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Sean Young Says She Won’t Be Back For ‘Blade Runner 2’

Sean Young Says She Won't Be Back For 'Blade Runner 2'

Sean Young has been pretty vocal about the brewing “Blade Runner” sequel, particularly across 2013. In January she stated she met with the people making the film, but said she didn’t think any of the original cast would be back (as we know, this is untrue, with Harrison Ford reprising his role of Deckard). Then in August, things got more heated when she told fans to boycott the effort as she wasn’t in it. Then a month later, Young proclaimed that she should’ve played Charlize Theron‘s role of Vickers in “Prometheus.” Essentially, she’s had very strong opinions about appearing (or not) in the work of Ridley Scott, but as she predicted, she won’t be coming back as Rachael in the “Blade Runner” sequel.

“I saw Ridley a month ago and not a peep was uttered from his mouth about it and so I left it alone,” she told The Guardian. And while she doesn’t say much else on the subject, one imagines she can’t help but feel disappointed given her most recent reflection on Scott’s sci-fi classic.

“Experiencing a film and experiencing making a film together with other actors is one thing, and then the result is another. I remember working on a film called ‘Cousins‘ with Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini and that experience was incredibly positive, but in terms of the actual end result of the film… [laughs] The best film I’ve been able to be in is ‘Blade Runner,” she told Theater Mania.

So, tears in the rain, and all that. Not exactly an unexpected outcome, but it does make us wonder what kind of story we’ll see Deckard ensnared in the next time around.

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Lyndon Eaton

No one is to old not to be a human being with feelings and opinions.


If she was a replicant in the original story they could replicate her in a second movie (they build them… right?). If she’s not in the second movie I won’t be going to see it. She may be crazy but I still think she’s one of the sexiest women in Hollywood.


Harrison Ford’s monotone is less appealing than her. She wanted to be in the movie, but wasn’t asked. Sean Young does fantastic performances in anything she’s in, and she’s been well-behaved in the parts she’s had for some years. Why bother going to see a cash-grab movie after the greatness of the original?

Emperor Zerg Rush

The only way Sean Young makes news these days is through nostalgia interviews or things like this. Does she even HAVE a career at this point? Her filmography from the last decade and a half looks pretty sparing, so turning anything down seems like the last thing she should be doing – Blade Runner-related or not.

Micky Finn

She sounds kind of nuts. BR was 33 years ago. Cousins was 26 years ago. Sean, although certainly still beautiful, is getting a little long in the tooth. Telling fans to boycott a film-BR2-that she seems not to want to be in anyway? Weird. Nobody is going to go to the movies to see a 55 year old has-been actress whose only redeeming artistic talent was her looks. I guess she has a rep for nuttiness. No big surprise she’s still crazy after all these years.


She could have come back as the same character because she was considered special since she was able to live a long life unlike the other ones who could only live 4 years.


Unless it was just a gimmick cameo, the only character she could play would be Tyrell’s human) niece who was the source of Rachael’s memories.


Eh. She would have died after four years anyway.

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