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Jonathan Nolan Says His Original Ending To ‘Interstellar’ Was “Much More Straightforward”

Jonathan Nolan Says His Original Ending To 'Interstellar' Was “Much More Straightforward”

As anyone who followed the run-up to the release of Christopher Nolan‘s “Interstellar” last year knows, the project didn’t start with him. It was actually eyed by Steven Spielberg long before Nolan came on board, and had a script by Jonathan Nolan, with input from science brain Kip Thorne. Once the older Nolan came onboard to direct, he made significant changes his brother’s script (among them, Murph was a boy in the first drafts of the screenplay), and what you saw on the big screen was Christopher’s take on the material. According to Jonathan, his version had a conclusion that was less cerebral and more science based. **Spoilers ahead**

Okay, so we know that in “Interstellar” Matthew McConaughy‘s Cooper flung himself into the black hole, Gargantua, and landed in the fifth dimensional Galactic Bookcase of timelines, which he uses to speak to his daughter with sand. Or something. At that point in the movie, you’re kinda just going with it, but according to Jonathan, his conclusion “had the Einstein-Rosen bridge [colloquially, a wormhole] collapse when Cooper tries to send the data back,” he said during an event to promote the film’s upcoming Blu-ray (via Nerdist).

So what does that mean? Well, in short, no happy ending. No reunion with the elderly daughter and no space dates with Anne Hathaway. It’s theoretically a much darker finale, one that sees the hero succeeding in the mission but dying in the process. While Nolan spent much of the press circuit talking about how scientifically accurate his film is, it should be noted that the gravitational weirdness that Coop and Murph discover was supposed to have been caused by “gravity waves” and detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravity-Wave Observatory. However, C-Nolan ditched that too.

“That was very near and dear to me, but Chris thought it was too much science for the public to digest at once,” Thorne said.

Thoughts? Did Nolan’s approach make his movie more relatable by focusing on character or getting loose with science? Let us know below. “Interstellar” hits home video on March 31st.

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I did like the ending very much. There’s a lot to be said for a happy ending that people often want to decry, in favor of something more "artistic" or "Greek Tragedy." While appropriate sometimes, a morbidly depressing ending doesn’t carry as much merit for me, personally.
That being said, I despise how Holywood simply cannot just give people something highly intelligent with a lot of difficult ideas, but instead always tries to reach the lowest common denominator. Yes, it’s true, a great percentage of the population is stupid, but you can make an intelligent and heady movie for those who can appreciate it, and not always have to dumb down to cater to the widest demographics. But, alas, this is usually kept to the indie market, as they’re not doing it strictly for the money.


Funny reading this a year later after the Laser Interferometer Gravity-Wave Observatory has in fact detected gravitational waves…

Gary Truemner

Gravity "anomaly" supposed to be unexplained 5th dimension not observatory tangent…killing the lead? How is that good… BTW WHY? Same Matt Damen voice and Jessica Chastain in "The Martian" comedy movie…


    lol, this kind of thinking kills good stories (“kill the lead?!) Happy endings are too hollywood.

Jenny Jensen-Howard

LOVE, LOVE. LOVED it just the way it was on film. I would have liked to see more of the family reunion but I thought it was GREAT!

Johnathan Hill

Really would like to see a film where J.Nolan’s full ideas were visualized on film.


Btw, I live a few miles away from the LIGO facility here in Louisiana. I thought about them when I first saw the film.


To be honest, I enjoy both Nolan’s take on the story. I’m a fan of the "Love transcends space and time" idea from Chris’ film which would honestly fit in Jonathan’s version considering that Coop would die out of the love for his daughter/mankind. Only thing you’d have to leave out is the part earlier in the film where Coop promises to return.

Steve H

The authors of the last few posts I just read need to go to a science class so they can enjoy the truth and facts about a theorized science? As far as the movie is concerned, I thought it could not of been more well-written wonderful ending I would love to see a sequel!!!

Jack Casey

The movie was fantastic, I really liked it, and I am a sharp critic. I watch many movies and films. I loved it..


