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Neill Blomkamp Says His ‘Alien’ Movie Had To Be Tweaked To Avoid Overlap With ‘Prometheus 2’

Neill Blomkamp Says His 'Alien' Movie Had To Be Tweaked To Avoid Overlap With 'Prometheus 2'

A pretty easy way for Neill Blomkamp to get people to stop talking about how bad “Chappie” was (for the record, I’m one of the few who really liked it, flawed as it may be), is to keep talking about his new “Alien” movie. While in typical fashion he’s mostly been teasing the movie rather than dropping any concrete details, in a recent chat with Empire, Blomkamp shared a couple more hints about where his movie fits into the “Alien” movie universe, and his thoughts on everything after James Cameron‘s “Aliens.” 

“I changed the one thing [Ridley Scott] felt was bumping [the] ‘Prometheus‘ [sequel] a little bit,” Blomkamp said. And oh yeah, there is an official title it would seem, but you’re not going to hear it for a while because “…it’s kinda quite bold, but it gives away too much if I say the title.”

So speculate away and remember, Blomkamp has said his movie links to “Alien” and “Aliens” but pretty much ignores (but doesn’t undo) whatever happened in “Alien 3” and “Alien Resurrection.” Why? Probably because he doesn’t much like them. “Where it went after ‘Aliens’ to me, as a fan, was wrong,” he says adding, “There’s a shitload missing as a fan that I would want to see.”

But can Blomkamp deliver the goods? It’s arguable that he hasn’t lived up to the expectation put on his shoulders after “District 9” and this is one of the crown jewels of all sci-fi franchises. If you’ve got some thoughts on this, hit the comments section.

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@UGH – "This guy is a petulant child"… that usually how the most interesting artists are. Totally dissatisfied with how things are in their art/culture, and do something about it.

Dabid Mg

As much as any comment really matters at all, here’s mine saying that if Neil’s ambition is any where hALF of what sideby articles like this says it is, then we can expect something nothing short of where Ridley Scott left off trying to fill the generation gap with simply, Prometheus.


^ What are you talking about "the whole series reinvents itself with each movie"? The first four films are one story that takes a sharp turn into shitsville after the second one (whatever merits 3 & 4 may have, they story ‘decisions’, if you could call them that with a straight face, were incredibly wrongheaded).


This guy is a petulant child. "A lot missing as a fan". The whole series reinvents itself with each movie. Now he’s just going to do a retcon so he can play in James Cameron’s sandbox like a child.
I hope this guy has to start from scratch. He’s a hack.


Seriously, what’s up everyone’s butt about Chappie? Have people forgotten how to enjoy films?


If anything since his Halo project fell through he hasn’t really worked on an existing property since then, so I think he could deliver on the goods. He seems to have such a definitive idea of where his narrative for the Aliens franchise is going that I think he’ll be fine since that’s generally his biggest pitfall with his own films. Also in the minority, but I thought Chappie was pretty decent actually. It’s no District 9 but it generally delivered exactly the sort of film I expected.


This guy doesn’t make me excited at all.

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