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Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams Eyeing Tom Ford’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’; Joaquin Phoenix and Aaron Taylor-Johnson May Also Star

Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams Eyeing Tom Ford's 'Nocturnal Animals'; Joaquin Phoenix and Aaron Taylor-Johnson May Also Star

Oscar travesties comes and go, but the overlooking of Tom Ford’s “A Single Man” in 2009 was kind of a big shame. Sure, many were worried that a fashion designer dipping his toe into the world of filmmaking would scream dilettante, and maybe it did from the outset, but “A Single Man” was a gorgeously shot and carefully rendered drama; one of the best directorial debuts in recent memory and filled with top-notch acting too (admittedly, Colin Firth was nominated for his excellent turn, but the movie deserved more accolades). Thankfully, it appears that Hollywood has not forgotten that picture and some serious heavyweight talent is circling Ford’s latest.

Titled “Nocturnal Animals” and produced by George Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures with partner Grant Heslov, the drama is an adaptation of an Austin Wright book titled “Tony and Susan” and centers on a woman named Susan who receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband, a man whom she left 20 years earlier, asking for her opinion. The book then tracks two stories within the same novel and Ford previously said he would try and make two movies from each.

While a two-parter remains to be seen, what is clear is the talent likely involved. THR says Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are eyeing the two lead parts while there also might be roles for Joaquin Phoenix and “Godzilla” star Aaron Taylor-Johnson. That’s got awards-bait written all over it. Smokehouse Pictures has a first-look deal at Sony Pictures, so if the Tom Rothman era of Sony wants it, it should easily be theirs. Either way, this is a terrific ensemble and we hope it all holds together to the finish line.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a pretty great actor actually. Just go and watch Nowhere boy.


=> @ FILMNERD, the original premise is more about Susan cheating on first husband with the man who would become her second husband. There just needs to be enough time passed for the manuscript as a trigger.

For Gyllenhaal doubters, he’s done 3 very different thrillers in the last 3 years: Enemy, Prisoners, Nightcrawler. Plus the earlier Zodiac. If Tom Ford wants a thriller playing with story-telling, that’s reliable rep sheet there. Phoenix’s last thriller was Reservation Road 8 years ago, and almost none for Adams.


A stab in the dark: a post-modern Cape Fear?


If the two main characters are the husband and wife who are discussing their relationship 20 years ago, then everyone is too young. Adams and Phoenix are 40 (possible, but unlikely), Gyllenhall is in his early 30s and Taylor Johnson is about 6. Unless it’s all casting for flashback? Otherwise sounds good.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson was amazing in Nowhere Boy. I think he will be fantastic in this too! <3


Sorry, but if his body of work didn’t convince you, Gyllenhaal’s performance in Nightcrawler is enough to convince anyone he’s a great actor.


Jake is good actor, hands down, but not great.


It should find a home no problem. While Clooney’s production company does have a home at Sony, Weinstein could also be a good fit for this film since they distributed Single Man as well as the Smokehouse produced August Osage County


Actually it goes back to October Sky. If Gyllenhaal hadn’t been able to carry that movie on his own, his career would not have taken off the way it did. He didn’t write or direct Prince of Persia, he acted in it, and did a good job with what he had to work with. And he deserved the Oscar for Nightcrawler. He will have a long and successful career when you, @Logic troll are long gone. And Aaraon Taylor-Johnson can act, too. He’s not going to disappear either. You both sound like jealous little boys. Grow up. No one cares about your insecurities.


Since End of Watch, Enemy, Prisoners, Nightcrawler. Where have you been?


LOL… Since when did Jake, Prince of Persia, Gyllenhaal become a "great actor"?


Do it Joaquin!


3 great actors….. and then Aaron Taylor-Johnson? He’ll be outperformed so badly it’ll be embarrassing.

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