Though the ending was a bit over the top, it made for a good sci-fi story. Ironically, it wasn’t intended to be so fictional. Honestly, I’d like to see a sequel that’s more science based and shows them colonizing the new planet. Simply surviving the elements seems formidable enough of an antagonist.


I don’t think it has to be either or. The science and character development are both important for science buffs. In the next film it would awesome to have a careful blending of both not to sacrifice the hard science. That is what made the movie so interesting. Even without a PhD in Cosmology it makes you want to learn more and research what you didn’t understand. I hope to see more movies like this in the future and hope that you write about the new theories and present them to the Large audience. My guess is that if the audience didn;t want the hard science they wouldn’t have come to see the movie to begin with. So go all the way…


I liked the ending. I have a 6 year old daughter, and related to the father character. It was very emotional digesting that the daughter missed out on life with her father and vice-versa. It was heartbreaking to see her as an old woman, and he as an old man, saying goodbye to her. I was happy that Murph lived a fulfilling life with children and grandchildren and that she saved humans. I was happy that the father got his wish, to live either 40 years earlier, or 40 years later. Loved everything about this movie.


(Accidentally sent the comment before finished) and this idea that they saved the world and he was barely even remembered didn’t seem real. Especially how when he visited his daughter how no one acknowledged him. People recognize who Benjamin’s Franklin or George Washington is when they see them. People know what they look like and would be like wtf if they just walked up on them. I would feel that even though his daughter solved everything, he should of been just as notorious and credited for doing so. Then there’s oneeal explanation on how he was saved. Maybe when he went into the black whole the data did transmit (which I never really understood exactly how any of that happens…) and his daughter did figure it out and save the world, idk he lived. I do think Miss. Brand did and started the colony.


I actually assumed that he did die because of what Mann said about seeing your kids when you die. I think all that Morris code bit, the space station (and a baseball game? Just like his last happy memory with murph? Too much of a coincidence)


The film’s ending felt – like that of Inception – like a dream, a happy delusion, before or during the process of this character’s death. In this case, I’m certain that this wasn’t what Christopher Nolan intended; but it felt e.g. like Sam’s taking residence in his dream in Gilliam’s Brazil, or the robot-boy’s one happy day with his "mother" in Spielberg’s A.I. The mission was terminal for Cooper, and there was precious little hope for Earth, gravitational warping of space-time notwithstanding…

Jules Winnfield

WOW, this sounds so much better than the garbage we got in the end. A darker ending would have been fine, not the crap that propelled this movie into overrated territory. Last good Nolan film I watched was Dark Knight. He’s got some making up to do. No more Inceptions or Interstellar’s. More Prestige and Memento’s.

    Frank Pellicci

    I suspended my belief system watching this film until Ann Hataway’s character rendered the entire movie “ignorant!” She talks about “knowing everything in the Universe happens by accident at first!”(paraphrasing) From useful idiots “bill nye” the quasi science buffoon to Aliens…A magnificent creation…The Universe by it’s very Nature could not come into being unless a Superior Scientist…a Superior Architect… In other Words…God! Nothing would exist…including Interstellar!


I think the thing with Interstellar is the whole setup makes you believe that none of the crew will survive but will complete the mission, and this is what makes the rotational docking scene SO TENSE – there is a variable that is usually known in films – the survival of the main character, that has been given to chance. Personally I think killing off Coop would be a really bad idea as it would make his survival during the docking seem a bit pointless.


I appreciated the ending more after the second viewing. Though I do feel slightly underwhelmed by the reunion of Cooper and Murph…their relationship was such a driving force behind the movie. And while I understand that Coop is an explorer, and that he was able to see his daughter live a full life so he can now go on to do…exploring, the reunion felt rushed and inconsequential to the movie. Regardless, to me it still remains an astonishing film.


I think they should have kept it on the science, at some point it was too much.


I think it worked… I love movies with a dark ending but happy endings give hope.


