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‘Wiglum’ Finds The Epic In The Mundane

'Wiglum' Finds The Epic In The Mundane

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Tweetable Logline: At his local supermarket salad bar, Wiglum witnesses the ridiculous routine of human life in mindless motion — and it has taken its toll.

Elevator Pitch: Our main actor is from “There Will Be Blood” and “American Beauty”; our stylistic influences are David Lynch, PTA, & Bela Tarr. “Wiglum” tip-toes ‘fever-dream’ and ‘madcap black-comedy’ through the banal gaze of a microscope. Our cinematographer had a Sundance feature titled “The Woman.” Much of the compositions pack a bizarre sober punch that capture an alien energy “Wiglum” senses in these seemingly mundane moments and spaces.

Production Team: 
Story, Writer, Director, Editor, Producer – Kouros Alaghband
Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer – Drew Hoffman
D.P. – Alex Vendler (“The Woman”)

About the Film: We are making this film to borne “Wiglum” — a character and a mood that we all tend to feel: Wiglum is the feeling of being too aware of everything and the inherent blindness that awareness brings; Wiglum is the desperate need to grab hold of anything matched with the jaded numbness of floating defeat . . . “Wiglum” is a squirming contradiction and a modern mood, repulsed by artifice, nostalgic for the past, continuing forward with no reason other than unnameable compulsion.

Current Status: Fundraising for Post-Production: Editing, music, sound design, sound mixing, color correction, & festival submissions.

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