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Dazzling Animation Cut Scenes From “Tomorrowland”

Dazzling Animation Cut Scenes From "Tomorrowland"

Disney has posted online a brief animation sequence that was created for inclusion in Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland. This sequence was in the earliest edits of the feature, inter-cut with live action actors responding to it. However, I was told, for timing sake the piece was cut out of the picture and is being used for promotional purposes. 

It was designed and animated by Teddy Newton, Dan Jeup and Andrew Jimenez; done in the manner of 1940s-50s Walt Disney educational films and in the spirit of Ward Kimball’s Tomorrowland TV segments (Man In Space, Mars and Beyond, etc).

Embed below (in two parts) is the footage – providing some background on the films mysterious genius club, “Plus Ultra”:

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Bobby Bickert

Clever reference to Disney’s longtime distributor RKO Radio Pictures in the second video.

Dave Sikula

Not only to I want to see this movie, I want to have its children.

Nic Kramer

Shame, that was dropped from the film, but at least it didn’t go to waste.


Gee Brain, what are we going to do tonight?

I dunno Pinky, I have to check out my schedule in Tomorrowland.

Steve Segal

In use and technique a bit like Mark Dindal’s demo animation in The Rocketeer.

Mark Mayerson

The narration sounds like an imitation of Vincent Price more than Orson Welles or Paul Frees.

Evan Ahrendsen

That narrator sounds a heck of a lot like Maurice Lemarche doing a voice similar to Brain from Pinky and the Brain. Guess it makes sense, since that was an impression of Orson Welles and he is exactly the sort of guy that would narrate this sort of thing in that time period. Nicely done, Mr. Brid. Nicely done.

Bill Kates

That’s the voice of the always amazing Maurice LaMarche, aka The Brain of "Pinky And The Brain", invoking the vocal style of Paul Frees, who in turn was doing his version of Orson Welles style.

Jonathan Lyons

The voice is perfectly cast. Sounds like the old narrators they used to have.

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