Come on people… this was the perfect ending. what is science without love? Cooper worked through science to see his daughter once more like he promised her.


Who the F*** is Kip Throne? Idiots.


this movie was so great/horrible just sayin, cause people listen to me/or dont and jim morrison says it better anyways MONSTER OF ENERGY


thought so…………………………………………….


more than meets the eye


so when you ‘find’ the milk and honey in the land of milk and honey, you can shove it up your ass, because it will be too late for it to matter…individuals, secret keepers, associates, takers, back stabbers, one uppers, followers….

Judith Roseta

Most disappointing film I have seen in years. They lost me over the ‘intense’ bond with the daughter and the relationship son was a cardboard cutout. Leaving his son, presumably forever, the scene was laughably bad, "I’m leaving forever, take care, and, oh by the way, I’m taking the truck." The ending was impossibly thin, implausible, improbable and dependent on the decryption of slivers of clues. Science or no, this was just an over-hyped space melodrama.


yeah for the one guy who makes a joke, theres 10,000 others who said "crazy"…see the horizon now? good bye americanos


damn, I wish they kept the original ending, it seemed lackluster and like john had said, it didn’t fit, what a total shame …


but arago spots ARE subtle!


very subtle bebo, way to prove a point lol


Do not go gentle, into that good night. Dylan Thomas, 1914 – 1953

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


What do you think a multi-dimensional array is designed to do? The computer is built JUST LIKE the universe.


This is so easy. Don’t ask scientific questions if you don’t like mathematical answers. 1+0==1 (Did you hear it? The sound of the mountain)

C Nolan

no pal, it’s your movie that’s falling apart, mine made half a billion…fool, cast your lot


I think the "more scientific" ending would have been far more interesting. The first third of the movie seemed to promise huge themes playing with theoretical physics, then quickly devolved into pedestrian, popcorn movie tropes that fall to deliver in any way on a philosophical or scientific level. It’s becoming more evident that Nolan either thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room or has an increasing, open disdain for his audiences intelligence.


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    Just loved it…totally awesome movie…i can watch this as many times i want…r eally awesome movie and the ending is quite simple guys so stop discussing about it fools! Cooper helped murphy to save earth then met her after getting saved by


sorry but event horizons are not what you think, nor or paradigm shifts, nor is the economy, if you thought you knew what the first two were in the first place; did your mass ever become infinite? < on weed man?

elon musk

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i cant wait to watch your society crumble to the ground on the premise that you are all disgusted at the prospect that love has something to do with this movie just as dr. brand had theorized


did you guys not feel that kaluza-klein feeling when he gets close to "the cat’s eye" picture of the non-singular event, the bookcase? if you didnt feel that, if kip throne didn’t know that, maybe i should go work for nolan


excuse me but, since living through the digital revolution of the 1980’s, i would have to tell you all this ending was perfectly accuracte, getting stuck in the horizon until the progression of time which is only measured by our advancements, is accomplished, and you all living in this lonely tesseract of "the giver’s rules" well, find out yourself what’s going on outside

Peter Molnár

Unlike others, I have actually read the original screenplay by Jonathan Nolan, and overall, it was a far, far worse narrative, much more Hollywood-esque. Plus, while the ending of that draft might have been darker and involved Cooper only sending through a probe with some data (or a signal, can’t remember exactly), the bulk of the story was more like an action film and involved alien organisms, a Chinese research base on the ice planet, Chinese-built survey robots gone crazy, Cooper and Brand having a clichéd out-of-nowhere relationship and sex, barely any importance of the kids to the plot, and last but not least, CASE and TARS turning on the crew in a lame twist – revealed to have been "PRC spies all along, in cahoots with the base robots". Yawn ! Seriously ?! I’m glad Chris did a rewrite of it. If it had used that draft, it would be another generic action movie in space, even if the ending would have been grimmer. In the final version, Cooper still sends out that signal, the only big difference is that he also survives and reunites with the daughter.


