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Anne Hathaway To Star In ‘Godzilla’ Meets ‘Lost In Translation’ Monster Movie ‘Colossal’

Anne Hathaway To Star In 'Godzilla' Meets 'Lost In Translation' Monster Movie 'Colossal'

Okay, this is how you pitch a movie: “It’s like ‘Godzilla‘ meets ‘Lost In Translation.’ ” Yep, it sounds ridiculous but you have our attention, and now add an arthouse genre director pairing up with an A-list star and we’re very curious indeed.

THR reports that Anne Hathaway will star in “Colossal” with Nacho Vigalondo (“Timecrimes,” “Open Windows,” “Extraterrestrial“) writing and directing. The story will follow Gloria, who decides to head back home after life in New York City — where has just lost her job and her fiancé — hasn’t panned out. But when she hears the news of a giant lizard laying waste to Tokyo, Gloria realizes she’s connected to it somehow via the power of her mind. WTF. We certainly admire the gumption.

Voltage Pictures is financing and the project is headed to Cannes to drum up sales. No word yet on when this will shoot but we’re interested. Very interested.

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theo therone

timecrimes was/is great…i wanna see what he does with this concept…


Oh wow. A young woman is psychically connected to a Godzilla-like creature? That is amazing, assuming you’ve never seen or heard of every single Godzilla film between 1989 and 1995.


This sounds awful. You know a movie isn’t going to be any good when the only way they can explain it is by comparing it to other movies.


OMG YES!!!! This is the best news ever! :D


It sounds more to me like they are doing a Birdman-esque, maneuver. From that description, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an actual monster movie.

Mark Mays

There’s a long standing reoccurring character in the Japanese Godzilla films who communicated telepathically with the monster. this is not new.


Couldn’t we just have a Good, entertaing version instead? Stop trying to be clever with the plot, which the recent one was guilty of too. The Broderick version, oy, ummmm, you don’t make Godzilla the enemy and kill him (can’t believe I even have to say that).

Branko Burcksen

Interesting, because in Japan there is a monster called the Colossal Titan in a popular series, but instead of a giant lizard it is a humanoid giant without any skin, so it looks like a huge anatomical model.

jamie f.

Ha ha ha! I know! I haven’t been this excited since I heard rumors they were going to make King King Vs. Charles in Charge.


cant wait for this and the one with jennifer love hewitt thats half honey i shrunk the kids, half schindlers list.


the film has my attention now and I’m curious to hear more about it.


What the hell?

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