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Norman Reedus Said He Would Have ‘Rocked’ a Gay Storyline on ‘The Walking Dead’

Norman Reedus Said He Would Have 'Rocked' a Gay Storyline on 'The Walking Dead'

For a while there, folks were speculating whether Daryl Dixon would come out on "The Walking Dead," but nothing ever went down… Which appeared to be a bit of a disappointment to the actor that played him. On Conan last night, actor Norman Reedus said that "if that was the story they gave me, I would rock that story. I’m not afraid of it."  Well we’re not entirely sure what "rocking" a gay storyline entails, it’s a major improvement over Reedus’s previous comments about being up for making Daryl "prison gay," at least. 

Watch below:

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our best hope, because if you don’t watch identity-erasing panic attack-inducing videos, IS the fact that IN the show, as of the end of S5, Daryl Dixon can be more validly read as a queer character than a straight one. So maybe the massive amounts of homophobia Kirkman, AMC, and TWD as an entity have been showing are in actuality simply- trolling.So that all the straight mainstream audience who hasn’t picked up on the anvil that is Daryl’s homosexuality are SUPER SUPER shocked when he gets a boyfriend.

We can dream that the popular, sexy, brooding symbol of masculinity and southern redneck sensuality was our first, secret representative on the show.


Why aren’t people more upset about this?

Not necessarily at Norman, though his word choice is always flinch worthy. But how about at AMC, and especially Robert Kirkman, who milked discussions about Daryl’s sexuality all last summer only to wait until the mid-season finale AFTERSHOW to make a non-canon- compliant statement that Daryl was "officially straight"?

When do hetero characters get announcements confirming their sexualities? When do the showrunners for this show reveal ANY information in a way that isn’t through the episodes?

In the show itself, Daryl can still be read as gay. It’s only off-camera that producers sing this song.

In his early 2014 Men’s Health cover issue, Norman Reedus said "Daryl’s not going to love who you expect. I feel pretty strongly about it."

After their midseason finale announcement that Daryl was "officially" straight, Reedus said in an interview a few days later that he would "do whatever they told [him] to." That’s a tragic and telling change in tune imho.

I think it’s pretty clear they were working towards a gay Daryl reveal and either someone talked too much or they were testing the waters. There are four seasons of gay analysis, confirmation from Reedus and others that Daryl was in talks to be gay, and then all that noise….

So again, why aren’t we all really really angry about this?

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