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“ ‘Blade Runner’ Is Almost A Religion For Me”: Denis Villeneuve Talks Directing The Sci-Fi Sequel

“ 'Blade Runner' Is Almost A Religion For Me”: Denis Villeneuve Talks Directing The Sci-Fi Sequel

With a sequel coming to the untouchable sci-fi classic “Blade Runner,” fans have every reason to be worried and skeptical about what a followup might involve. But a lot of those fears, if not completely eliminated, were at least allayed when it was announced that Denis Villeneuve will helm the followup starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. And certainly, the director’s passion for the project, even a full year before it will lens, is evident. And he notes, it’s a genre he’s been eager to tackle.

“People were asking me, what do you want to do?” he told The National Post. “I said science fiction, always science fiction. I’m dreaming to do science fiction since a very long time. So now that the door is open, I’m just jumping into it. My soul will be filled if I do that.”

And the filmmaker is certainly embracing the opportunities in front of him. “Sicario” is headed to Cannes and will hit theaters this fall, and this summer he’ll shoot the sci-fi “Story Of Your Life” starring Amy Adams. And after that, of course, is “Blade Runner 2,” and Villeneuve makes it clear how much Ridley Scott‘s film means to him.

“I’m ready to do it because the original ‘Blade Runner’ is by far one of my favourite movies of all time,” he said. “ ‘Blade Runner’ is almost a religion for me.”

But perhaps that is also the reason Villeneuve initially hesitated. “Let’s say it wasn’t an easy decision to make, because I’m a massive ‘Blade Runner’ fan, it’s one of my favourite movies,” he told Screen Daily, but again, his confidence shines through. “I was massively influenced, like a lot of people, by this movie. And Ridley Scott is a master. So I’m going there with a great amount of humility and a great amount of deep joy. And I know I can do it.”

And certainly, of anybody who could’ve been tasked to do this movie, we’re really excited that Villeneuve is the man to bring it to life. “Blade Runner 2” starts shooting in summer 2016.

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Anyone doubting Denis doesn’t realize the class of filmmaker he is. And Gosling is practically a modern incarnation of what Ford was in the 70’s; the whole bad boy noir thing suits Ryan. This movie is going to be the shit.


Ford has always only acted with one side of his face

mary martinez

Hmmmph! Bladerunner 2 are you kidding me? I agree that it is perfect as it is. What else could they explore? We all know Deckard is ….so really what else is there? Aside from wondering what happened with … after they left the apartment. In other words if you can fill in my blanks without thinking you don’t need to see this film. I’ve also seen things you people wouldn’t believe. ;-)


Will 3D printing replace origami this time?


Ridley Scott is still alive and well directing. I guess it would be too much to ask to have him direct the sequel to HIS masterwork. Thanks I’ll skip this one. If for no other reason than the baby duck boy.


No offense but Ridley Scott has been ruining everything lately. This is just another in a long line of bad desicions. Also I can almost guarantee that this will be rated pg 13 cause there is no faith in the film and only diaper audience comic book fans are interested.


Denis Villeneuve seems to be a brilliant film maker with a real and rare talent for exceptional storytelling, but the level of quality this sequel needs to achieve to even come close to matching Blade Runner’s magic is staggering. Will they build giant, expensive practical sets? Will it have countless iconic images that you could frame and hang on the wall? Will it have a poetic ‘Tear in Rain’ moment that doesn’t feel forced and overwritten? Who will do the music? The soundtrack to the original is one of the most evocative and memorable scores of all time. Blade Runner had a massive budget and slow, atmospheric pacing that helped immerse the viewer in what felt like a complete world beyond the camera. That kind of approach would never happen today (and caused massive friction then).
I really, really hope they can pull this off, but I just cannot see it being anything other than an interesting and forgettable tribute at best. Sorry.


Surely this can’t be good, the original said and explored all it needed to, it was perfect, and made thirty years ago, during which time commercial film has taken a huge slide, partly due to the risk averse culture that reboots and remakes mainly for instant huge weekend openings.


Ford gave his best most subtle performance since the late 90s in Age of Adaline. He can still pull it off when he cares to


Ford’s last few movies have seen him with a Stallone style paralysis to one side of his face, multiple on set accidents and a plane crash. I really enjoy the guys acting, but really think he is fighting health issues… perhaps this is the best possible time he can invest.


So…with Ford only appearing in the third act of the film, are they going the Apocalypse Now route with this? Is Gosling the new replicant sent to destroy Dekkard?

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