I love this ending much better, hell it got all the science nerds outta their basements and starting to speak….
Fast forward this to the ending just for the freakish/crazy finally, I mean most films with advanced forward out of the box thinking, inspire scientists to make it happen in years time!

Siddharth Raj

I am not a science expert. Nor am I a film expert. I only love to write and act a bit. I just feel, on a film-maker’s viewpoint, this movie was just perfect. The changes C. Nolan made, were quite significant while relating them to science and reality. But they shouldn’t bother scientists too much as there are over 80% of the science elements in the movie which were bang on.
Now coming back to the director’s viewpoint, Nolan thought for the viewers and all those who are have got to do with the film. He didn’t be selfish by using the perfection of science and tease the laymen (viewers). He exploited the resources (mainly science) and made a masterpiece for everyone of us to enjoy.

Syed Karuni

Christopher’s ending was weird and seemed so unreal and illogical. The ending was the only part of the movie that threw me off. Jonathan’s version is sounding better though. C should’ve stuck to science!

Chad Baker

I wish they would stop making assumptions about what the viewing public can and cannot handle. I would think that the popularity of shows like Cosmos would testify to a thirst for imaginative science-based entertainment.


Never assume their is too much science to digest. Dont underestimate audience. Thats what blu-rays are for is to watch over and over and discover new details everytime.


I always enjoy the collaborations between the Nolan brothers. They balance each other’s perspectives, making for a wonderfully enjoyable movie going experience. I absolutely loved Interstellar – everything about it.


The film was brilliant up until the ending – I felt they should have kept the pace quite slow, and scientific and left us wondering about the sequel. The message of love is fair enough but it has to be within the realms of reality!


Just wanted to add that both films are very, very good films, possibly even great. "The Grey" is one of the best strongest movies I’ve ever seen because of the starkly beautiful scenery, the character development, and the very real sense of impending doom. Interstellar is probably my favorite film of all time, for it’s scientific premises, technological portrayals, and the sheer emotionality of the film which appeals to both mind and heart.


Looking back, I can see now that they doctored it up to have a happy ending,,,,,yes, I think it would’ve been a stronger film in the original version, but the desire to give it a happy ending is so ingrained in us, since we naturally want everybody to be happy. This isn’t uncommon in Hollywood, reference the two endings of "The Grey", for example.

Justin Michael Madison

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Christopher Nolan doesn’t want to stay inside the box. He wants to expand it and make his own world. I thought the movie from beginning to end was amazing.


Depends on the details. I think him living was contrived, but failing the mission as well would have been a less satisfying mission. Personally feel like the best ending would have been him dying after the quantum data was sent and whatsherface and Edmund starting their new colony alone.


"mind bending"? come on! watch primer then you tell me about mind bending

Rochelle needham

i thought the ending was perfect for a blockbuster movie. If you were just doing a little movie for scientists then you could make it totally accurate.


It would have been a great finale, but hey, it already is. I don’t think there is much difference between them.


I kinda think he DID die is the "bookcase" of time, the resulting film was him picturing a "nice" end to his life knowing he actually helped fix things. The problem with that thought is if the last minutes of the film were his death thoughts, we don’t have a clear resolution to human survival, which I’m ok with. It’s just film.
However, I think it would have been ok to see him disappear from those last frames, see that humanity is still alive and a cut to Ann’s new life in the other Galaxy. I would have walked away from the film the same way.


i like C.Nolan ending because its a movie and sometimes movies must end like that.and i think that j.Nolan was more scientifique and real but i don’t think that evrerybody can get it and it will be come a documentary not a movie.


The ending was mind-bending and surprising so… perfect. This is not a documentary so I’m not sure why everybody expected accurate science. It’s a movie about love and the human push to survive/explore with mostly accurate science.


Im sad now. This could be perfect. PERFECT I say! Not some lame love, fifth dimensional bullcrap!


