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Attention, Filmmakers: Essential Tips for Micro-Budget Features

Attention, Filmmakers: Essential Tips for Micro-Budget Features

From casting to costume design and locations, when you’re making a low or micro-budget feature, you’ve got to be creative and, of course, budget-conscious. At Indiewire, we’ve featured a variety of stories about how micro-budget filmmakers manage to get the job done efficiently and economically.

9 Tips for Getting the Best Performances in Micro-Budget Features: Here are some tips to help with the casting process for your micro-budget feature.

5 Essential Tips for Casting Your Micro-Budget Feature: Although they have over a dozen years of experience in film and television production, when Scott K. Foley and Josh Rosenberg set out to make a micro-budget feature, they hadn’t anticipated how challenging it would be to cast the lead. Here they share their tips for what to do (and not to do) when casting your micro-budget feature.

How to Make a Feature Film for $10,000: To make a feature for only $10,000, it all starts with the locations. You must design your story around the locations, not the locations around your story. And more tips about making a low and micro-budget feature.

15 Tips on Making Your First Micro-Budget Feature: Here’s how this first-time director without any connections got his first micro-budget film made and into theaters.

10 Tips for Successfully Producing a Micro-Budget Indie Film: Producer Jennifer Westin provides advice for aspiring and first-time producers working on a micro-budget feature.

Why You Should Make a DIY Film That Matters: If you’re looking for some inspiration, read Andy Siege’s first-person story about making his micro-budget first feature, “Beti and Amare.”

Share your own micro-budget filmmaking tips in the comments below.

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Brett Cameron

Excellent advice here. Thank You for sharing.
A great tip that I would like to pass on is to get hold of a book from Michael Donaldson called Clearance and Copyright. It may not be on the exciting end of film making but this book will save you so much time and trouble. Absolutely the best copyright and clearance guide out there for filmmakers. I praise the day I found this book.

Sharida Mohammed

How much will it cost me just to film my granddaughter reading a story, we have 52 of them. Should i contact a producer or just someone who coud do good filming. It is simple, she is reading and hen at the end someone appears in a circle above her head giving advice to the youths of today.

Harry Monk

Also worth checking out is Blood And Carpet. Going against the general advise it is a period feature shot for under $5000 in London. Already screened in theatres in the UK and Europe. 60’s influenced b-movie noir thriller. Streaming on Vimeo.

Linda Nelson

For another great example of how incredible a $25,000 film can be, check out FRAY. With a limited theatrical, a glowing review from the LA Times,cable VOD, retail DVD, placement on the top ten digital channels and a 4K release on Samsung TV’s through MGo, this film is an amazing example of what you can do on an ultra, low budget.

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