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Watch: First Teaser For ‘Star Wars: Rogue One,’ Plot Details Confirmed

Watch: First Teaser For 'Star Wars: Rogue One,' Plot Details Confirmed

Star Wars Celebration continues this afternoon, and this time the focus is on the spinoffs. For the fans watching it live around the world, or who have been in the convention hall waiting the latest details on the next thread of the “Star Wars” universe, their patience has been rewarded.

Today, Gareth Edwards hit the stage to share details on the first spinoff film, “Star Wars: Rogue One,” which is slated to star Felicity Jones, who will play a rebel fighter. The plot details have been confirmed: as long rumored, it revolves around a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. And that’s not all. Even though the film isn’t slated to open until the end of 2016, the first teaser has arrived. While it’s mostly mood and setting, you have to admit, if you’re a “Star Wars” fan, it’ll get your hair up. “It’s set after ‘Episode III,’ before ‘IV’ — and a little more towards ‘IV,’ ” Edwards shared about where his film fits in the universe.

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So check it out below, along with the logo. We’ll put in higher-def versions if/when they arrive.

Here it is!: ROGUE ONE TEASER!

Posted by Star Wars: In Character on Sunday, April 19, 2015

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hahahahahahahahahahaha nice come back Dave

My Name

OR…you’ll look like a fan-boy who was happy to hear that more of the universe you love would be coming to life on the big-screen. It’s not guaranteed to be a hit (or please everyone) but it might just be awesome. Who knows. I don’t think it’s wrong for fans to act like fans though. In retrospect, why does it matter what other people think of you? If you had a blast, danced at your wedding, screamed like a girl when they revealed Rogue One, then those memories are allowed to be special to you. Whether or not you look like a fool…

C. Alen Dar

Dave wins the internet today.


I am a Star Wars fan. Not like most, but it was part of my childhood enough where I went to a midnight showing of Episode 3.It’s all nostalgia for those that are freaking out on the net. Everyone will cheer because it’s Star Wars. Who cares about the quality of the movie. What usually follows is some disappointment but the nostalgia keeps people blind.

josh king

Hi Indiewire, I wish we could respond to each others comments in these articles, maybe you should try the Disqus add on or something similar. thanks!


I hear ya, Mike. This is why I didn’t dance at my wedding. What if she turns out to be a whore? What if I find something better? If I smiled for the pictures at my wedding, I’d look like a total jackass if we get divorced years later.


People lose their crap when they heard a 35 year old recording a two second clip of a Deathstar in the sky. Why?!? What a bunch of overly-obsessed fanboys. Cheering at Abrams latest trailer, I get it, there’s footage that looks so much like the old movies. He brought to life a movie that Lucas almost killed. It’s justified.

Getting exciting at this?!? It’s just a little premature to be sitting there WOOHOOing like a 12 year old girl at a One Direction concert. What if when the "real" trailer is released, it looks like crap and the movie stinks. In retrospect, you’ll be a complete idiot.


I recorded and posted a clearer version on YouTube…


more like Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One, no?

Alicia Smith

These are pretty much interesting. Now that they are almost finish with the reshoot, I wonder if they have done any changes with the plot.

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