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Alice Hand

Lazy Eye looks great!

Chris O

It’s really disappointing to hear that many great classic shows are being removed. Such as magnum pi. why would Netflix decide to remove highly rated popular shows and replace them with new ones. I just found out the hard way by just Looking for one of my favorites Magnum Pi. In my opinion Netflix should first remove movies and shows that Are either really low budget or poorly rated regardless of age/release off movie or show. I am really hoping Netflix makes some changes and decide to bring back the great classic 5 star movies and Shows!!!!


i’m very confused by all of the filmmakers that I respect so much. I’m in the film industry as well. I’m not sure if any of them realize that there’s a thing called smart tv’s. You can have any of the streaming Apps on every smart tv. This means you could have the latest greatest 100" curved TV with 7.1 surround sound and still stream these movies from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc… If you have the most high end digital projection system you can still do it. QT please throw away all of the crappy videos that you bought and get a smart tv.

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