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Method Man Has A Problem With The Fight Between Batman & Ra’s Al Ghul In ‘Batman Begins’

Method Man Has A Problem With The Fight Between Batman & Ra's Al Ghul In 'Batman Begins'

It was ten years this June since Christopher Nolan changed the comic book game with “Batman Begins.” His straight-ahead, adult take on the material is just as responsible as Marvel‘s success for ushering in the comic book movie craze of the moment, and having it being treated as serious, major entertainment by the mainstream. That’s not to say there aren’t those who are critical of Nolan’s approach or his tinkering with the characters, and the latest interesting critique comes from the unlikeliest of places. 

Featuring in Adam Sandler‘s upcoming misfire, “The Cobbler,” Method Man stopped by Rotten Tomatoes to discuss his favorite movies. In talking about “The Raid: Redemption,” the Wu-Tang Clan rapper went on a bit of a digression about the overuse of shaky-cam, though he understands it helps hide the fact that sometimes an actor isn’t fit enough to do action sequences that can be filmed from a further distance. This then led to another digression about the battle sequences in Nolan’s first two Batman movies.

“The Batman movies, I give [Christopher] Nolan credit. He took it from where it left off with Joel Schumacher, the campy nipples-on-the-batsuit s–t and brought it back to what core Batman people love,” Method Man said. “Now, mind you, Batman is a detective, so, you know, you want to see the detective work. You want to see him in the shadows. But when he’s fighting… That fight between him and Ra’s al Ghul, man, come on! We’re talking about two ninjas. I didn’t see a flip or nothing! Oh my god, are you serious? And that first scene in ‘The Dark Knight‘ when he busts Scarecrow and the criminals? Are you kidding me?”

I’m not quite sure what he means about “The Dark Knight” scene, but he’s right — there are no ninja flips in “Batman Begins.” Let me know if you agree with Meth in the comments section.

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keepin it real

You Dark Knight fans have the worst reputation online of any fandom, and that’s saying something. Do all of you have tiny dicks or is it just the loudmouths online? I’ve got news for you, nobody gives a shit what you think, either, in the grand scheme of things. If you ever got laid, maybe you wouldn’t be so angry.


Nobody gives a shit what you guys commenting have to say but that doesn’t stop you. Anyway thought it was common knowledge the fight scenes in nolans batman films were shit.


Method Man – never heard of him. TDK trilogy is so far above the regular regurgitated superhero bollocks, I could give two fuuks if there were no flips in some fight sequence. I’d give MM two flips, one from each middle digit.


Meth’s opinion is just as valid as any expressed on Indiewire, above or below the comments.


Nolan’s Batman films began with mediocre and went downhill fast.
Before anyone points out how much money they made, i point out Mencken’s dead accurate observation that no-one ever went broke by under-estimating the intelligence of the American public.


You can’t ignore Meth, the man’s a god!


Well, don’t know what’s up with all the hate but all WuTang did/does is read comic books and watch old Kung fu flicks. Now they were fighting on ice, so I think it was okay. Can’t have wire work in everything. I mean this ain’t Iron Monkey.


The man has a point. But if it’s flips he’s after, I might tell him to look no further than the classic film "3 Ninjas Knuckle Up," because those kids flip all day when the parents are away. #Rocky #Colt #TumTum

Hasan Ali

I agree that the fight choreography could of been better but it was Nolan’s build up & filmmaking that made the fight scenes intense. The choreography in the Prewlitt building in The Dark Knight was phenomenal when he took down the swat team. For example the choreography in the Disney Marvel films are great moves but come off as cheesy because they just want to show off moves without applying the build up. Zack Snyder on the other hand always features amazingly realistic & visual choreography in his films. Watchmen & Man of Steel featured some amazing choreography. The fight scene between Jor-El & Zod was amazing. I can’t wait to see the choreography in Batman V Superman.


A real real Ignorant Rapper at that. Please leave film commentary alone!


Fight scene were sweetest in batman begins


Seriously, forget this opinion. Name anyone on earth besides Christopher Nolan who disagrees with it, so boring and random. Can’t believe I read this.

Mr Blakk

I’ll admit, one thing I WOULD love to see is a Batman that fights like he does in the comics. Though the fighting in TDK trilogy really does fit the realistic tone they were going for.


In other news, Curtis ’50 cent’ Jackson thinks Captain America 3 is "a bit overrated".


Plus he was on the Batman Forever soundtrack, so I guess he thinks he’s an expert on Batman.


Exactly! What right does a rapper have to voice his opinions in conversation? Who do these rappers think they are? Internet comment-board tastemakers?

Though, okay he does have kind of a point. But next time leave it to the professionals, Meth.


There were no flips because it was a more realistic take on the genre. You want flips and other impractical flashy crap go watch a Marvel movie, or Crouching Tiger


When you compare it to the amount of work that went into the scenes in THE RAID: REDEMPTION and its sequel it’s easy to find fault with Nolan’s action direction. Both of those films prove you don’t have to sacrifice style and elegance to show unbelievable choreography. He’s obviously great at a great deal of the aspects of filmmaking, but until INCEPTION I don’t think anyone thought of Nolan as a director of great action set-pieces.


he’s right. most of the fight scenes in nolan’s batman trilogy are kinda lame. even the bane ones.


Been saying for years that Nolan is AWFUL at choreographing/editing fight scenes, so, yeah, straight dope from Meth.

Marko Djurdjic

Also, he’s Method Man.
Respect the Tical, son.

(also, he’s probably seen every kung fu movie ever made while smoking blunts with the rest of the Wu, so I’ll give him some credit when it comes to fight scenes in movies)


@DAVE – Just to let you know, Batman Begins isn’t a documentary on real martial artists, it’s more like "Hollywood BS"


Shows what MM knows. Real martial artists don’t do flips and crap. That’s hollywood BS.


His top 5 on rotten tomatoes are great.


Well he is in the industry as an actor. So just as anyone else he has a right to his opinion as anyone else. It is up to you whether or not to pay attention to it.


I think the Ra’s fight was fine, but that Scarecrow action scene in TDK was trash.

Aazan Manji

Who cares what he has to say.


Are you kidding me? A rapper?!

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