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Don’t Get Your Heart Tinder-ized at SXSW

Don't Get Your Heart Tinder-ized at SXSW

Tinder users aren’t always who they seem to be — particularly during SXSW. Saturday afternoon, at least one Tinder user who messaged with “Ava” was crestfallen to discover she’s really Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, Adweek reports. That in itself wouldn’t be so disappointing, but Vikander appeared to be part of a larger marketing campaign tied to Alex Garland’s “Ex Machina,” a sci-fi film that was premiering Saturday night in SXSW in which she stars.

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In Adweek, reporter Tim Nudd wrote that his friend fell for Ava and they had the following exchange:
When he went to check out Ava’s Instagram account, he was disappointed to find only two posts: an ad for the “Ex Machina” premiere and a clip from the movie. In hindsight, surely Ava’s responses were a bit robotic.

In the film, Vikander plays Ava (Alicia Vikander), a beautiful A.I. whose emotional intelligence proves to be quite sophisticated. Clever marketing campaign, perhaps, but how many hearts were broken in the process?

 acquired U.S. rights to the film, which Garland also wrote, back in October 2014. The film, which also stars Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson, will be released on April 10. A24 was not immediately available to comment or to confirm that this is part of the film’s official marketing campaign.

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I feel like this is what a 40 year old movie executive would think would work. It just looks desperate to appeal to the younger demo that uses tindr.


Its being unnecessary advertising


Same thing happened at Pantera Press with Akarnae Tinder account


"but how many hearts were broken in the process?"! – You’re joking, right?


I get the concept – she’s in a film about AI and Turing tests – but it is still kind of a d*** move imo. I wonder how people would react if it was a young unknown version of Ryan Gosling doing this to women.


Thats kinda cruel

Reini Urban

I remember her from Slamdance 2014. She was awesome! But esp. in her big princess role and in Anna Karenina.


Advertising: infiltrate anything new culturally, bleed it try parasitically, and render it banal and awful.


You knew she is out of your league


Not sure where this falls in ethical standards, but I have to admit it’s a pretty genius idea…was already really looking forward to this film.

Steve makweeen

I don’t this is particularly funny dude.


All I can say is LOL

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