    I agree, the ending was terribly lame. So sad that Chris screwed up what could have been a truly unique astounding movie with such a bad Hollywood style “happy” romance ending. “That was very near and dear to me, but Chris thought it was too much science for the public to digest at once,”

Sagar Darp

i liked c nolan version as it had human touch and the perfect climax required, j nolan version is also good but would have lacked magic and hans zimmer score would have remained useless. Already people are had difficulty understanding but at least "love" part bought smiles on their faces and tying all knots in the climax gave the perfect ending.


Well… The J.Nolan ending does seem very good and I do think it would be a better ending but then the love between Cooper and Murphy will not be shown properly. Yes, I know that a 20 second meet is very lame but it shows the importance of love that all Murphy wanted is to see Cooper again.


Why not make an alternative ending with J Nolan’s original script in the bonus disc?


i didn’t any of these endings, i wish the mission didnt succed and coop and brand colonized a planet or something. why human race have to always survive anyways? get flipping real, people, be flipping original, nolan, genius that always make the best movie of the universe… sigh


If I wanted all the science I would read a boring magazine. This movie was filled with science and people have a hard time following Nolan’s complex story lines as it is. Then ending looped the story full circle. An ending with Cooper floating aimlessly in space would have made sense but been more open ended. I loved everything about this movie and look forward to more of Nolan’s work!


You guys are all jakes

Jerry Daugherty

Fantastic movie and the ending extended hope for human survival . If it were all about Science, think documentary – how very Boring .


The pre-parent me would insist on the science. The dad of a young daughter me got a movie which satisfied me in a much bigger way.


The movie fell more into a touchie feely vibe. Dumbing down an issue has never appealed to me. I saw the homage to 2001 from the monolith robots to the star fall portal, but they took the spooky out of quantum physics by tying it all up in a neat bow. Sometimes a photon is a part

Leroy Jetton

I agree with everyone that the original ending was more scientifically accurate, and the actual ending about love was just convoluted to the rest of the story. But what if you were watching the movie and he just died… Then you would hate the ending because the whole point was that he was suppose to come back to Murph. And if you would say "no, i would like the death ending because it’s scientific accurate" no you would hate it because you would care more for the story, because you wouldn’t be angry at the science.


You see, the ‘science’ – ‘not science’ stuffs, that’s some downright stupid argument to deny Nolan Oscars. What we see out there, inside the cinema hall, is narration. Its literature, moving literature; where we have fiction and reality interwoven. Don’t take it out into something controversial. There are things which Nolan tries to communicate with all that science-love mix up. Try to read it out, lest arguing like intellectual fanatics. For me Interstellar was simply poetic.


Interstellar is one of my favorite films. I adored the ending as is. I love the emotional themes of love and family . C Nolan was right, and that’s coming from a lover of science fiction and fact. Different strokes for different folks though!

    John Barron

    I think the movie is great….I would love a sequal.


I don’t get this discussion,, why didn’t they make another movie, with other ending?", for people who didn’t get this one. My opinion is that the movie was perfect as it was, and I like the fact that Nolan ‘s endings usually give us a hint that everything went out well.This movie had the best ingredients for a movie in this area, and had it’s own perfect end.

Luis Shmoo

Should’ve kept the original ending idea, the ending is what killed the rest of the film for me, it was cheesy, lame and predictable almost


Nolan’s a great director, but like a number of other greats, he should rely on a writer – in this case, his brother.


What’s funny is that if they had used Jonathan’s ending, everyone would be complaining that it was too cerebral, and who wants to watch such a dark movie. There are lots of people who will complain no matter what, since that’s what they live to do.


Actually that’s why I liked the movie, after seeing things like the "Red Wedding" I needed a finale that wouldn’t leave me depressed and eating ice cream under a blanket all weekend.


Kip THORNE and many other simple grammar mistakes.


But in the film…he (C-Nolan) even explains the importance of love in the field of science relating it to the movie, to be more precise, science. So, I felt that the ultimate science he wanted to show in the movie is love and the motivation it gives to people. Hence an ending like this, though not completely scientifical which i would have loved if it was but even if its not, made a complete sense.

subodh UNiyal

and there there life does not turn out how we think it will b,, it was a gr8 science fiction.. u guys are telling that Nolan ditched the actual science but forgetting that its a science fiction n journey through a worm hole is also a theoretical point.. that’s why we call it a science fiction.. he made a great movie with great story n climax as he always do.


