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‘Tron 3’ Reportedly Gets A Title, Production Starts This Fall

'Tron 3' Reportedly Gets A Title, Production Starts This Fall

We’ve been pontificating today on shared universes, and mega-franchises, and why Hollywood loves them so. One of the main reasons you seen new spins on old material is that it’s just less risky than trying to make an original property work. No one may have been asking for a “Tron: Legacy” sequel, but at least audiences know what it is versus trying to do something new. Or in other words, it’s easier to sell “Tron” in a shiny new package, with enticing new ingredients, than the more monumental task of selling moviegoers on a whole new idea. So, hence, “Tron 3.” And now the brewing project has a title.

According to Production Weekly, the three-quel will be called: “Tron: Ascension.” It’s a similar title to the short-lived animated series “Tron: Uprising,” but maybe Disney just likes that kind of wording for the next iteration. Again, this isn’t official. Meanwhile, following up on a previous report, “Tron 3” will start shooting in October and wrap in February. Joseph Kosinksi is reportedly back to direct, with Garrett Hedlund the only returning cast member at this point.

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Michael Davis

I think his performance in "On the Road" shows both charisma and star quality. He was one of the best things about that movie, according to the reviews I read. And for whatever you think of the movie, I think he did show some star quality in Country Strong. I think the point I am making, is that he IS happening, regardless of what you think of him.


I love how they keep trying to make Garrett Hedlund happen. He’s living proof that if you’re tall, white and reasonably good looking, they will try their hardest to make you into a leading man, even if you lack charisma and star quality.


Who the hell chose that publicity shot? It looks like he just jizzed in his pants or something.

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