000  Total: $248,942,000 
2) Paddington  W/Dim.  $8,505,000  Total: $50,540,000 
3) Project Almanac  Par.  $8,500,000 
4) Black or White  Rela.  $6,456,000 
5) The Boy Next Door  Uni.  $6,093,000  Total: $24,684,000 
6) The Wedding Ringer  SGem  $5,700,000  Total: $48,100,000 
7) The Imitation Game  Wein.  $5,173,000  Total:  $67,955,000 
8) Taken 3  Fox  $3,650,000  Total: $81,353,000 
9) Strange Magic  BV  $3,441,000  Total: $9,899,000 
10) The Loft  ORF  $2,879,000 
11) Selma  Par.  $2,670,000  Total: $43,578,000 
12) Into the Woods  BV  $1,942,000  Total:  $124,388,000

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