I will never get why people view the end as romantic or love; I see him going to help Anne Hathaway as there’s nothing left for him on Earth or on Cooper Station; the colony is where he belongs, where mankind’s hope lies.

Not because he is romantically attached.

Paul MacKenzie

Nolan was a genius that movie was such a roller coaster any bad ending would have spoilt it. Movies don’t have to spell it all out and was glad to be left wondering


SLEN: Actually, the draft of the movie when Spielberg was attached, had Cooper returning to Earth 200 years after he was gone, and his family was dead, the aliens actually made the tesseract and not the humans. Cooper almost dies since the Earth became a polar lanscape, but gets rescued, and we get the same ending as the one of the final movie.

MARTIN: Nolan never revealed what the ending of Inception means, and that’s why he closes his stories like he did in TDKR and Interstellar.


The ending was well done….except for hipsters that ALWAYS pop up to say how the downbeat endings are always better and wannabe cinephiles that seek out Nolan’s name just to say how much they don’t like his work. Oh look! A whole bunch are right here!


@martin Nolan likes to tie a near bow at the end? Lol seriousl? Inception and Memento wave hello…


I thought the ending in the film was perfection. Would have loved to see this ending on a director’s cut.


i think that this movies was AWESOME!i enjoyed every second! i think the point of the movie is to show us how hard it is to find a planet like ours! and of course is amazing the way they show space, the black hole was one of my favorite parts. Best movie ever! ull never find a bad movie from Nolan

Matt Thomas

I can’t seem to get over the utter lack of empathy Hans Zimmer’s music score. It was by far the weakest of the elements in an otherwise brilliant film.

Saifur Rahman Mohsin

Yeah it’s Einstein not Einstien…


He definitely should have stuck to the original. It got far too far-fetched in the end and proves, once again, that Nolan has a difficult time pulling off a 3rd act. Of course, it’s all relative but the ending was very weak to me. Such as the end of Dark Knight Rises. Just leave them dead. It’s okay. It actually connects to the audience better because we’re becoming even further disillusioned. The open ended endings are often cheap when not used for something like Inception or Shutter Island.


I didn’t hate the ending of the movie, but I didn’t love it either. I get what C. Nolan was trying to do, but I’m glad Coop didn’t have to die in the end. Sending him after Brand felt great-it was just the stuff between his trip into Gartantua and that point that felt…out of place.

Mark Staun Poulsen

Really I would just like to state one thing again: Read The Science of Interstellar if you have got quarrels with the science in this movie. There are fiction elements to this movie, but nothing that comes out of nowhere – there are logical explanations for it all, even if a few things are pure speculations (fifth dimensional beings being able to manipulate gravity and place a tesseract inside a black hole, holding a wormhole open for as long as they have).


The plot with the world turning into an environmental wasteland did not work for me. I did not see any reasonable explanation of how the ecological demise escalated so fast. The original low-budget "Road Warrior" did a better job by just running some stock news clips representing global chaos and catastrophe..

Eric Montoya

Although I had a few qualms with the story, overall I absolutely loved it. I understand Nolan’s need to move the narrative along, which resulted in cuts to the original script. I also understand his desire to not alienate the average movie-goer who isn’t science-literate. Jonathan’s original ending would have left one helluva lasting impression though.

