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Take A Look Michael Fassbender As Steve Jobs Selling NeXT Computers In This Poster

Take A Look Michael Fassbender As Steve Jobs Selling NeXT Computers In This Poster

While there have plenty of set photos flying around of Michael Fassbender playing Apple icon “Steve Jobs” in Danny Boyle‘s upcoming biopic, there hasn’t been much in the way of official photography just yet. And while this is sort of somewhere in the middle, it’ll have to suffice.

A reproduction of a vintage poster for the NeXT line of computers, featuring Fassy as the computer company’s honcho, has surfaced online. For those of you who have been following the film thus far, you’ll know that Aaron Sorkin‘s script centers around the product launches of the Mac, NeXT, and iPod in 1984, 1997, and 2001 respectively. The thing to keep in mind is that NeXT was actually the company that Steve Jobs started after he was ousted from Apple in the ’80s. It wasn’t a big hit, but elements such as its interface were influential on the industry.

“Steve Jobs” opens on October 9th. Check out the poster below. [via Sensacine]


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The world could do fine with a good one, Grapes.


Given how generally awful the first attempt was, yes


So hot doesn’t matter what he does! Can’t wait for this confusing match up of appearance.

Christian bale , leonardo decaprio and david fincher all had the good sense to bail out. Fassbender probably said yes without even reading the script cause he's an idiot. He doesn;t even look like jobs

Gavin J


FYI: no part of the script takes place in 1997 or 2001…


Well … apparently, they wanted to honor Steve in the best looking way possible.


Beats Ashton Kutcher playing Jobs, though Kutcher looks a lot like him.


I agree that 1) this is hard to image and 2) we do not need another Jobs biopic. But if anyone can pull it off, Michael Fassbender can. He’s a incredible talent and I look forward to any of his work, even if other aspects of the project make me dubious.



Since the first one wasn’t up to par and this is based on an Aaron Sorkin script, there’s not much of a question about that.


Jobs had a pretty amazing life im sure there are several stories to draw from it. So much so that a single bio pic isnt nearly enough, and this is danny boyale people and aaron sorkin to boot. This movie should be one of the only upcoming releases that shoudnt be in question at all. As far as fassbender goes, just because he doesnt look much like Jobs doesnt mean he wont hit it out of the park. stop being haters, have faith in this world class cast and crew.


Okay, I admittedly know nothing about Steve Jobs other than he and Woz created Apple. I personally thought that Ashton Kutcher did a great job in Jobs. Why make another? Or was it not accurate?


You would think that after the wizardry of "Dawn if the Planet of the Apes", they could just shellac Job’s face on Fassbender’s body and call it a day.


Yup. That’s Michael Fassbender.


@marc. aaron sorkin, danny boyle, and millions of $$$. what’s there to say no to?


In this picture Fassbender makes Ashton Kutcher look like Marlon Brando…What the hell was he thinking when he said yes to this?


What the ….?!? That’s NOT Steve Jobs…Are they high??? It’s ridiculous.

Nick Fraser

I have no idea how this is going to work, but there’s no way it could be as bad as that Jobs movie from two years ago.


I’m not saying Steve Jobs didn’t cement himself in International Culture, but why why why do we need another friggin Biopic about a guy who only recently died. You’d think after the failure of Ashton Kutcher, Justin Long’s attempts, the buck would stop there, but NO.
Noah Wiley was the only one to do it right, which is why nobody cares.
So now if Danny Boyle/Feassbender can’t get it done, then expect probably 3-4 more in the next 3-5 years *Faceplant*

Brock Peters

Hey it’s Gordon Gecko


Ugh he looks NOTHING like jobs, terrible casting and i don’t get why they feel the need to keep releasing job movies, the last one was a total flop.


Yeah, I’m sorry, but that’s just Fassy, not Steve Jobs. I’m really tired of this trend of casting actors who don’t even faintly resemble the real people they’re supposed to be portraying. Not in this day and age. This movie has been doomed from the start, which is actually fitting, considering what a prick Jobs was.


lol he looks nothing like him. since Fincher is not directing the movie I’m not interesting to see it. next


I hate to tell everyone this, but: Fassbender is not really Steve Jobs. He’s actually an actor pretending to be him. That’s what acting is — it’s a thing where one person pretends to be another person but is not actually that person. They use their imagination to pretend, and you use your imagination, too. C’mon folks. This isn’t rocket surgery.


Always going to like Fassbender but no. It just doesn’t work. Would it have killed them to put some makeup and prosthetics to make him actually look like Jobs?


There is no such thing as "Apple’s NeXT line of computers". Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple computers. He then founded a new company called NeXT, Inc. The computer line Jobs developed there had nothing to do with Apple.

denis roscommon

Will ye give it a chance, and he looks nothing like bobby sands either


Gee, a lot of people making judgments about a movie that isn’t even finished yet based on one poster. Who cares if Fassbender doesn’t look much like Jobs? The performance is all that matters.

Steven Deeble

NeXT was never part of Apple. However, Jobs took the OS developed for it and used it in the new generation of Macs that we’re using today.


Unless the script has changed, Sorkin himself said those were product launches in the film


He looks nothing like Steve Jobs. It doesn’t even look like they tried.


I’ll be laughing when the Kutcher perf turns out to be definitive


Article is a bit off. The film will show the release of the Macintosh in ’84, the NeXT cube in ’88, and the iMac in ’98. Might want to fix that.


does the world really need another steve jobs movie?


Yeah, so basically it’s just Fassbender in a suit… I love him so much but I can’t see it at all.


He is far too good looking for this role.


genuinely terrible casting, love me some fassbender, but this just doesn’t make sense. bale would’ve been great, but if you can’t get him just bring back noah wyle

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