Mark Staun Poulsen

If you read "The Science of Interstellar" you will read that gravity waves weren’t discarded at all – Thorne explains them as the reason, why NASA found the wormhole in the first place.
However, Thorne uses "bulk fields" as an explanation to the gravitational anomalies that Murph and Cooper finds. Now bulk fields are only an speculation on Thorne’s behalf. They haven’t been observed, and they probably don’t exist. Nevertheless an anomaly requires something fundamentally new that we do not understand in the laws of physics – that is what an anomaly means. Anyway, this bulk field is still described with various other theories and calculations. Nothing in this movie is just mumbo-jumbo – there are always explanations in some way. I urge you to read The Science of Interstellar. It is a very informative reading


The first version of the ending would have been better. The love conquers all and moves thru dimensions and time was a downer. And what was with the brother of Myrphy? Daddy didn’t seem to have any interest towards him after the first half of the movie. He came back and went to see his doughter and didn’t even ask about his son…


I wasn’t expecting Cooper to survive at all, I was on edge till the end. Reminds me of Elysium, Matt Damon’s character doesn’t survive.


I absolutely loved this film but admittedly I was somewhat disappointed by the ending. It just didn’t seemed to fit well for me and left me more confused than science ever could. So I would have preferred another ending, but it was still a great film!


@ SLEN The meeting between Murph and Cooper was more than "20 seconds." Nolan jump cuts, so that meeting could have been long as 8 hours — we would never know because this is movie time, and we have to keep CUTTING ahead to tell the story. What did you want, a 30-minute meeting??? The movie would have been 4 hours long.


The scientific advisor is Kip Thorne, not Throne.

I do wish Chris went with Jonathan’s idea of a collapsing wormhole… Though the actual gritty details of the science may be lost to the audience, I think most could understand if a pathway is lost.


I have to defend Chris Nolan here. He choose a more bold ending and one that spoke more to the emotionall side of the story between humans. He choose to tell the human story not the cold heartless reality of science.

Dag Eustice

I think it should have been a bit of both. Coop shoots down TARS to find the secret of gravity. When they get the data, they decide to travel back to Earth. But then, the wormhole collapses. Hathaway wants to see Edmund (if he is alive), so they use Gargantua as a slingshot. But Cooper shoots down into the black hole. The rest is the same as the original movie.


Should have kept that original ending. My big issue with the film was how it abandoned its own science at the end. That original ending sounds much better.


J Nolan had the better ending. The actual ending was thin and bad. Two family members fight to see each other again, only for the eventual meet up to last 20 seconds.

john hobson

That explains why it didn’t work. Ending sagged like the never ending LOTR ending because it just didn’t fit.


And that’s why I I never really liked Nolan…He always tries to tie a neat bow at the end that just ends up being totally unnecessary.


It should have kept the science. The "love" finale ruined it for me.


    Agree, agree, agree, a thousand times agree. Then ending was hogwash. It didn’t even make sense on a human level, if you can past all the nonsense that Chris threw in, dropping the real science, there was no romantic connection. It was weird like well she is from my time frame so we must be meant for each other. Very silly.

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I think that it would be nice to have a sequel to the movie. To see what happens when Cooper goes back to find Brand and the world that she was going to attempt to create with her experimental frozen eggs. I think there is a lot of story there and a great plot for a second movie.


Perhaps the most glaringly unrealistic element of the movie is the idea that the father would leave and not be with his daughter as she dies. Sadly I know.

We are to believe that this man fights for the entire movie to get with his daughter, then when she says he should be with her as she dies, he just leaves! C. Nolan can play with time all he wants; that would not happen.


*** shouldn’t be with her ***


What a movie! Totally loved it…i can watch it as many times i wanna watch…its simply amazing movie!! The ending was so simple guys! Cooper helped murphy so save the earth then due to turbulent ejection copper was ejected into the space and was taken to cooper station where he reunited with his daughter! Totally loved this scene then he went to find amelia brand on the request of murphy…


Please, never make a sequel or if you do, name it something totally different, with completely different cast. Keep the same feeling, the beautiful music and awesomeness for space and consciousness. I still listen to the film score on regular basis.
We need more big, slow, thoughtful, deep and beautiful movies.
Thank you for making Interstellar. I knew I wanted to see it as soon as I heard the title, before I saw the trailer.

Jackson Villay

Tragedy’s aren’t popular these days huh? Why does everything need a happy ending, it’s not realistic.


Just absolutely awesome, mind blowing movie, best ever in history. Nailed it !!

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